Monday, November 22, 2010

Easy Feet The As Seen On TV Foot Scrubber

I have had my Easy Feet Foot Scrubber for nearly a month now and I really like it. But until now I would not say that having it was a necessity. Sure it is fun, a bit luxurious and does a fine job cleaning the foot, but it is not something you cannot live without.

But taking all of the above into account, I feel like I have to amend my feelings a bit. The Easy Feet certainly can become a necessity when you suffer an injury. Last Friday I played weekend warrior and took a hike in central California. I managed to climb over boulders,scale along some cliffs and march through a swollen river before I began to fall onto a cactus. From there is got worse. I ended up falling, sliding and tripping at least a dozen times and by day's end I was a mess.

I managed to wipe off the blood and walk out of the canyon feeling alright but by the following day I felt like a 200 year old man. There were aches and pains in parts of my body I never even new I had. The bumps and bruises were tolerable but both of my knees were bloodied and when they scabbed over it was very hard to bend them. Can you see where I'm going with this?

All of the sudden having the Easy Feet Foot Scrubber in my shower was a miracle. I never realized how tricky it was to clean my feet until I physically couldn't do it. Not only could I not bend down and touch my toes due to the stiffness in my back and hamstrings, I could barely lift my foot an inch off the ground.  There was no way I could give my feet a proper washing even if I had wanted to.  So that fact that I could just slide my foot around in the Easy Feet and let the bristles do their job was one of the most joyful experiences I could have imagined while being in such tremendous pain.

I'm not suggesting that you hurl yourself over a cliff so you can enjoy using your easy feet, but what I am suggesting is that for those who are elderly or handicapped the Easy Feet foot scrubber might make a once impossible struggle in the tub something very simple. Good hygiene is important and as we age keeping our feet clean and healthy is even more important.  Easy Feet helps exfoliate dry and dead skin while providing a thorough cleaning.

As Seen On TV products are famous for their silly ads and over the top claims but the fact remains that if these companies identify a widespread problem and then provide a simple solution at the right price, then they can easily have the next smash hit on their hands. I have a feeling we will be seeing Easy Feet in stores for a long time to come.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Butterball Turkey Fryer Deemed Safe

I am so happy to hear about the Butterball Turkey Fryer being a safe alternative to traditional turkey fryers.  If this is true, then the holidays will become a lot less dangerous.  It turns out that the leading cause of home fires and injury is due to cooking.

Every year we average about 2,000 home fires on Thanksgiving here in the United States.  Also an average of 5 people will die as a result.  Most of these fires happen during prime cooking time and are directly related to preparation of the Thanksgiving Meal.

Nobody knows for sure why this happens each year but it is reasonable to assume that people are not operating in a safe cooking environment and they don't know how to safely operate their appliances.  Add to this all the advertising of turkey fryers and you have a recipe for disaster.  But now the Butterball is here and is safe and very simple to use.

Perhaps the best feature of the Butterball is that is electric.  Propane fryers are responsible for the majority of accidents we see. Because it is electric it can be used indoor and its small size certainly helps.  It uses much less oil than traditional fryers and it cooks in under an hour.

One of the biggest dangers involved with turkey fryers is the propensity for them to spill or splatter oil.  This is especially dangerous when inserting or removing the turkey.  The splatter can cause fire if it comes in contact with the flame and can easily burn human flesh.  However, the butterball avoids this by being completely enclosed and obviously being flameless.

I mentioned the unit is small but I have to point out that it is very sturdy.  It fits perfectly on any kitchen counter because it lays flat on the surface.  Keep in mind that most propane units sit on a base or stand which can collapse under the heavy weight of the hot oil.

Another reason it is safe is due to the maximum temperature control of the oil. Did you know that oil has vapors and these vapors can ignite at 375 degrees.  Having a max temperature control keeps this disaster from happening.  Who knew?

When you think about it there are so many variables which could take a turn for the worse while using a turkey fryer.  In my opinion this is why the Butterball is making such a monumental splash this season.  For any doubters out there, you will be pleased to find out that Consumer Reports did a feature on the Butterball Turkey Fryer and they gave it rave reviews.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Deep Frying Turkeys

Looking to deep fry turkeys this holiday season with our winding up in the emergency room? Check out the butterball turkey fryer! This is the coolest appliance you will own in your kitchen. The butterball turkey fryer is a countertop fryer that is safe and uses less oil than most fryers. This is the hottest product and everyone loves it! Butterball teamed up with Masterbuilt to create a fryer that is safe, easy to use and easy to clean and to top it off it will cook the best tasting turkey you will have every tasted!

