Monday, May 31, 2010

The Ab Mini Circle Arrives

The Ab Circle  Mini Box was not heavy or huge so getting it up the stairs was not a issue. When I opened the box it looked like it was packed well and would be easy enough to pack back up in case I was unhappy with the product.

As I was pulling the Ab Circle Mini out of box I was pleasantly surprised by what I felt, weight, it felt solid coming out of the box. Kind of like the difference of holding a macbook pro versus a gateway laptop. I am by no means comparing the ab circle mini to a macbook pro but you get what I am mean.

Out of the box comes the base, armbar and a box of parts with the manual, DVD and bonus nutrition guide.

The Ab Circle Mini has a simple step of directions for you to review, but if you layout the few pieces and take a glance at the picture you will know exactly what to do. i was never one for directions anyways.

The Ab Circle Mini Comes with two tools for assembly, a small wrench and a L-end tool.

Step One: Attach front legs to ab circle mini with bolts and washers. The body of the ab circle mini and the legs are clearly labeled L and R for right and left so you can’t screw that up.Insert Caps on the Front Legs. Total Time: 2 to 3 minutes

Step Two: Insert the handle bar and put in the pin. Total Time: 3 seconds

Step Three: Twist on floor arm. Total Time: 5 seconds

Take a quick minute to review you ab circle mini bolts, footer caps and handle bar arm pin is all tight and good to go.

That is it from there you can drop in your knee pads and switch the pin to whatever setting you wanted to get started with. As JNL says, “pop, drop and lock”!

Total Assembly Time under 5 minutes!

s the Ab Circle Mini really portable?

I am not sure of the exact weight of the Ab Circle Mini. I looked through the material and did not see specs on the weight of the unit. I can tell you this is feels like a solid machine yet it is very easy to pick up. Most individuals should have no problem what so ever moving it around. I can easily pick the unit up from the handle bars with just two fingers. and move it to where every I want to get in my workout.

So the Ab Circle Mini is very portable and would be easy to put in a car or truck if you wanted to take your workout with you on the road for travelers who like to stay active

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Freedom Alert Medical Alarm

FREEDOM ALERT 911--911 On Call

Parental Safety
I'm getting to the age where I'm starting to worry about my parents safety, not only from a health standpoint, but for their physical well-being as well.  They are getting to be the age where falling poses a real threat to their lives.  Many of the elderly that fall get pneumonia related illnesses during their recovery period from which they don't recover. Thirty per cent of the people over 65 fall every year, and 28% of those who don't receive timely help will die as a direct result of that fall.  Scary!!  So when the Freedom Alert 911 commercial came on an As Seen on TV spot, I immediately thought of my parents.

The Freedom Alert 911 Unit
The Freedom Alert 911 emergency alert system is really just a small speakerphone and a base station that plugs into a phone line.  The speakerphone is usually worn as a pendant on a neck chain, or it may be worn on a wristband or on a belt clip…all of which come with the system.  We can choose up to three numbers to program into the speakerphone that will dial at the touch of the appropriate button.   The system can also be programmed so that the speakerphone will dial one of four phone number choices we selected ending with the 911 number if none of the previous numbers answer.  Freedom Alert 911 keeps dialing until someone answers.   As my parents are still active, we ordered two so each one could wear one.

Operation and Range
The speakerphone's AAA battery will need need changing every few months.  The battery test button feature is great to make sure it's fully charged and ready to communicate with the base.  Speaking of batteries, the base station has a battery back-up so that it's always operable, even in the event of a power outage.  Mom and Dad really like the fact that if they are within 600 feet of the base station, the speakerphone will communicate with it and they have emergency assistance available.  The 600 foot coverage means they can go outside, putter in the yard, and still have the security of the Freedom Alert 911 coverage.

Forming the Freedom Alert 911 Habit
At first it was hard to get them in the habit of putting the pendants on when they returned home and walked in from the garage.  It took just a few times of me phoning with a reminder (nagging) to take The Freedom Alerts off the hook by door and slip them on.  As it's splash resistant, they've even got into the habit of wearing them in the shower...a very smart move!
Mom & Dad have the security of Freedom Alert 911 for a one time purchase of about $360 with no service contracts or monthly fees to keep up with.  Not only does it provide them with the ability to reach someone quickly in case of an emergency, but it really gives me some peace of mind as well...and you can't put a dollar amount on that!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ab Circle Pro Ab Machine

