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New MMA Training Gloves Punching Workout! It's Perfect

Hey MMA Fans… I came across this new As Seen on TV Product that is right up my alley. It is not just for mixed martial artists, it is actually made for anyone to use it just happens to be a great training tool for martial artists, boxers, etc. as well as a great workout for all! The product is called the perfect punch and I mean it is cool. It is a punching resistance-training tool that increases endurance, punching power and speed. I remember seeing in a boxing gym a training tool with a rubber band and handles used for shadow boxing. The bands provide resistance which gives you a work out and increase you punching speed dramatically. This is that on steroids… It has bands and a strap to prevent slipping so you can punch away without the bands slipping off. The kicker is the bands are attached to MMA fight gloves, which is so cool. You feel like you are training for the UFC with these gloves on. The perfect punch was created by Jay Glazier who is a MMA trainer and works for Fox Sports as a commentator and I saw UFC champ Dan Henderson using them. I am hooked on the perfect punch, anyway I will get back to you with another review in the near future as I can go on and on all day about these gloves. You can find out more about the Perfect Punch here and see watch the Perfect Punch Commercial.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Perfect Punch The Best Of 2010

Because it is the end of the year I thought I would work on my "best of" reviews because 2010 was a banner year.  There was so much junk being sold on television and they all seemed pretty lame.  However, there was one As Seen On TV Fitness product that really intrigued me.

The fitness product that I was so interested in was the Perfect Punch which was released by Jay Glazer in mid November.  I know it was released very late in the year to really know what type of impact it will have on the market but in my opinion it is the product of the year.  I think it will be in the running for Fitness Product of the Year in 2010 as well.

Because I hate most As Seen On TV products. (Wait til you read my worst of's) My statistical analysis and methodology used to determine my superlatives is not even as hard as reading this sentence. Perfect Punch wins because I don't hate it.  Simple enough?

This product is just very cool and people will just want to have it regardless of any of the upcoming marketing campaigns.  Sure there will be infomercials, commercials and special offers but none of that will matter.  It is going to sell. Why? The reason is also very simple.

The great thing about the Perfect Punch is that real MMA fighters and boxers actually use the Perfect Punch concepts to develop their technique, work on their speed and increase punching their punching power.  Let's face it, Fighters of any style are tough people.  The fact that these tough guys are using the Perfect Punch is bottom line the best testimonial this product could ever have.  In my opinion there is no way a tough guy would use a product that will make him less tough.  We all want to be just like these guys and this alone will fuel the demand for the Perfect Punch.

If these fighter who need be fast, tough and strong would not use the Perfect Punch if it made them untough.  At least that is my observation.  In MMA and Boxing, repetition is the key to success. Practice right and will win. Your footwork, conditioning, stance and striking technique can each effect the outcome of a fight so fighters are always on top of their game.

If you are a boxer or an MMA fighter, then repetition is one of the keys to success.  If you train correctly you will have success in in the ring.  The perfect punch allows you to maximize the benefit of every rep in practice and your speed, strength and improved technique will produce produce victories.

The perfect punch is a fresh new workout system and is not some rehashed version of some old useless fitness product.  This is innovative, fun and effective.  Based on shadow boxing exercises, Jay Glazer has updated the training to serve today's modern MMA Fighter.

Like I said before this product is new, but still the best of 2010.  I'm sure you will see commercials everywhere for this starting in January if not before.  I apologize in advance to the makers of perfect punch because I could not go off on them.  It seems everybody loves this product and there is nothing funny about it.  No maybe if you put a boxing kangaroo in the ring using the Perfect Punch, then I may have something to write about.

Read more about the Perfect Punch or visit GetTVProducts to see other great Perfect Punch Reviews products.

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MMA Training With The Perfect Punch *

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Perfect Punch MMA Training Gloves *

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When the Grill Glove was released, I really thought it had a chance to be one of the best As Seen On TV products to come out in some time. In a time where most infomercial marketers are known for going a bit over the top to draw attention to their amazing products there was nothing particularly silly or outrageous about the Grill Glove. I really looked hard, but try as I might I just couldn't seem to find anyone out there with anything bad to say about it.

So when I actually got my hands on one I was really excited to try it out. As I always point out, the beauty of As Seen On TV items is that they do a great job of solving seemingly easy problems that nobody has ever found a solution for. This is a perfect example. The problem I find with grilling is that getting control of the food while it's on the grill is often impossible. Tongs are clumsy and other utensils may work, but not that well. I happen to suffer from I term the "dropsies" and I'm one of the best in the world at dropping food through the grill onto the coals. I can't remember the last time I was asked to man the barbeque pit, but honing my skills is important to me, and I'm sure others feel the same way. So the Grill Glove is certainly an idea whose time has come. It looks similar to a large gardening glove but it is made from 100% food grade silicone and is heat resistant. This allows you to trash the tongs and actually go in and grab the food and control it. It is now super easy to turn your hot dogs without dropping them.

