Friday, July 30, 2010

I Want It : The Fushigi Gravity Ball

Everyone is talking about this new As Seen On TV fushigi ball.  The ads are amazing and they show what looks like a magic ball floating in the air.  But, it is not really magic.  It is more of a mix between a trick and an illusion.

I had to see the ad a few times before I could finally remember the name but while researching online for information I realized this was just standard contact juggling.  I managed to find similar products for sale everywhere but couldn't seem to find a retailer selling this Fushigi Gravity Ball.  People have been doing contact juggling since the 1980's but there has never been a toy marketed to teach the basics.  The current popularity of Fushigi will quickly change this and we will see a ton of new contact jugglers.

After some exhaustive searches into contact juggling I finally found a place to order my Fushigi ball and waited with baited breadth until it arrived.  The DVD it comes with explains and demonstrates a lot of the basics so it is definitely worth watching.  What I noticed right off the bat was that there wasn't anything magical about Fushigi.  You can perform the movements with any ball it just looks a bit cooler done with this the Fushigi.  I'm happy I have the fushigi ball because everything looks more like a performance art than it does with a softball.

I would say at this point that learning the basics of contact juggling is not hard, but requires a ton of patience and a lot of practice.  The people we see in the commercial are definitely experts and have had to have been juggling for a long time.  But learning fushigi is entirely possible and picking up the basics is achievable for anyone.

I have yet to meet anyone who has seen the Fushig and not fallen completely in love with it.  It is amazing to see it in action and the reactions of people are priceless.  It captures the imagination of young and old alike whether you are performing or just watching.  I expect to see a run on this product and by Christmas it will the most popular toy on the market.

But, as of now, you can only order the fushigi online.  There are absolutely no stores which carry this thing.  So, if you choose to order keep the following in mind.  This is an As Seen On TV product and it will have a shipping charge.  Be careful when you are filling out the order form and make sure to opt out of any bonus items or up sells.  If you pay attention to what you are doing your purchase should be pretty straight forward.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grill Cleaners As Seen On TV

The Grill Daddy Grill Cleaners are definitely making this summer fun. I first used this grill cleaner over the Memorial Day Weekend and I have to be honest, when I first saw the Grill Daddy, I thought it was a joke.

How could this grill cleaner work so well? There was not much to it at all and it felt cheap and flimsy so I was shocked when it actually cleaned the grill. I shouldn't have doubted but come on, it was an As Seen On TV cooking product and I've been through the ringer before so even though I had very high hopes, I maintained very low expectations. Who'd have thought this one would be a winner. As an As Seen On TV junkie, I should know how to pick them by know.

So for anyone who does not know what Grill Daddy is, it is simply a grill cleaner tool which cleans down the grill after you cook. Just think of it as a brush that actually gets the crud off the grill and will keep the cooking surface looking great for the next time.

My situation was a little unique in that I got the Grill Daddy before I used my grill for the first time. We just had the back yard redone and put in the mega grill with all the bells and whistles. I was almost embarrassed to buy the Grill Glove in the As Seen On TV box and not some fancy overpriced accessory but I pulled the trigger on the purchase and I'm glad I did. (read more about Grill Daddy Grill Cleaners )

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Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball

So I saw this fushigi gravity ball on television and was completely blown away. This is the coolest toy I've ever seen and even though I'm an adult, I'm dying to have one. I began to research online because for the life of me I could not remember the name.

It turns out that this is not some new invention it is called contact juggling and there are a ton of videos on youtube showing you how to do it. I noticed that the balls are mostly made from acrylic and they run between $50 and $75.  But this new fushigi ball is a lot cheaper. It is only $19.95 plus shipping which is about $7 so it is well worth getting this one if you want to learn.

I'm not sure how easy it is to learn this stuff and of course the commercial says it's a breeze but people do say that the fushigi is ideal for beginners. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting one of these and this is definitely going to be the next big fad in toys.  People are captivated by the Fushigi gravity ball and I fully understand why. The illusions are spectacular and it seems like you are witnessing some magic, but it's only physics and slight of hand stuff. This is perfect for magicians, jugglers, kids, parents and everyone. So search the videos online and see what all the fuss is about. Fushigi is totally cool.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Natural Solution For Hair Loss Sufferers

Hair Loss Natural Remedies

People are always wanting to learn about new Hair Loss Natural Remedies, especially if they work. Unfortunately, there are only three drugs and hair transplants known to work and even these have their drawbacks.