Ab Circle Pro is quite famous and popular in the U.S.A with a big clientele patronizing it since work-outs are the new buzz word of today’s generation, who have a compulsory work out schedule drawn daily to keep fit and energetic, this is probably the reason why it has had a good market and above all it is like a treadmill for your abs and is not like the other ab machines ,it is made with good quality steel which has a long life and easily storable and above all its three levels of resistance makes it perfect for any fitness level with a unique friction free track to get you off the floor, they also provide you with a package which includes a DVD and a manual which will be of instant help to get you started right in your living room or even your bed-room along with the love handles nutritional guide enabling you to start the journey of getting the healthy and good looking body quite fast much earlier then you can think of including flattening your tummy and tone your thighs in just three minutes of a day and all this is possible because the ab circle pro is equal to more then 100 sit ups..

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Slice Digital Designer

Slice Digital Designer

My first response when I saw the video demo of the Slice Digital Designer was, "Oh! I have to have one of these!" But there's always that little cautious voice in my head that tells me I'd better get the full picture and investigate the downsides. So, investigate I did. There were lots of positive reviews, and I kept looking for the negative ones, but I couldn't find any.

This one little machine die cuts, draws, and embosses designs in just about any motif. And because it's digital, you can custom size the designs, so you're not limited to set pattern sizes. The digital aspect also means that there are less tools and gadgets to store – no box of templates and patterns. The Slice comes with over 11,000 designs, so you can imagine how much space it would take to store that many templates.

It's also cordless – a feature I find particularly useful for drawing on walls. (I never really got that out of my system.) And I love how compact it is. I dream of one day having a house with a huge room devoted just to my hobbies and crafts – they all seem to overlap. The stamping, scrapbooking, painting (on walls, of course,) always seem to come together in one massive project of intertwined media. Alas, that room is but a dream, but I still have room in my little hovel for this totally awesome craft tool. It takes up less than 6 square inches.

The Slice Cordless 3-in-1 Digital Designer is pretty easy to use, although like any crafting tool, it takes practice and some degree of work to achieve the exact result you're looking for. But then, that's part of the fun of crafting – the satisfaction of mastering a new skill.

Besides the machine itself and the power cord adapter/charger, the Slice Kit includes a design card booklet, a 6 x 6 cutting mat, 3 embossing tips, an embossing mat, drawing tips, a blade replacement tool, and some other free goodies like Tacky adhesive, a spatula tool, 5 replacement blades, project idea cards, and an assortment of 8 x 8 crafting paper.

The Slice cuts cardstock, vellum, vinyl, photos, paper of all sorts, and even fabric. The extra blades are a particularly good addition, since you'll probably want to reserve one just for fabric. (My mother's voice still rings in my ears: "Where's my good scissors?!" "You better not be cutting paper with my fabric scissors!")

The only two downsides to this awesome little machine are: 1) the cost - about $265. For most serious crafters, that won't be a huge deterrent. With the number of tools and equipment that the Slice replaces, it pencils out – even if you've already invested in all the other tools and templates that the Slice replaces. For beginners just starting, it's a great investment. But, for fairly skilled more part time crafters, the cost may be enough to make them satisfied with what they've got. 2) And this is a minor point – the Slice does require the accessibility to power at some point to at least recharge the battery. If you're an off-the-grid homesteader, you'll have to fit that into your power allotment schedule and plan accordingly.

About the Author

Dana Walker

Read more about the Slice Digital Designer.

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Article Source: - The Slice Digital Designer

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Emery Cat Claw Trimmer Review

All you feline fans, listen up! The as seen on TV product Emery Cat Board claims to help out with keeping your cat’s nails trimmed while giving your cat some fun; two things that usually don’t mix. We wanted to see just how well the Emery Cat Board worked, so we took it to the experts: Trouble and Jake at the Mesa County Animal Services.

Director Penny McCarty spoke on their be half and helped out with the test. “We have seen them use it,” she said. After reading the directions, it was time to give it a try. But cats are interesting creatures and some things just have to be on their own terms, so we gave the two over the weekend to get acquainted with the product.

“From what we saw in that short time, I think that it is a tool that could be effective for cat owners,” said McCarty.

The product is easy to use, coming with catnip to entice your feline, along with a very popular toy. “That draws them over there and then they realize that that feels good and it lets them scratch,” said McCarty.

The boards can be traded out too, after your cat gets some good scratches in, or naps, depending on the time of day.

