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New MMA Training Gloves Punching Workout! It's Perfect

Hey MMA Fans… I came across this new As Seen on TV Product that is right up my alley. It is not just for mixed martial artists, it is actually made for anyone to use it just happens to be a great training tool for martial artists, boxers, etc. as well as a great workout for all! The product is called the perfect punch and I mean it is cool. It is a punching resistance-training tool that increases endurance, punching power and speed. I remember seeing in a boxing gym a training tool with a rubber band and handles used for shadow boxing. The bands provide resistance which gives you a work out and increase you punching speed dramatically. This is that on steroids… It has bands and a strap to prevent slipping so you can punch away without the bands slipping off. The kicker is the bands are attached to MMA fight gloves, which is so cool. You feel like you are training for the UFC with these gloves on. The perfect punch was created by Jay Glazier who is a MMA trainer and works for Fox Sports as a commentator and I saw UFC champ Dan Henderson using them. I am hooked on the perfect punch, anyway I will get back to you with another review in the near future as I can go on and on all day about these gloves. You can find out more about the Perfect Punch here and see watch the Perfect Punch Commercial.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Perfect Punch The Best Of 2010

Because it is the end of the year I thought I would work on my "best of" reviews because 2010 was a banner year.  There was so much junk being sold on television and they all seemed pretty lame.  However, there was one As Seen On TV Fitness product that really intrigued me.

The fitness product that I was so interested in was the Perfect Punch which was released by Jay Glazer in mid November.  I know it was released very late in the year to really know what type of impact it will have on the market but in my opinion it is the product of the year.  I think it will be in the running for Fitness Product of the Year in 2010 as well.

Because I hate most As Seen On TV products. (Wait til you read my worst of's) My statistical analysis and methodology used to determine my superlatives is not even as hard as reading this sentence. Perfect Punch wins because I don't hate it.  Simple enough?

This product is just very cool and people will just want to have it regardless of any of the upcoming marketing campaigns.  Sure there will be infomercials, commercials and special offers but none of that will matter.  It is going to sell. Why? The reason is also very simple.

The great thing about the Perfect Punch is that real MMA fighters and boxers actually use the Perfect Punch concepts to develop their technique, work on their speed and increase punching their punching power.  Let's face it, Fighters of any style are tough people.  The fact that these tough guys are using the Perfect Punch is bottom line the best testimonial this product could ever have.  In my opinion there is no way a tough guy would use a product that will make him less tough.  We all want to be just like these guys and this alone will fuel the demand for the Perfect Punch.

If these fighter who need be fast, tough and strong would not use the Perfect Punch if it made them untough.  At least that is my observation.  In MMA and Boxing, repetition is the key to success. Practice right and will win. Your footwork, conditioning, stance and striking technique can each effect the outcome of a fight so fighters are always on top of their game.

If you are a boxer or an MMA fighter, then repetition is one of the keys to success.  If you train correctly you will have success in in the ring.  The perfect punch allows you to maximize the benefit of every rep in practice and your speed, strength and improved technique will produce produce victories.

The perfect punch is a fresh new workout system and is not some rehashed version of some old useless fitness product.  This is innovative, fun and effective.  Based on shadow boxing exercises, Jay Glazer has updated the training to serve today's modern MMA Fighter.

Like I said before this product is new, but still the best of 2010.  I'm sure you will see commercials everywhere for this starting in January if not before.  I apologize in advance to the makers of perfect punch because I could not go off on them.  It seems everybody loves this product and there is nothing funny about it.  No maybe if you put a boxing kangaroo in the ring using the Perfect Punch, then I may have something to write about.

Read more about the Perfect Punch or visit GetTVProducts to see other great Perfect Punch Reviews products.

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MMA Training With The Perfect Punch *

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Perfect Punch MMA Training Gloves *

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When the Grill Glove was released, I really thought it had a chance to be one of the best As Seen On TV products to come out in some time. In a time where most infomercial marketers are known for going a bit over the top to draw attention to their amazing products there was nothing particularly silly or outrageous about the Grill Glove. I really looked hard, but try as I might I just couldn't seem to find anyone out there with anything bad to say about it.

So when I actually got my hands on one I was really excited to try it out. As I always point out, the beauty of As Seen On TV items is that they do a great job of solving seemingly easy problems that nobody has ever found a solution for. This is a perfect example. The problem I find with grilling is that getting control of the food while it's on the grill is often impossible. Tongs are clumsy and other utensils may work, but not that well. I happen to suffer from I term the "dropsies" and I'm one of the best in the world at dropping food through the grill onto the coals. I can't remember the last time I was asked to man the barbeque pit, but honing my skills is important to me, and I'm sure others feel the same way. So the Grill Glove is certainly an idea whose time has come. It looks similar to a large gardening glove but it is made from 100% food grade silicone and is heat resistant. This allows you to trash the tongs and actually go in and grab the food and control it. It is now super easy to turn your hot dogs without dropping them.