Hair loss drugs only serve to slow down the progression of hair loss and there is little evidence that they actually can grow hair.  The Hair surgeries are nearly 100% effective but they only create an illusion of a full head of hear. Brilliant as they are, they are merely a cosmetic cover up.  The human head has about 100,000 hairs and about 60,000 on the top, front and crown. As we lose this hair there is no way to replace it hair for hair. Perhaps in the future techniques such as hair multiplication might provide the solution for such a problem but like so many hair loss remedies, this option is still years down the road.

So if we are looking to stop the progress of our thinning hair,what can we do? Presently, there is no known cure but there are treatments which can help put you in the best possible position to maintain, possibly regrow your hair.  The information I provide here will be helpful.

Luckily, I have effectively managed to dramatically slow down my hair loss and keep myself from balding. I use several different methods and in my opinion they all help. As a collective these things really do the trick but honestly I have no idea which my methods are actually working best for me because I refuse to break my regiment just to test to. So there will be more things to try than just what I'm referring to here and those are for later articles. Right now we are going to focus on a Hair Loss Natural remedy involving equol production.

Equol has been proven over the years to help reduce DHT, a major contributor to male pattern baldness, in the blood stream. To make a long story short, it turns out that high soy consumption help produce equol in people who are not natural equol producers and in turn help lower the DHT present in the bloodstream.  This has tremendous benefits in the battle of hair loss.

Just increasing soy is not enough. Taken in conjunction with some other natural ingredients the effect of soy as an equol producer is greatly enhanced. In fact, several studies on this exact subject have turned in great results regarding hair loss when Soy is combined with Green Tea and very specific Pro-Biotics.

This is great news for hair loss sufferers but what does it really mean. Is there a new natural hair loss remedy on the market? Well yes and no. There are companies making products which mimic these studies but you can easily buy your own vitamins and supplements and combine to put yourself in the best position to increase your equol and lower DHT.

Here is my exact regiment in order so you can try it if you want to. You can find the general ingredients in a health food or vitamin store but it is hard to find the brand I like all in the same place so I prefer to buy online to save money off of retail and get exactly what I want. I will give you ordering instructions in case you want to save 25% off the retail try and get an additional $5 off your first purchase from this online Vitamin Shoppe.

Equol Producing Natural Hair Loss Remedy

  1. 1 LifeExtensions Sea Iodine Capsule
  2. 1 LifeExtensions Mega Green Tea Capsule
  3. 1 LifeExtenions Soy Isoflavones Capsule
  4. 2 LifeExtensions Enhanced Digestive Enzymes with Pro-biotics

Although not mentioned in the study, there is some evidence that the capsaicin present in cayenne pepper enhances the positive effects soy has on hair growth.  As a result, I include 1 Cayenne Pepper pill with the regiment above.

Get $5 Off This Hair Loss Remedy

As I stated before there is an easy and convenient way to get the above regiment. We all want to get these in our hot little hands as soon as we hear about them but like I said, it's not always easy to find all the ingredients in one store. Where I live it is hard to find a place that carries a full line of LifeExtensions products which is what I prefer.

So I order online and the full regiment costs me only $66 as opposed to $78 retail. Shipping is very cheap(something like $3) and it always comes in under 5 business day. I order from Iherb. In fact Iherb has just about every vitamin and supplement under the sun. I order my vitamin C, fish oil and essential oils too.

Simply Go to Iherb and search the name of the products above and you will find them cheaper than in any store. To get $5 of your first order just use the Coupon Code : LAT159

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Wonder File

Wonder File - Desktop Filing Organizer
Introducing Wonder File, the ingenious filing organizer that converts any space into a neatly organized workplace. This clear, four-corner filing system organizes important documents where you can easily see and find them at your convenience. Store your files, pads and folders in the large center pocket…even a laptop computer will fit right in there. The Wonder File’s smooth writing surface gives you the ability to get work done neatly, quickly and efficiently with everything at your fingertips. The concealed zippered pocket can hide and protect all your important documents from prying eyes.