McCarty also believes the emery board is the way to go to trim those nails. Although it is not a quick fix, but in some time it will do the trick. “What it’s going for is an ongoing process, and what it’s going for, I honestly think it could work for that,” said McCarty.

Trouble and Jake agree. They seemed to like board, especially the perks that come with it, like the catnip and toy. So after spending some time with Emery Cat Board, and seeing just how well it works, McCarty rates it?

“I’d probably give it a four. Yes, I think it worked pretty well,” she said.

With a price tag of just under $20.00, the cat scratcher seems like a small price to pay for your favorite feline’s health and happiness.  ( Ashley Soukup - KREXTV )

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Emery Cat Review

Thanks to the Try it Before You Buy It crew at KREX TV for testing out the Emery Cat on some real live felines to see if this products works. A couple of inmates at the Mesa County Animal Services gave it a whirl and "spoiler alert",
spoiler alert! The cats liked it

Slice Digital Crafting Tools

Slice Cordless Digital Designer

Do you remember taking Shop or Home Ec in high school?  Those were the times when creativity was encouraged.  If you really wanted something, the first thing you tried to do was to make it yourself.  These classes gave you the foundation for the skills that not only developed your creative ability, but also enhanced your manual dexterity.  The schools today don’t seem to have the money to fund these types of classes, although we spend about more money per student than any other country in the world.  Is there any formal education where kids today can be introduced to these skills?  I don’t think so.

My wife pointed out the Slice Digital Designer on an As Seen On TV spot.  It's a digital machine that cuts, draws and embosses.  I immediately thought of my granddaughters who are very computer literate.  I hoped that the digital aspect of the gizmo would interest them enough so they would really see how much fun being creative could be.  The 30 day trial was $14.95 with free shipping and a money back guarantee, so I ordered one to see if I could pique their interest.

It arrived, and I couldn’t believe all the stuff that it came with.  The Slice Digital Designer Kit came with the 3-in-1 machine, power cord adapter and owner’s manual.  The other goodies included alphabets, geometric shapes, glass cutting mat, grids and replacement blades.  To make it even more interesting, they sent a ton of freebees too.

Although I listened to the commercial and read the info before ordering, I really couldn’t conceive of all the creative things it would do until I actually had it in front of me.  The Slice Digital Designer cuts, embosses and draws.  It will cut through anything up to 1/2 mm thick and even some fabrics.  The cuts are accurate and precise, and there’s little waste because of your ability to position your project medium. It operates on either a battery or power cord, and it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. You just insert one of the design cards, choose a shape on the graphic interface, preview your selection on the two inch window, and push the button.  You’ve literally got thousands of images to choose from so your creative possibilities are endless.

Since it was my idea to try it out, I thought I should at least be a part of my granddaughters’ first project.  Working with their digital cameras and small printer, they are creating their own personalized picture albums.  It’s a project that they can enjoy for a lifetime, and remember who helped them get started on it.  It’s coming along so well, that I decided to go ahead and buy the Slice Digital Designer as a birthday gift for them, and have sent in the first of my three monthly $66.65 payments.  Being able to help my granddaughters is wonderful; not only to watch them initiate and follow through on a project, but to see the satisfaction they are getting from creating something unique for themselves.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cricut Expression

The Cricut Expression

The Cricut Expression is an absolute life saver for me, because I got so tired of searching through the pile of tools in my office and never finding the right tools for my scrap booking projects. I know I sound like a complainer but this is a serious issue for me. In fact this happens very often, especially for secretaries, school teachers, principles, housewives, artists and those who have to use their imagination most of the time to portray something in and for their business. You could spend hours going from one crafts store to the next trying to find the right kind of materials; an exact-knife, stencils, colored paper, markers, etc, and spend even more hours working on that one simple bulletin board. But in modern times we need something better, more practical, handy, and portable that can do a better job for us in a fraction of the time it would take us to do it. This is where cricut expression comes in the picture.

It is handy and quite portable in case you don't have enough space on your desk. It replaces some basic office tools and does the job for you. It is a personal cutting system which will greatly increase your productivity. It has options for thousands of designs that you can cut into many sorts of paper, card stock, plastic, chip board and vinyl in many densities, from a very intricate and small design to a large 23 ½" design with precision. This machine is also smart and will use every single extra scrap without ever going off the edge of the paper. You can create greeting cards, bulletin boards, etch on glass, design and add a personal taste to the d├ęcor of your home. Create a wonderful personalized photo album for your family, and add a touch of you to your surroundings with this wonderful office tool. cricut expression is a great little machine to have at home as well, to decorate your children's room, make an anniversary present, a birthday card and gift, and label your cook ware, cabinets and shelves.