Amish Heat Surge Fireplace

The Amish are well known for craftsmanship and they have been producing the Heat Surge Fireplace for years. This is a quality product and will save you money on your electric bill. This heater not only looks great but it is portable so you can take it with you from room to room and only heat the rooms you use. You stay cozy and warm and save money and get the ambiance of a firplace without the smoke or mess. Find out more at Heat Surge!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Butterball Fryer

Butterball Turkey Fryer Get Consumer Reports Nod

So for the couple of weeks I have not been able to turn on the television without seeing the Butterball Turkey Fryer infomercial. Normally, As Seen On TV products come with high hopes but low expectations. And until now that was my approach to this indoor turkey fryer.

I just get wind of the nod given to the butterball by Consumer Reports so all my apprehension was laid to rest. The drawbacks of Turkey Fryers have always related to safety issues. The consumer reports review proves the butterball is safe and the turkey comes out delicious.

There has been some dispute about whether to use a propane fryer or something electric and I'm thinking that electric is the way to go. We constantly hear news stories around the Holidays about how some ding dong burned their house down while trying to fry a turkey. Now not only do we have a safer alternative with the Butterball Turkey Fryer, we actually can use it indoors. Here is the consumer reports video review so you can see more about this electric turkey fryer.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bed Bug Spray

Say goodbye to bed bugs wuth Good Night Bed Bug Spray

60% to 80% of all household allergens are created by dust mites. Last year 20% of hotels in the United States reported bed bug problems. This list includes four and five star rated properties!

A spotless home? Bed Bugs used to be associated with unclean dwellings, NO LONGER TRUE! The population of the little “bloodsuckers” is increasing each year. With drastic increase in travel, your suitcase could be transporting them home. You don't know who stayed at the hotel you were at last week, last month, or last summer!

Don't sleep with the enemy and don't let the bed bugs bite, use GOOD NIGHT! GOOD NIGHT is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Dust mites are in almost every household regardless of cleanliness. Did you know your mattress will double in weight in 10 years, due to the more than 10 million dust mites living there? Regular treatment of your mattress, pillows, bed frame, box spring and surrounding carpet will eliminate this problem and assure you of a deep, GOOD NIGHT sleep.

Thoroughly vacuum the entire room concentrating on the mattress, box spring, headboard, walls, carpet and baseboards. Spray surfaces concentrating on tufts, folds and seams. Allow mattress and pillows to dry before replacing clean bedding. Will not stain water safe fabrics and surfaces. Read the directions on the back of the can for the complete details.

For a restful nights sleep we suggest an ongoing regimen of Sprayway Good Night every time you change your sheets.

Zippies Pals

Zippies are the Pals that Hang Around. The are nifty fun id tags that helps your child recognize their drink, backpack, you name it kids will tag it with zippies. When your kids bottle or drink has their Zippie on it they will know it is theirs and will not drink out of others bottles, great for avoid germs and colds. Check out Zippies the Pals that Hang Around and this limited collection beofre they are gone!

Gyro Bowl 100% Kids Proof Spill Proof Snack Bowl

The gyro bowl may look more like a toy than a bowl. And for you adults it is ok if you want one too! The Gyro Bowl is virtually indestructible made with revolutionary spill-resistant technology. The Gyro Bowl will keep your kids entertained and your living room clean at snack time. With gravity-defying engineering, dry food and snacks stay inside the bowl and off your floor no matter what kind of high-flying fun your kids get into.This is the ulimate snack buddy for kids and great for office supplies such as paperclips and push pins.

Easy Feet Foot Care System

Easy Feet is a NEW revolution foot care solution. Easy feet is like a shoe with over a thousand bristles to massage and clean the top and bottom, with a built-in pumice stone for rough, cracked heels. Just secure it to any shower, tub or wall surface. Easy Feet’s unique design not only cleans your feet, massages and gently exfoliates and eliminates dirt, but also most importantly, cleans in between your toes. So make dry ugly skin a thing of the past; Easy Feet will change the way you bath or shower for years to come. Turn each shower into a foot spa with Easy Feet.