But…best of all…when you’re done, just conveniently store your work and Wonder File folds right up into an easily portable size. Take it anywhere to create a convenient workspace anytime it’s necessary! Or, store it in a drawer for convenient access as you need it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ab Circle Pro Counterfeiters Busted

A Ringing Endorsement For The Ab Circle Pro

Everyone has heard of the Ab Circle Pro but is it really any good? The say that imitation is sincerest form of flattery so in this case the answer should be an astounding yes.

It turns out there are a lot of gray market and knock off products out there but did you ever expect to find out that the Ab Circle Pro is being counterfeited. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen the news reports myself. But this was a real story and the it is considered a pretty serious crime. Here are the details.

Two people, Genevieve Rullan and Chunchai Yu, pleaded guilty to the crime and are going to be sentenced for the crime of counterfeit Ab Circle Pro Machines. The manufacturer of the real Ab Circle Pro is very happy about this because not only are they hurt financially by the knock offs hitting the market, but they are concerned that consumers will not get what they pay for and be stuck with an inferior, or even unsafe product.

They have a point I'm afraid. I've never really thought to much about a fake Gucci handbag causing real harm, but shoddy exercise equipment which wouldn't be backed up by the manufacturer could cause serious injury.  There really would be no way to tell if they were constructed properly or made from the materials needed to support people's weight or if the fake product would even last.

Counterfeit merchandise is an enormous problem worldwide for brands and those who work hard to supply and ship products. The U.S. Government, in cooperation with other governments and companies has gone to great lengths to try and end this practice but as long as there is demand for these products, the counterfeiters will be looking to cash in.

So in a weird way, the fact that these people are targeting the Ab Circle Pro must mean that the real product is pretty good. Well, at least it proves that a lot of people are buying them or want to buy them in the future.  The best way to make sure you get the real Ab Circle Pro is to buy it from a reputable outlet. You won't see the real ones on some street corner or in the back of a van. Check out the vendor and look for reviews about their business.

You can find the real Ab Circle Pro at the As Seen On TV Store on Amazing Products.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bark Off Really Seems To Work

Bark Off is the latest dog silencer to hit the market and being an As Seen On TV product has gotten it a lot of buzz. Ever since the commercial hit the scene there has been a lot of controversy about the product and many want to know, Does Bark Off Work.

Many want to try it out because there are times when a barking dog either in the distance or in your own home can be a little too much to handle. Well, if you have ever wished you could flip a switch and make it stop now is your chance.

But before your buy bark off, Troy Barrett of KIMATV puts it to the test. So, is this dog silencer going to work? Let's see.

Now the test took place with a local radio talk show host named Jeff Phillips from 610 KONA-AM so this is not some salesman trying to tell you that the product works. It is real person who let's assume can be trusted.

Phillips was eager to try it out ever since he heard about bark off being talked about on the radio. His problem was that he had some neighborhood dogs that barked and he too owns dogs that bark. Not a rare problem by any stretch.

So Philips gave permission to try it out on his dogs to see what would happen. Here's how it went. Barrett stood on the other side of Philip's fence and the two dogs started barking and were very excited. Barrett turned on the Bark Off and after a couple of barks, the dogs left the scene. This was pretty impressive. They pretty much quieted down and backed away.

He tried it again with the same results. This time the neighbor's dogs even quieted down. Barrett tried it one more time with the dogs separated to make sure the dogs were not just reacting to each other and he had success again.

The results pleasantly surprised Philips because he said his dog Coco was a persistent barker and this was helpful. With Philips input and feedback, Barrett and the Will It Work crew from KIAMTV gave the bark off device a thumbs up and recommended it as a buy.

This is great news for the folks suffering from annoying dog barking and the solution is inexpensive. The bark off device runs only about $10.