You can place your chops, chicken and steaks however you like and easily spread them around as you add more. You won't get burned and there won't be any reason to have a lot of utensils around. It happens to be dishwasher safe so clean up is simple. The way it is sold you actually get two in an order so having one on each hand is wonderful. It actually feels like you are cooking on a surface with no heat. You touch, prod and grab at will and take the food from grill to table in a single step.

In my first try with the Grill Glove our grill was too crowded to do corn on the cob so we decided to boil it. It turns out you can just reach your hands into the pot and grab the corn with no worries. You won't get burned or scalded so it's possible you will find a lot more uses for it than just outside on barbeque. As far As Seen On TV items go, I cannot find a single flaw in this product and that may be surprising to some. I can't imagine anyone being dissatisfied with it and I don't see any reason why it won't replace the dirty charred oven mitts hanging in your kitchen right now. We are looking at the next big thing in the cooking industry and I think the infomercial guys got it right this time.

What a pleasure using this product was. Read more about Grill Glove or visit GetTVProducts to see other great As Seen On TV products.

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Homemade Charcoal For Grilling

Anyone who likes the flavor of wood chips when they grill will want to pay attention to this.  I too love the flavor and learned how to make my own charcoal out of the wood I have around the yard.  I did not realize that charcoal was just the remains of burnt wood when the impurities are burned away.

I had always thought that it was impossible to burn wood without allot of oxygen but it turns out not to be true.  In fact if you burn a log in a low oxygen environment you will be left with a clean burning form of charcoal.  During this process the water contained in the wood will burn away.  Then the tar and other volatile oils that disturb the taste of the food will disappear. There are so many impurities that will filter off during the burn that you will actually remove about 70% of wood's weight leaving behind a great burning fuel for your favorite grilled delights.

Have you ever seen the burnt remains of a campfire?  Those burnt black logs like very similar to charcoal don't they?  If you imagine yourself breaking up the wood into chunks you will basically be making your own charcoal.  However, unlike the the coals we buy in stores, these won't be loaded with lighter fluid and other fillers to get them to light.  These will light quickly and burn much cleaner than most popular brands.

The briquettes we buy in stores are not naturally occurring.  In fact they are loaded with fillers like petroleum products designed to get them to ignite quickly and burn longer than the natural carbon in real wood.  It was Henry Ford who is credited with the first use briquettes so it goes to figure that he would use petroleum inside.  Even when natural wood burns we are still dealing with something organic and the initial burning serves to purify the remains we use to cook our foods. 

Lighting the coals in the grill can be a tricky proposition.  I for one do not like to use lighter fluid.  I prefer to use a chimney starter powered by a little bit of newspaper to get things started.  I find that even though it is a little bit slower than flooding the coals with fire starter, the charcoal will heat up a little more evenly and do a better job cooking the food.  Once they sit in the chimney starter for about 10 minutes, I dump them on the grill and if they are completely ashy I will add a fresh layer of unlit coals over them.  I won't swear this is the best way but it is something that has been done in my family for years and I enjoy the process.

Another little trick I've discovered to make getting the coals burning a lot easier.  I bought the grill glove so I can get rid of all my accessories and handle the coals, and food directly.  The grill glove is a 100% food grade silicone heat resistant grilling glove that allows you to pick up or turn your food right on the grill.  If you reach onto the coals wearing the grilling glove you will not get burned and it doesn't get crusty and charred like regular oven mitts.  It is definitely an accessory worth looking into.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Business Loans Stuck In A Clogged Pipeline

We all watch the news stories which indicate the economy is improving, but not so much for business loans.  An interesting quandry is developing which leaves small banks and small businesses at an impass. Small Business is the key to creating new jobs, but the small banks are too poor to lend.

Make no mistake, even though there are signs of an improving economy, the FDIC list of troubled banks keeps growing and this puts the squeeze on lending. Most small businesses have some sort of relationship with a smaller bank just so their needs can be met based on that relationship. Big mega banks lose small business owners in the shuffle and give lousy service. But when a business owner turns to his bank for a business loan, the money to lend is simply not there.  Small banks have been pinched by their losses in the credit crunch and have to devote more funds to reserve requirements. 

What does this mean? It simply means that if you have a small business with great business credit and great sales projections, your bank not be able to lend you money.  That's right, the banks wrote bad loans and you are going to suffer for it.

Here is the quandry. Because of economic conditions in general, most small businesses that would love to borrow money to expand are hesitant which lessons the amount banks take in and in turn lend out.  It creates a kind of log jam where the whole systems gets clogged.  Keep in mind that small banks cannot participate in large scale transactions compared to the big banks so most of their profits will come from lending on the local level. So it's just not there to lend.

In general the only way to correct this is to wait until the timid borrowers want to borrow and the banks are strong enough to lend. But we as business owners don't need to wait for the economy to churn. If we want a business loan all we have to do is ask. Well, if you ask the right people.  There are specialists out who deal with this issue and really all it takes to get an unsecured business loan is good credit. Being a principal of a company and having good personal credit can get you quick working capital and help establish your business credit. This is an option many small businesses are happily turning toward for their business loans.

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