Easy feet is great for senior citizens and those with special needs as there’s no risk of falling and no bending. Easy Feet is perfect for athletes of all ages; to eliminate that foot odor. Don’t get into bed and dirty your sheets when it only takes a minute to use Easy Feet.

This File is a Wonder

I have tried many an As Seen on TV product and I have to say hands down the Wonder File is by far one of the best prodcuts I have ordered. I watched the commercial and I thought I got to get one of these. The wonder file arrived about three weeks after purchase. That was the only bummer. I wish they sold these in stores. I like it so much  I ordered another so with the buy one get one I now have four. One for me, one for our child and one for my house and office. I must say I am addicted to this file. If you are a neat freak like myself you are going to love this contraption. This is not your average file it is a wonder. So if you were on the edge on this one I say go for it you won't regret the purchase. Watch the video it really can do what it shows and the quality of this file is much better than I ever expected.

Butterball Turkey Fryers

I was thrilled to read the following about the Butterball Turkey Fryer. I knew it provided a safer alternative to traditional frying but the fact that Consumer Reports tested it makes me feel a lot better.

Frying a turkey can be potentially dangerous at home. Consumer Reports' says electric turkey fryers are much safer. It tested a new one from Butterball that costs $117. You can use it right on your countertop and it promises "the best turkey you've ever tasted."

To test, Consumer Reports fried about a 12-pound turkey. Forty-eight minutes later out came a nicely browned, juicy turkey. It was definitely faster than roasting. The thighs were a little oily but other than that it was delicious.

And cleanup was a breeze, too. A lid helps prevent spattered oil. And a drain makes it easy to empty out the oil.

Electric fryers, like the Butterball, also come with features that make them safer to use. There's an oil "fill line" so you don't end up spilling a lot of hot oil when you put the turkey in. And a thermostat prevents oil from overheating.

Consumer Reports take on the Butterball Turkey Fryer; it serves up a great tasting turkey quickly and safely.

But there are limits to the Butterball Turkey Fryer. It will only accommodate a turkey up to 14 pounds, which won't serve a huge crowd. So you may need to trim the guest list before you trim the turkey.

Keep in mind that Consumer Reports has no affiliation with this blog in any way. I'm just passing along what they said about the butterball turkey fryer.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer

If you have ever tasted one of these fried turkeys you know what I'm talking about. They are really juicy and just seem to taste better than those birds baked the traditional way.  The problem for me has always been that aside from the danger, turkey fryers seem like a hassle to use. They are big, must be used outdoors and contain a lot of hot oil that ultimately needs to be disposed of.

It seems that by now there should be an easier way to fry a turkey and a convenient turkey fryer that can be used indoors. It turns out that there is and I found out about it very late one night while watching TV. I saw a commercial for the Butterball Turkey Fryer and it looked amazing. The makers of this fryer addressed all the issues which concern us regarding safety and ease of use. I was very apprehensive about ordering one but since there was a ninety day guarantee and it was holiday season, I figured I would give it a whirl.

I did notice on the commercial that the Butterball Turkey Fryer would be shipped via Fedex ground and this is very uncommon among As Seen On TV products. Most say allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery so I was thrilled to see this. Mine arrived in eight days and I was cooking in no time.

What struck me most about this fryer was that it really was as easy to use as was promised in the ad. The instructions were very clear and the process involves little more than putting oil in the fryer, turning it on, adding a turkey and waiting until it is cooked. The most important thing in my estimation is to make sure the turkey is completely thawed before cooking. Not only will a partially frozen turkey alter the cooking time, but ice and oil don't mix. This will cause splatter which can be very dangerous.  The butterball turkey fryer is completely enclosed for safety but it is still wise to make sure your bird is thawed.

Now, this fryer is electric and is heated with an internal heating element which has temperature controls. There is little chance of making a mistake when it comes to heating the turkey and if thawed, it should be fully cooked in about an hour. To me this is remarkable. A fully cooked turkey in an hour!  Further, clean up is a breeze because of the oil drain. I really expected a mess but it managing the oil is not that hard and the few pieces the fryer actually has are simple to wash.

All in all the butterball turkey fryer seems to be a terrific option for anyone who wants to try and fry their turkey this year. I should point out that it can also be used as a steamer or boiler and the instructions to do so are included with the package. I haven't tried anything like that yet but I'm quite sure I will get a lot of use out of the butterball turkey fryer.

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