To learn more on how to stop dog barking or check out Bark Off in action.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Wonder Woman Should Have Used Bark Off

Wonder Woman Needs Bark Off

I wondered how long this would take until we got our first major dog barking court case after the advent of the Bark Off Dog Silencer. It really didn't take long.

It's pretty funny that with all her Super Powers Wonder Woman herself, Linda Carter, couldn't keep her dog quiet. I don't mean to make fun of the situation but it is great example of how dog barking and the annoyances it causes can escalate and wind up in a courtroom.

Carter has denied a charge from her neighbors that she allowed her dog's barking to disturb her neighbors in her Maryland community. But a judge from Montgomery County District Court found Lind Carter not guilty of the infraction.

Her neighbor though, the annoyed Chrissellene Petropoulos said she was disturbed all hours by Wonder Woman's Lab who wouldn't stop barking. She claims to have sent emails to no avail so wound up calling animal services.

'Wonder Woman' actress beats barking dog charge

By KATHLEEN MILLER (AP) – 1 day ago

WASHINGTON — The actress who played Wonder Woman on TV in the 1970s has deflected a charge that she allowed her dog's barking to disturb neighbors in an upscale Maryland community outside Washington. A Montgomery County District Court judge found Lynda Carter Altman not guilty last week of the municipal infraction.

Neighbor Chrissellene Petropoulos says she was disturbed at all hours by barking from Altman's Labrador retriever. Petropoulos said she tried calling and e-mailing Altman to ask her to bring her dog inside, and eventually called animal services.

The case was eventually dismissed because there was know hard proof that there was any wrong doing. It was a "he barked, she said" type of case.

We all no Wonder Woman has super powers and if a dog is bothering her she can just get into her invisible jet and fly away, but as a super nothing I can relate to Petropoulos and I feel for her.  You don't start writing emails and ending up in court unless you can't find a way to stop dog barking. If it was minor, it probably would have been no big deal. So suspect this dog got her every last nerve as it would a lot of people who have to love next door to other super heroes like Batman, Spiderman or Kobe Bryant.

So whats the solution when the Judge is obviously on the take? Well, consider a dog silencer like Bark Off.  This type of dog silencer is a small battery operated ultrasonic device which releases a signal when it picks up dog barking.  The ultrasonic signal serves to interrupt the dog's barking pattern and quiet them down.

Bark Off only costs $10 and though it only has a range of 30 feet it does work indoors or out. Perhaps Petropoulos can get a few, flip the switch and place it right by the property fence and keep that teach that Lab a lesson.

Good luck Crisselleen.

Read More about dog silencers or see Bark Off in Action

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Does Bark Off Work : A Bark Off Review

Does Bark Off Work?

Here's something you don't see every day. An as seen on TV product which gets a customer that's stellar. I love bark off and apparently I'm not the only one. We know it might not work for every dog, but those whose dogs react to the ultrasonic signal love the results. Here is the review in its entirety and to find visit this site for those who want to know does bark off work.

Unlike me, most people don’t have twenty-one dogs running around on their property but like me, most people who own dogs know how obnoxious loud barking can be. At first we would try using spray bottles but if we became absent minded and left the bottle(s) where the dogs could reach, that would be the end of the bottle(s). Aside from yelling or shushing them, there really wasn’t anything we thought we could do about it. We eventually just let them be and became used to it. Except when guests came over, the volume of their barking seemed to go up many notches. It is very embarrassing when you have to practically yell at your house guest just to hear what they’re saying for the first five to ten minutes of their visit.

The first time I saw a Bark Off commercial, I was sitting around watching late night television with my best friend. When the commercial was almost over her said, “What do you think of that?” I laughed and replied, “I don’t know…I doubt it really works.” He laughed with me and added, “For ten dollars? It sure as hell isn’t going to work.”

It wasn’t hard to put the commercial into the back of my mind and practically forget about it. About a week ago while I was shopping with my mom, she stopped to look at a display that had only As Seen on TV items. After browsing for a while, she came upon Bark Off and she exclaimed, “Hey! Do you think this will work?” I just shrugged but said she could get it if she wanted.