You can place your chops, chicken and steaks however you like and easily spread them around as you add more. You won't get burned and there won't be any reason to have a lot of utensils around. It happens to be dishwasher safe so clean up is simple. The way it is sold you actually get two in an order so having one on each hand is wonderful. It actually feels like you are cooking on a surface with no heat. You touch, prod and grab at will and take the food from grill to table in a single step.

In my first try with the Grill Glove our grill was too crowded to do corn on the cob so we decided to boil it. It turns out you can just reach your hands into the pot and grab the corn with no worries. You won't get burned or scalded so it's possible you will find a lot more uses for it than just outside on barbeque. As far As Seen On TV items go, I cannot find a single flaw in this product and that may be surprising to some. I can't imagine anyone being dissatisfied with it and I don't see any reason why it won't replace the dirty charred oven mitts hanging in your kitchen right now. We are looking at the next big thing in the cooking industry and I think the infomercial guys got it right this time.

What a pleasure using this product was. Read more about Grill Glove or visit GetTVProducts to see other great As Seen On TV products.

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Homemade Charcoal For Grilling

Anyone who likes the flavor of wood chips when they grill will want to pay attention to this.  I too love the flavor and learned how to make my own charcoal out of the wood I have around the yard.  I did not realize that charcoal was just the remains of burnt wood when the impurities are burned away.

I had always thought that it was impossible to burn wood without allot of oxygen but it turns out not to be true.  In fact if you burn a log in a low oxygen environment you will be left with a clean burning form of charcoal.  During this process the water contained in the wood will burn away.  Then the tar and other volatile oils that disturb the taste of the food will disappear. There are so many impurities that will filter off during the burn that you will actually remove about 70% of wood's weight leaving behind a great burning fuel for your favorite grilled delights.

Have you ever seen the burnt remains of a campfire?  Those burnt black logs like very similar to charcoal don't they?  If you imagine yourself breaking up the wood into chunks you will basically be making your own charcoal.  However, unlike the the coals we buy in stores, these won't be loaded with lighter fluid and other fillers to get them to light.  These will light quickly and burn much cleaner than most popular brands.

The briquettes we buy in stores are not naturally occurring.  In fact they are loaded with fillers like petroleum products designed to get them to ignite quickly and burn longer than the natural carbon in real wood.  It was Henry Ford who is credited with the first use briquettes so it goes to figure that he would use petroleum inside.  Even when natural wood burns we are still dealing with something organic and the initial burning serves to purify the remains we use to cook our foods. 

Lighting the coals in the grill can be a tricky proposition.  I for one do not like to use lighter fluid.  I prefer to use a chimney starter powered by a little bit of newspaper to get things started.  I find that even though it is a little bit slower than flooding the coals with fire starter, the charcoal will heat up a little more evenly and do a better job cooking the food.  Once they sit in the chimney starter for about 10 minutes, I dump them on the grill and if they are completely ashy I will add a fresh layer of unlit coals over them.  I won't swear this is the best way but it is something that has been done in my family for years and I enjoy the process.

Another little trick I've discovered to make getting the coals burning a lot easier.  I bought the grill glove so I can get rid of all my accessories and handle the coals, and food directly.  The grill glove is a 100% food grade silicone heat resistant grilling glove that allows you to pick up or turn your food right on the grill.  If you reach onto the coals wearing the grilling glove you will not get burned and it doesn't get crusty and charred like regular oven mitts.  It is definitely an accessory worth looking into.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Business Loans Stuck In A Clogged Pipeline

We all watch the news stories which indicate the economy is improving, but not so much for business loans.  An interesting quandry is developing which leaves small banks and small businesses at an impass. Small Business is the key to creating new jobs, but the small banks are too poor to lend.

Make no mistake, even though there are signs of an improving economy, the FDIC list of troubled banks keeps growing and this puts the squeeze on lending. Most small businesses have some sort of relationship with a smaller bank just so their needs can be met based on that relationship. Big mega banks lose small business owners in the shuffle and give lousy service. But when a business owner turns to his bank for a business loan, the money to lend is simply not there.  Small banks have been pinched by their losses in the credit crunch and have to devote more funds to reserve requirements. 