In scrapbooking and art cricut expression is the ideal tool and almost a must-have, it increases your speed at finishing a long desired project even better than what you had imagined. It is a fun way to spend time with your kids and help them increase their creativity and skills. They could create their next science expose, a father's day card, create invitations to your next party, a personal home calendar, a yard sale sign, a welcome-home banner or even cut out fabric to decorate quilts and other home accessories.

Right now there is a trial offer for the cricut expression which makes this a great time to test it out. you n. With this trial you receive for free a set of DVD's on how to create your own designs, two rolls of transfer tape, a 12" x 12" cutting mat and more. By taking advantage of the trial offer, there are some bonuses which include a free Deep-Cut Blade which is really cool and allows you to create even more great stuff so I encourage any serious crafter to look into this thing. The projects you can create with the Cricut Expression are mindblowing.

Read More about the Cricut Expression or Watch some Cricut Expression Videos.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To Get Fit With The Ab Circle Pro

Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Pro is a new, fun, and innovative way to get those flabby ab muscles into shape. Whether you are man with that horrible keg belly, or a new mommy trying hard to get back to your pre baby weight; the ab circle pro can get you there in only a few minutes a day. Many of you have probably seen the infomercials about the ab circle pro. A lot of you may have felt a little skeptical about if this product can get you those rock hard abs you crave.

If you feel a little wary of the product just take a little look at the website and you will see plenty of testimonials from very pleased customers. They will explain how the ab circle pro helped them when many other products failed to give them good results. There are also a lot of celebrities that use the Ab circle pro to help them achieve the body they need to stay fit and fabulous. It is very inspiring to see that famous people and everyday ordinary people can use the Ab pro to stay healthy.

The ab circle pro is also very helpful when you want to get your legs, hips and butt into perfect shape. It will help you lift, tighten and tone those troubled spots. If you are willing to get in the best shape of your life you will need to also change your eating habits. When you change your eating habits and reduce your calorie intake then the ab circle pro will be even more affective. You will not see results from the ab circle pro unless you stay motivated to make a change.

When you use the ab circle pro you will be able to start seeing results very early. Depending on how healthy you eat, and how many minutes a day you put into working out, you could see a change in your body in as little as three weeks or less. This is totally up to you. If you are ready to put forth the effort you can reach your goals. A lot of people will be happy to know that when you order the ab circle pro from the official website you can get a three year extended warranty.

This means that if anything should go wrong with the ab circle pro that the company will replace or fix anything wrong with the product. This is very reassuring to those who are afraid that they will lose money if the product has a defect. The ab circle pro is very affordable and doesn’t take up a lot of space. There is also a promise from the company that if you don’t see any changes in your figure that you can send back the ab circle pro and get your money back. With this promise a lot of people will be elated to give the ab circle pro a try.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Cricut Expression Personal Cutting Machine

Cricut Expression

The Cricut Expression is an exciting, new innovative personal electronic cutter used by hobbyists and scrap bookers for creating amazing and easy crafting projects. There are currently three different Cricut models but I have the base model Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter Machine.

The Cricut looks a bit like an inkjet printer but it does not require a computer to use and is easy to use. The Cricut Expression itself is actually a lightweight, cartridge-based cutting device. It contains a blade that is guided by an electronic cutting process and can cut letters/shapes/phrases ranging from 1-inch to 5 ½ -inch tall, as well as titles and borders as long as 11-inches.Weighting only 12 pounds, including the power adapter. It is also portable and easy to carry, making it ideal for toting to scrap booking parties or gatherings with friends. The sleek design and slim footprint allow it to fit beautifully in almost any crafting workspace.

Cricut will easily cut eleven different sizes, ranging from a tiny intricate 1-inch to 5 ½-inch designs. Titles and borders can be cut as large as an impressive 11-½ inches long offering a perfect fit to your 12-inch x 12-inch paper. Cricut's key features are its ability to cut so many types of materials. The Cricut can cut a wide range of paper from vellum to cardstock up to .5 mm thick. Provo Craft has created cardstock pads and designer paper pads that coordinate with the Cricut shape cartridges and these papers have been designed to fit perfectly into the Cricut.

Cricut is not the only personal electronic cutter on the market but it is, arguably, the best. Cricut cartridges come in a variety of fonts, styles, designs, and family sets that make creativity a snap!