We ended up at my grandma’s house and instantly decided to try it on her dogs since we were there. Of course we had to wait for them to bark but that wasn’t too hard, they bark at anybody and everybody who walks by the house. We turned it on and immediately they went quiet. Two of them decided to go for a couple test barks. After the first bark, they paused to listen for the noise they had heard. Then they barked again and then paused to listen once more. That’s all it took for them to remain quiet for a few hours. Later when they forgot about it and got excited over someone jogging down the street, we turned it on again. Once again they immediately stopped barking to try to find the high frequency that rang out. This time they didn’t test it, they just silently watched the guy go past that house.

When we got home and greeted our twenty-one dogs, we were of course very excited and nervous about trying it out. After all, our logic tells us that even though dogs’ ears are very sensitive they couldn’t possibly hear the Bark Off when ALL of them are barking at once. To our amazement, when the opportunity struck, it completely worked.

Bark Off is definitely a product worth buying. Especially since the price is so affordable right now.

Rating: 10 (SA Johnson

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do Dog Silencers Really Work ?

I had never really thought about using a dog silencer before. In fact I never even knew such a thing existed. I only wished I could stop my neighbor's dog from ruining my life. Well, the night part anyway. So as I was reading some Pet magazine in the checkout line of my local pet superstore, I came across and article filled with solutions. I'll admit right now that I didn't buy the magazine, but I my interest was peaked and I began to research a way to stop dog barking online.

For the most part my own dog is relatively well behaved and doesn't bark a whole lot. Only, when company comes or the kids get him riled up but my neighbor's dog is a different story. She's a great dog but my bedroom window happens to be very close to my property line and seems even closer to the neighbors patio where the dog roams late at night. I know dog barking is instinctual but getting a break once in awhile would be incredible.

Most dog barking stems from a desire to communicate. We have all heard the heroic stories of dogs saving people by alerting them to danger or trouble and we surely don't want to stifle that behavior so what is the best approach?

The first thing we thing of as a dog silencer is the good old shock collar. I'm not a fan of this at all because not only is a bit inhumane, it's based on negative reinforcement and that can't be good for aggressive dogs. The collars deliver an electrical pulse when the owner deems it necessary and hopefully the dog will learn to associate the little blast with the unwanted behavior. It may work, but keep in mind that your isn't going to like it.

Next is the dog whistle. These things are pretty popular for all types of training. The frequency of the whistle annoy the dog enough to pay attention to the trainer and hopefully over time will learn to associate the sound with the command to stop the behavior. This is great but training can be tough and what about the neighbor's dog that I can't train?

This leads me to training in general. There are lots of successful training methods and several different ways to teach commands to your dog. One of the most popular is hand signals. It might take a while with this type of training as well, but judging by its popularity on all the television shows it probably works. But again, we are talking about time, most likely some significant money for classes and of course what about dogs that are not our own.

So the solution may just be these ultrasonic dog silencers we are starting to see advertised on late night television. There are many different brands and technologies floating around but the ones that interest me are the ones that you just switch on and your dog stops barking.

In a perfect world they would work as follows. Switch on the device and when your dog barks some type of ultrasonic wave is emitted which makes the dog stop barking. End of story. But the reason why it works is actually pretty clever. The theory is that the dog, while barking, is focused on some stimulus and if their attention can be diverted away, they will forget about it and the barking will stop. This seems plausible to me but does it work.

The jury is still out on these devices mainly because each dog is different. Some are passive, some aggressive, some vocal, some just plain uncontrollable so the best advice is to try. There are devices out there which sell for around $100 and there are both good and bad reviews on them. Others, like bark off, sell for just $10 so testing it out on your dog will require no significant investment.

In my case the bark off works great on my dog, which was never really the problem, but doesn't seem to affect my neighbor's dog. I suspect that the dog wanders in and out of range and the fact that the bark off is by my bed inside my house might have a lot to do with it.

So the good news for those suffering from annoying dog barking is that there are several methods to try and control it. If you don't have time to train your dog or don't have access to the neighbor's dog, you may want to try some type of dog silencer.

Get more information about a dog silencer dog silencer or how to stop dog barking stop dog barking in general.

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