Monday, September 20, 2010

Grill Glove As Seen On TV Reviews

The Grill Glove is the final piece to my ulta tailgating experience. For years I've had to bring along a lot utensils when I head to Gainesville to cheer the mighty Gators and pig out at the swamp.

I'm sure tailgating is pretty much the same at every large college but there is something about being a Gator that keeps me coming back for more. To tell you the truth, I've been known to give my seat away to a worthy fan because although I love the game, I'm more about the tailgating.

That's why I'm so in love with the Grill Glove and I cannot believe I don't see more of them in use. If you don't know, the grill glove is a 100% food grade silicone grilling glove. The thing about it that makes it so special is that it withstands enormous amounts of heat and allows you to reach onto your grill and touch the food without getting burned.

I like the control it gives me over my food because I'm clumsy with my tongs and brushes.  How many times have you dropped a hot dog through the grate or have had trouble turning it for even cooking?  It's not just about placing and removing food but controlling it while it is on the cooking surface without have to use a single utensil.

I know it may seem gross but I smear BBQ sauce on my gloves before I place the chops, chicken, steaks, shrimp and loins on the cooking surface.  I then dip my fingers back in the sauce before I turn or flip. I no longer have to baste and brush, I just grill and have fun.

Let's face it, cooking while tailgating is part of the gig but the conditions are never favorable.  There are tons of people around, chaos, trash talking and a push to get into the game before kickoff. There is little time to set up, clean up and pack up so the grill glove is the perfect all in one accessory.

Since it doesn't burn or melt its integrity remains in tack so you can literally just hose the thing off and its squeaky clean. At home, you can toss it in the dishwasher instead.  Just think of how different that is from those messy pot holders you use for years without ever even thinking of cleaning them.

Now if you are really going to to a little gourmet tailgating you can use the glove while doing boils as well.  If you are doing corn, dogs, red potatoes, crabs or lobster you can just reach into the boiling water to grab your food and hold onto it while you drain it, season it and pass it out. No more hot potato.

I would have killed for a grill glove during my old New Orleans Saints days. Before anyone heard about Who Dat, there were the lovable Aints and boy did we have some great Crawfish Boils before we went into the Dome to watch Bobby Hebert get sacked.  Just being able to reach into a boil to grab a potato, cobb or crawfish without having to shovel out a bunch would have been awesome.

I imagine since the Grill Glove is relatively new that tailgaters around the country will catch on and rid themselves of their cooking tools and just have a couple grill gloves on duty before the game.

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