What does this mean? It simply means that if you have a small business with great business credit and great sales projections, your bank not be able to lend you money.  That's right, the banks wrote bad loans and you are going to suffer for it.

Here is the quandry. Because of economic conditions in general, most small businesses that would love to borrow money to expand are hesitant which lessons the amount banks take in and in turn lend out.  It creates a kind of log jam where the whole systems gets clogged.  Keep in mind that small banks cannot participate in large scale transactions compared to the big banks so most of their profits will come from lending on the local level. So it's just not there to lend.

In general the only way to correct this is to wait until the timid borrowers want to borrow and the banks are strong enough to lend. But we as business owners don't need to wait for the economy to churn. If we want a business loan all we have to do is ask. Well, if you ask the right people.  There are specialists out who deal with this issue and really all it takes to get an unsecured business loan is good credit. Being a principal of a company and having good personal credit can get you quick working capital and help establish your business credit. This is an option many small businesses are happily turning toward for their business loans.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Easy Feet The As Seen On TV Foot Scrubber

I have had my Easy Feet Foot Scrubber for nearly a month now and I really like it. But until now I would not say that having it was a necessity. Sure it is fun, a bit luxurious and does a fine job cleaning the foot, but it is not something you cannot live without.

But taking all of the above into account, I feel like I have to amend my feelings a bit. The Easy Feet certainly can become a necessity when you suffer an injury. Last Friday I played weekend warrior and took a hike in central California. I managed to climb over boulders,scale along some cliffs and march through a swollen river before I began to fall onto a cactus. From there is got worse. I ended up falling, sliding and tripping at least a dozen times and by day's end I was a mess.

I managed to wipe off the blood and walk out of the canyon feeling alright but by the following day I felt like a 200 year old man. There were aches and pains in parts of my body I never even new I had. The bumps and bruises were tolerable but both of my knees were bloodied and when they scabbed over it was very hard to bend them. Can you see where I'm going with this?

All of the sudden having the Easy Feet Foot Scrubber in my shower was a miracle. I never realized how tricky it was to clean my feet until I physically couldn't do it. Not only could I not bend down and touch my toes due to the stiffness in my back and hamstrings, I could barely lift my foot an inch off the ground.  There was no way I could give my feet a proper washing even if I had wanted to.  So that fact that I could just slide my foot around in the Easy Feet and let the bristles do their job was one of the most joyful experiences I could have imagined while being in such tremendous pain.

I'm not suggesting that you hurl yourself over a cliff so you can enjoy using your easy feet, but what I am suggesting is that for those who are elderly or handicapped the Easy Feet foot scrubber might make a once impossible struggle in the tub something very simple. Good hygiene is important and as we age keeping our feet clean and healthy is even more important.  Easy Feet helps exfoliate dry and dead skin while providing a thorough cleaning.

As Seen On TV products are famous for their silly ads and over the top claims but the fact remains that if these companies identify a widespread problem and then provide a simple solution at the right price, then they can easily have the next smash hit on their hands. I have a feeling we will be seeing Easy Feet in stores for a long time to come.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Butterball Turkey Fryer Deemed Safe

I am so happy to hear about the Butterball Turkey Fryer being a safe alternative to traditional turkey fryers.  If this is true, then the holidays will become a lot less dangerous.  It turns out that the leading cause of home fires and injury is due to cooking.

Every year we average about 2,000 home fires on Thanksgiving here in the United States.  Also an average of 5 people will die as a result.  Most of these fires happen during prime cooking time and are directly related to preparation of the Thanksgiving Meal.

Nobody knows for sure why this happens each year but it is reasonable to assume that people are not operating in a safe cooking environment and they don't know how to safely operate their appliances.  Add to this all the advertising of turkey fryers and you have a recipe for disaster.  But now the Butterball is here and is safe and very simple to use.

Perhaps the best feature of the Butterball is that is electric.  Propane fryers are responsible for the majority of accidents we see. Because it is electric it can be used indoor and its small size certainly helps.  It uses much less oil than traditional fryers and it cooks in under an hour.

One of the biggest dangers involved with turkey fryers is the propensity for them to spill or splatter oil.  This is especially dangerous when inserting or removing the turkey.  The splatter can cause fire if it comes in contact with the flame and can easily burn human flesh.  However, the butterball avoids this by being completely enclosed and obviously being flameless.

I mentioned the unit is small but I have to point out that it is very sturdy.  It fits perfectly on any kitchen counter because it lays flat on the surface.  Keep in mind that most propane units sit on a base or stand which can collapse under the heavy weight of the hot oil.