Forty years ago, Provo Craft began as a single retail store located in the small college town of Provo, Utah. Through ingenuity and resourcefulness, Provo Craft has expanded dramatically over the years. Their success is largely attributed to their focus on trend-driven design, both in manufacturing and retailing. According to CEO Robert Workman they have come a long way since their first retail store.  Look for the Cricut Expression online or in stores.

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Yudu Screen Printing Machine : I Enjoy Golfing

Yudu : I Enjoy Golfing

This creative series of commercials from Yudu is really cool. The Yudu Screen Printing Machine is portable and fun! Let the world know who you are and where you’ve been through the clever, original messages on your t-shirts. Give ‘em a sample of attitude in the classiest of possible ways – through screen printing! Most silk screenings have traditionally been designed and produced by experienced studio artists because of the expense and enormity of the job -- and the cleanup. But now, anyone can create beautiful home accessories and t-shirts with messages using the all-in-one Yudu Screen Printing Machine.

Ydu Screen Printing Machine : I Am Here

This creative series of commercials from Yudu is really cool. The Yudu Screen Printing Machine is portable and fun! Let the world know who you are and where you’ve been through the clever, original messages on your t-shirts. Give ‘em a sample of attitude in the classiest of possible ways – through screen printing! Most silk screenings have traditionally been designed and produced by experienced studio artists because of the expense and enormity of the job -- and the cleanup. But now, anyone can create beautiful home accessories and t-shirts with messages using the all-in-one Yudu Screen Printing Machine.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yudu Screen Printing Machine : Landspeed Record

This creative series of commercials from Yudu is really cool. The Yudu Screen Printing Machine is portable and fun! Let the world know who you are and where you’ve been through the clever, original messages on your t-shirts. Give ‘em a sample of attitude in the classiest of possible ways – through screen printing! Most silk screenings have traditionally been designed and produced by experienced studio artists because of the expense and enormity of the job -- and the cleanup. But now, anyone can create beautiful home accessories and t-shirts with messages using the all-in-one Yudu Screen Printing Machine.

Yudu Screen Printing Machine

This creative series of commercials from Yudu is really cool. The Yudu Screen Printing Machine is portable and fun! Let the world know who you are and where you’ve been through the clever, original messages on your t-shirts. Give ‘em a sample of attitude in the classiest of possible ways – through screen printing! Most silk screenings have traditionally been designed and produced by experienced studio artists because of the expense and enormity of the job -- and the cleanup. But now, anyone can create beautiful home accessories and t-shirts with messages using the all-in-one Yudu Screen Printing Machine.

Cricut Expression Overview

This is a fantastic video presented by Jo Anne's which touches on just about every aspect of the Cricut Expression. It's worth a watch before you get started or before you consider buying one of these little gadgets. Make sure the cricut is for you before you buy!

Cricut Expression Cutting Machine

This incredible little machine has so many uses it is almost impossible to list them all! From creating your own greeting cards to cutting out vinyl lettering for wall art and stencils, the Cricut Expression is so versatile and has so many uses that you will wonder how you ever lived without it. It cuts any size image from 1/4" to 23 1/2" with unheard of precision and detail making all of your projects look like they were done by a professional print shop.

Belly Burner Belt Reviews

Belly Burner Belt

I don't think this belly burner belt can really work but commercial was one of the most intriguing As Seen On TV ads I'd seen in awhile. I like any type of workout that promises to be easy and the Belly Burner Belt is something you just put on and it starts to work. Well that is if it works at all.

I rushed to read some belly burner reviews online but really couldn't find any that were more than just spam so I new I would have to bite the bullet on this one all by myself. So I found a place to buy belly burner and waited for it's arrival.

I'm a big fan of other As Seen On TV exercise equipment because if you use it correctly it usually works. It seems that each product targets a particular type of dissatisfaction people have with their body and gets right to correcting it. But, I've yet to find a product that will whip you into shape on it's own. You generally have to do at least a little work. Further, most products are just a way to enhance a more complete workout. Anyone who thinks they can order something off the television and never lift a finger again is sadly mistaken. So far my favorite easy ab workout has been with the Ab Circle Pro, which I continue to use with great results.

For me the jury is still out on this contraption, maybe some of you have some feedback?

