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Grill Glove As Seen On TV Reviews

The Grill Glove is the final piece to my ulta tailgating experience. For years I've had to bring along a lot utensils when I head to Gainesville to cheer the mighty Gators and pig out at the swamp.

I'm sure tailgating is pretty much the same at every large college but there is something about being a Gator that keeps me coming back for more. To tell you the truth, I've been known to give my seat away to a worthy fan because although I love the game, I'm more about the tailgating.

That's why I'm so in love with the Grill Glove and I cannot believe I don't see more of them in use. If you don't know, the grill glove is a 100% food grade silicone grilling glove. The thing about it that makes it so special is that it withstands enormous amounts of heat and allows you to reach onto your grill and touch the food without getting burned.

I like the control it gives me over my food because I'm clumsy with my tongs and brushes.  How many times have you dropped a hot dog through the grate or have had trouble turning it for even cooking?  It's not just about placing and removing food but controlling it while it is on the cooking surface without have to use a single utensil.

I know it may seem gross but I smear BBQ sauce on my gloves before I place the chops, chicken, steaks, shrimp and loins on the cooking surface.  I then dip my fingers back in the sauce before I turn or flip. I no longer have to baste and brush, I just grill and have fun.

Let's face it, cooking while tailgating is part of the gig but the conditions are never favorable.  There are tons of people around, chaos, trash talking and a push to get into the game before kickoff. There is little time to set up, clean up and pack up so the grill glove is the perfect all in one accessory.

Since it doesn't burn or melt its integrity remains in tack so you can literally just hose the thing off and its squeaky clean. At home, you can toss it in the dishwasher instead.  Just think of how different that is from those messy pot holders you use for years without ever even thinking of cleaning them.

Now if you are really going to to a little gourmet tailgating you can use the glove while doing boils as well.  If you are doing corn, dogs, red potatoes, crabs or lobster you can just reach into the boiling water to grab your food and hold onto it while you drain it, season it and pass it out. No more hot potato.

I would have killed for a grill glove during my old New Orleans Saints days. Before anyone heard about Who Dat, there were the lovable Aints and boy did we have some great Crawfish Boils before we went into the Dome to watch Bobby Hebert get sacked.  Just being able to reach into a boil to grab a potato, cobb or crawfish without having to shovel out a bunch would have been awesome.

I imagine since the Grill Glove is relatively new that tailgaters around the country will catch on and rid themselves of their cooking tools and just have a couple grill gloves on duty before the game.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Separating Fact From Fushigi

Have you heard about Fushigi: The Magic Gravity Ball? Maybe you’ve seen the two-minute infomercial—the one in which park-goers manipulate acrylic spheres with their hands and repeatedly shout, “Fushigi!” According to pitchman Tim Goewey, “It floats! It levitates! It will confuse the senses with its mind-blowing movements! Young or old, big or small, anyone can Fushigi, from the minute they pick up the magic gravity ball.”
Time for a reality check. The Fushigi instructions refute much of what was said in the infomercial. “ATTENTION,” the printout reads, “FUSHIGI is an amazing ‘skill’ toy, however FUSHIGI will not float on its own ... For Ages 12 & Up ... To eliminate any risk of injury to your eyes, NEVER use your Fushigi outdoors.” So, for those of you keeping score, the Fushigi doesn’t really float, it’s not really fit for young children, and you’re not actually supposed to bring it outside.
That said, I really like my Fushigi (just not the Fushigi infomercial). At $20, the Fushigi Ball (and accompanying instructional DVD) is a pretty good deal. It truly is the ultimate conversation starter. If you pull out a Fushigi, people are going to ask you about it—regardless of your skill level. Think of the Fushigi as the adult version of those Twirly Worms you see at the mall kiosks—you know, the googly eyed pipe cleaners on invisible thread being passed off as “magic pets.” Like the Twirly Worms, the Fushigi isn’t as easy as it looks. But if you’re wiling to put in the work—and you probably aren’t—you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a sense of confusing, mind-blowing fun.  source Rick Lax

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ba'Noodle As Seen On TV Chip Clip

Here is an idea, finally some chip clips that actually work and they are called Ba'Noodle. Now I now the name is a little hard to remember and maybe they should have just went with bag noodle, but these chip clips are out of this world.
Every once in a while a new infomercial product comes out without a lot fanfare but slowly begins to get noticed. This product has actually been on the market a few months but it was not until Anthony Sullivan of Pitchmen slapped his new Sully Seal Of Approval on the side and filmed a commercial that this thing really started to take off.
For those interested in Pitchmen or Direct Response in general, it seems that Anthony Sullivan has put his weight behind a select group of products and is marketing them partly through his new As Seen On TV Sully Store. Not a bad way to go considered the Sully Seal of Approval acts much like a trust badge which consumers like to see on web sites before they buy products. It gives the consumer a sense of trust knowing that the company they are ordering from is not some shady operation and if there are any issues, then there will be someone to contact to help resolve it.  At the Sully Store there is contact information for the company and this Pitchmen is not exactly hiding under a rock so perhaps the idea of putting his endorsement out in front of a group of products will help them sell better.
Regardless, the Ba'Noodle Chip Clips are now out there and they seem to be selling well. They do solve the common shortcomings of the standard Chip Clips and drastically improve upon their efficiency.  Most of us felt the old clips were ingenious and our problems were solved, but they are not as air tight as we would like to think. Further, if you test their strength by turning a heavy bag of dog food over, you will quickly see one glaring limitation immediately.  The true test is to fill up a supposedly air tight bag with water, clip it, then turn it over. Chances are it will leak and if it isn't water tight, it is not air tight either.
In a lot of cases whether or not you can seal your food in an air tight container is not a huge deal, but when it does matter for items that can spoil easily, attract bugs or even spread germs, you definitely are better off with something like Ba'noodles.
All you have to do is roll them down any bag and bend the sides to create air tight storage that will keep food fresher longer.  Some people are hesitant to order infomercial products because of the reputation of deceptive ordering practices but in this case the process is pretty straightforward. Considering you cannot find Ba'Noodles in stores just yet it would be a good idea to understand just how much you will pay if you take advantage of the Buy One Get One Free telephone order.
The price is $10 plus $4.95 shipping and handling but the free set also has a $4.95 S&H charge. In total you will pay $19.90 for twenty Ba'noodle chip clips and that really is not a bad deal. Twenty should should be more than enough considering they are durable, dishwasher safe and completely reusable.
Look out for Ba'Noodles in stores sometime soon because I have a felling these things are going to be selling well for a long time coming.