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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Cricut Expression Personal Cutter Machine

Cricut Expression Cutting Machine

You can use the Cricut Expression machine in your classroom, office, craft space, or home! The Cricut Expression 24" Personal Electronic Cutter is the latest addition to the Cricut cutting system. With 2 new cutting mats measuring 12" x 12" and 12" x 24", you can now cut characters from 1/4" up to an impressive 23-1/2". The Cricut Expression has 6 new modes and several new functions to offer greater customization of cuts, and new settings allow different units of measurement and languages. The Cricut Expression machine accepts the existing line of Cricut cartridges, replacing the need to collect hundreds of heavy die cuts.

The Expression machine will give you an unlimited amount of different kinds of detailed designs, art crafts and custom made words. Bigger projects and different kinds of paper stock are available to you with this newer more powerful cutting machine. This amazing little cutting machine will surely be able to give you not just what you need but what you want. Enjoy yourself thinking of new ideas on what to make on your arts and crafts. The Cricut Expression machine with its unlimited potential for amazing scrap booking ideas will do the designing for you.

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Don't Buy Bark Off

I receive a ton of Bark Off emails all hinting at the same thing. Does Bark Off Work? Until now, it has been difficult to make heads or tails of this debate because most of the reviews we've been able to see were testimonials on the Bark Off commercial. The product is so new that it would take time before consumers could actually use the product long enough to know how effective it is, or is not.

Recently, we got our first glimpse of what a real person, with a real dog barking problem had to say about the product, and it should come as a relief to all of our ears. I suspected all along that this ultrasonic dog barking control device had some merit, but like a lot of other people, I wondered if it was humane or would hurt my dog. The answers come below.

The product tester was Connie from Buffalo New York who had written a TV station asking their local news product review department about the Bark Off Ultrasonic Bark Control Device. They decided to check it out and asked Connie to be the guinea pig.

Her issue was three small dogs who loved to bark and pretty much drove her crazy. It was difficult for her to talk on the phone when the dogs were barking and if someone came to the door, forget about it. I'm sure there were other times the barking was unwelcomed but this is what Connie touched on.

Connie was given a sample of the Bark Off and once she flipped on the battery operated device, an ultrasonic wave was emitted when the dogs barked, and then they were quiet. Hmmmm, sounds good to me already.

The Bark Off device remained behind with Connie for further testing and she eventually gave it a "two thumbs up" review. She was diligent and even tried it on her neighbor's dog with success. Connie did have some reservations, and I'm glad this was brought up. Sometimes we want our dogs to park. A dog instinctively is protective, and there's nothing better than a dog's bark to alert us to danger. Whether it's a middle of the night alert to danger, or a signal to us that our toddler is getting into mischief, we all appreciate our dog's barking at these times.

We've probably all heard stories about a dog saving the day with some type of heroic action, so turning off our dog's ability to alert us to danger is not something which sounds beneficial. So Connie, and I'm sure many others came up with a simple solution. She just turns it off during those times it's ok to hear some noise.

I would like to point this out though. The bark off device works only after the dog barks at least once. It is the sound of the bark which triggers the ultrasonic pulse, which cannot be heard by humans, to be released ultimately quieting the dog. So even when the device is engaged your dog will have the opportunity to "speak his mind" at least once. In my case, this would be enough to alert me to some danger. But, if you are in the kitchen and the dogs are out in the yard with the kids, I would keep it off just in case.

So I'm thrilled with Connie's Bark Off Review because here is a real person who went on the news the her results. We have a product that works well and if you saw the three little yappers driving her nuts, you would be just as impressed as I was.

Read more about Bark Off or watch the hilarious Bark Off Commercial

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bark Off Does It Work

Bark Off Really Works Have you seen the Bark Off commercial yet? If not where have you been? I'll link to it bark off, but first I want you to see the video review I've been waiting for. Bark Off was put to the test on 3 yappy little dogs and it worked like a charm. The owner was shocked that it worked so well, and her little dogs were exactly the reason the dog barking device was created. One thing to note, which is what I've always suspected, is that the Bark Off is the renamed Bark Buster. Not sure why they changed it but it works!!!!!

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Bark Off Does It Work? Yes

Bark Off Really Works

Have you seen the Bark Off commercial yet? If not where have you been? I'll link to it bark off, but first I want you to see the video review I've been waiting for. Bark Off was put to the test on 3 yappy little dogs and it worked like a charm. The owner was shocked that it worked so well, and her little dogs were exactly the reason the dog barking device was created. One thing to note, which is what I've always suspected, is that the Bark Off is the renamed Bark Buster. Not sure why they changed it but it works!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cricut Expression Cartridges

Cricut Expression Cartridges

One of the really cool things about he Cricut Expression is the cartridges. At last count, I think there were 103 to choose from and each one has something worth using. Right now I'm into doing Batman stuff with the kids so my focus has been there, but there is some much great stuff to do with these Cricut Expression cartridges it's nuts. Browse the cartridge selections on the Provocraft site and you'll see what I mean.

Generally, you can cut letter and shape sizes up to 5.5 on the Cricut Machine and 23 inches on the Cricut Expression. The Expression cartridge works with all Cricut die cutting machines. And if you own the Cricut Design Studio, you can preview all the great features.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bark Off Quiets Dog Barking

Bark Off is definitely one of the As Seen On TV pet products which makes you want to whip out your credit card and buy it on the spot, but what exactly is it and is whatever it is worth it? Sometimes It's tough to figure out if these As Seen On TV products we see actually work or if they are simply just junk. This one however, is getting very popular so it is really worth a look.

Bark Off is essentially a handy little device which when activated will silence your dog, or your neighbors dog and allow you to live a peaceful and easy existence in quiet. Well that's supposed to be what happens. But does it?

The Bark Off dog barking control unit is very new so it is difficult to find out at this point if it really works. But if it does, I imagine there will be a few of these little devices stationed around every house in the world. Don't get me wrong, barking dogs are natural and in a lot of cases warn us of danger but let's face it. Dog Barking can grate on your nerves and a solution to the problem would be great.

So how does Bark Off work?

Bark Off is actually quite genius. The bark off unit is battery operated and when activated by the sound of a nearby dog barking, it emits and ultrasonic wave which cannot be heard by humans, but catches the attention of the dog. Now first, all indications and claims by the company assure us that the ultrasonic wave created by bark off is not harmful, and in fact, very humane to the dog.

The purpose of the ultrasonic wave from the Bark Off unit is to simply interrupt the dog's barking pattern. The theory is that when a dog is barking, he or she has all their attention focused on whatever it is that's making them bark. If something can interrupt their attention, they will quickly forget about what they were barking about and stop. The Bark Off intends to interrupt the dog's barking pattern by forcing them to focus on the sound created by the ultrasonic wave. It's really that simple.

Now you may be thinking about what happens when you want your dog to bark? Well, the unit is only activated when when the power switch is turned on. There is plenty of time to train the dog through normal training techniques to develop the desired behavior you want to your dog to have. Dog training can be difficult and I was never really able to get my yapper to speak on command or quiet down on command, but it is possible. What I'm working on is turning on the unit and saying "Quiet" when he barks. The act of barking will illicit the ultrasonic wave but if I say a command at the same time, perhaps my dog will learn to associate my command with the irritating pulse he receives when I give the command. It's pretty much the same type of behavioral training we all try to use but the Bark Off is the ultimate aid.

But for the most part, the bark off is there to give me some peace and quiet and so far so good. I have tested the limits of it's range but it works inside my small home just fine. My only complaint is that if the unit is left on, the batteries drain rather quickly but the price of the product itself is unbeatable.

If you are not ready to take the plunge and buy Bark Off while it is still new and basically untested, I completely understand. It is always prudent to wait for more information to come out about products and let the bugs be fixed.

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Cricut Expression Wins Awards

The Cricut Expression machine is a huge success winning awards, great reviews, and high popularity.
The craft company Provo Craft really hit a home run on this one. Paper craft enthusiasts can't wait to get their hands on one of these. What is it the Cricut Expression machine does?

The original Cricut and the new Expression both are very popular die cutting machines. They feature cut paper, vinyl, cardstock, silk screens, and much more. There is so much you can do with this machine there are more than 50 different Cricut Cartridges to choose from with hundreds of different shapes and designs to choose from.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cricut Expression Machine Review

My girlfriend just bought the Cricut expression machine and she loves it so much I thought I would Blog about it!

This is no your average as seen on TV gizmo this is a real product. The Expression machine is solid and you should see the neat things she produces. I think she will wind up starting her own business with machine. Everyone loves her cards she makes.

Anyhow from first hand experience I give the Cricut expression machine two thumbs up.

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Personal Emergency Response Systems

There is a new revolutionary personal emergency response system that has a wide array of significant safety applications. The freedom Alert offers functionality not available with other elderly medical alert systems, such as the ability for two-way conversation on the pendant itself and communication in a 600+ range from the base unit.

This new PERS (personal emergency response system), is now available for those requiring assistance in emergency situations. LogicMark is now distributing the freedom alert nationally. Due to this new state of the art technology, this personal emergency response system goes far beyond being a medical alert. It can also be used as a personal alarm to provide much needed safety in centers for the disabled as well as in schools and daycare centers.

Freedom Alert gives users access to help 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. While other personal emergency response systems offer equipment with panic buttons, Freedom Alert is one of  the only system that provides this unique ability to speak through the pendant itself as well as two-way voice speakerphone technology. This new elderly medical alert also offers over 600 feet of communication range and out of range notifications.


Elderly Medical Alert

Guardian Alert 911

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mighty Fix It Colored Duct Tape

This Mighty fixit silicon tape is awesome! It is made of a thin, water-proof silicone and UL listed at 8000 volts. Being silicone, it not only sticks to the surface to which it's applied, but as you wrap it on itself, it forms a water tight, air tight seal that is heat resistant. The Mighty Fixit silicone tape comes in a roll that you unwind, cut to whatever length you need, and stretch to activate. You're now ready to wrap it firmly around most any surface to seal or mend.

The minute I got my order I went nuts, taping up everything I could find. I have a computer cord that has been repaired several times with the old electrical friction tape. After stripping off the old tape, I wound the Mighty Fixit Silicone tape snugly around the torn insulation, it fused to the cord, and formed a nice, smooth repair. I also used the Mighty Fixit tape on an old garden hose, and now have a non-leaking hose, even when the nozzle is off and the hose is under pressure. I used the black tape for the computer cord and the green tape for the hose, so you have to really look to notice the repairs. After taping the computer cord and the hose with the mighty fixit along with everything else i could find in the house I ran out to the car, fortunately I guess nothing there was in need so I went to the garage and wrapped up the handle bars on my bike and kids bike and it feels like a good grip. if you need anything taped give me a call cuz I am hooked!

The shipping did take awhile but I must say it was well worth the wait. This tape is great! This is for sure an As seen on TV winner in my book. Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday I managed to fix a wire which connected to my headlight and it was awesome.

For about two years my right front headlight has been flickering then burning out and of course it's out of warranty. The fine folks at BMW tell me I need a whole new unit but I knew it was a bad wire which works its way out of the connection. I was able to insert it into the plastic piece that plugs the headlight wires to the electrical wires delivering the charge to the light and wrap it very tightly. I now cannot move and wiggle free. I kept saying that all that was required to fix the problem was a new plastic piece but they insisted I needed a whole new unit. It was $760 by the way and I've fixed it for pennies. Even if the Mighty Fixit silicone tape doesn't last long, I can rewrap it and my light will work fine.

There are countless things you can do with your Mighty Fixit tape and new projects will reveal themselves every day. Be on the lookout for the commercial and pick some up. You'll love it!

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Personal Emergency Response System

A Personal Emergency Response System

The idea of a personal emergency response system is getting more popular every day. I keep seeing press releases for Freedom Alert and a few others. It appears that Freedom Alert is the one everyone is talking these days so I'm trying to figure out why.

First, if you see media for the Freedom Alert and the Freedom Alert Pendant, they are the same thing. I guess people call these Personal Emergency Response Systems whatever the want but anything with Freedom Alert in the name is the emergency response system by LogicMark.

You may know LogicMark from the successful Guardian Alert device, which older, less expensive no frills version of the Freedom Alert system.  The Guardian Alert was a great little device, and LogicMark is obviously cashing in on its success by taking the Freedom Alert to the next level.

All personal emergency response systems are not the same but for the price, the Freedom Alert seems to have the most bang for the buck. But what is really important is, will the Freedom Alert do what it's supposed to. And that is, summon help in an emergency. Well, if used properly, it certainly should.

This particular personal emergency response unit can be worn as a pendant or around the wrist and at the first sign of trouble can be activated to bring help. My only issue with the Freedom Alert is that it's not something you can take out of the house and have let's say in the park or shopping center. The base of the unit remains in the house attached to the phone line so you are really only protected in and around the house. That's not to say this makes the Freedom Alert Emergency Response System a waste of time but it needs to be understood that it doesn't provide the ability to call for help when you are outside the home.

Everyone worried about not being able to call for help around the house should have some sort of portable personal emergency response system and knowing how each one works, what it does and what it does not do, will go a long way in helping determine what device is right for you.

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