Another reason it is safe is due to the maximum temperature control of the oil. Did you know that oil has vapors and these vapors can ignite at 375 degrees.  Having a max temperature control keeps this disaster from happening.  Who knew?

When you think about it there are so many variables which could take a turn for the worse while using a turkey fryer.  In my opinion this is why the Butterball is making such a monumental splash this season.  For any doubters out there, you will be pleased to find out that Consumer Reports did a feature on the Butterball Turkey Fryer and they gave it rave reviews.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Deep Frying Turkeys

Looking to deep fry turkeys this holiday season with our winding up in the emergency room? Check out the butterball turkey fryer! This is the coolest appliance you will own in your kitchen. The butterball turkey fryer is a countertop fryer that is safe and uses less oil than most fryers. This is the hottest product and everyone loves it! Butterball teamed up with Masterbuilt to create a fryer that is safe, easy to use and easy to clean and to top it off it will cook the best tasting turkey you will have every tasted!

Amish Heat Surge Fireplace

The Amish are well known for craftsmanship and they have been producing the Heat Surge Fireplace for years. This is a quality product and will save you money on your electric bill. This heater not only looks great but it is portable so you can take it with you from room to room and only heat the rooms you use. You stay cozy and warm and save money and get the ambiance of a firplace without the smoke or mess. Find out more at Heat Surge!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Butterball Fryer

Butterball Turkey Fryer Get Consumer Reports Nod

So for the couple of weeks I have not been able to turn on the television without seeing the Butterball Turkey Fryer infomercial. Normally, As Seen On TV products come with high hopes but low expectations. And until now that was my approach to this indoor turkey fryer.

I just get wind of the nod given to the butterball by Consumer Reports so all my apprehension was laid to rest. The drawbacks of Turkey Fryers have always related to safety issues. The consumer reports review proves the butterball is safe and the turkey comes out delicious.

There has been some dispute about whether to use a propane fryer or something electric and I'm thinking that electric is the way to go. We constantly hear news stories around the Holidays about how some ding dong burned their house down while trying to fry a turkey. Now not only do we have a safer alternative with the Butterball Turkey Fryer, we actually can use it indoors. Here is the consumer reports video review so you can see more about this electric turkey fryer.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bed Bug Spray

Say goodbye to bed bugs wuth Good Night Bed Bug Spray

60% to 80% of all household allergens are created by dust mites. Last year 20% of hotels in the United States reported bed bug problems. This list includes four and five star rated properties!

A spotless home? Bed Bugs used to be associated with unclean dwellings, NO LONGER TRUE! The population of the little “bloodsuckers” is increasing each year. With drastic increase in travel, your suitcase could be transporting them home. You don't know who stayed at the hotel you were at last week, last month, or last summer!

Don't sleep with the enemy and don't let the bed bugs bite, use GOOD NIGHT! GOOD NIGHT is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Dust mites are in almost every household regardless of cleanliness. Did you know your mattress will double in weight in 10 years, due to the more than 10 million dust mites living there? Regular treatment of your mattress, pillows, bed frame, box spring and surrounding carpet will eliminate this problem and assure you of a deep, GOOD NIGHT sleep.

Thoroughly vacuum the entire room concentrating on the mattress, box spring, headboard, walls, carpet and baseboards. Spray surfaces concentrating on tufts, folds and seams. Allow mattress and pillows to dry before replacing clean bedding. Will not stain water safe fabrics and surfaces. Read the directions on the back of the can for the complete details.

For a restful nights sleep we suggest an ongoing regimen of Sprayway Good Night every time you change your sheets.

Zippies Pals

Zippies are the Pals that Hang Around. The are nifty fun id tags that helps your child recognize their drink, backpack, you name it kids will tag it with zippies. When your kids bottle or drink has their Zippie on it they will know it is theirs and will not drink out of others bottles, great for avoid germs and colds. Check out Zippies the Pals that Hang Around and this limited collection beofre they are gone!

Gyro Bowl 100% Kids Proof Spill Proof Snack Bowl

The gyro bowl may look more like a toy than a bowl. And for you adults it is ok if you want one too! The Gyro Bowl is virtually indestructible made with revolutionary spill-resistant technology. The Gyro Bowl will keep your kids entertained and your living room clean at snack time. With gravity-defying engineering, dry food and snacks stay inside the bowl and off your floor no matter what kind of high-flying fun your kids get into.This is the ulimate snack buddy for kids and great for office supplies such as paperclips and push pins.

Easy Feet Foot Care System

Easy Feet is a NEW revolution foot care solution. Easy feet is like a shoe with over a thousand bristles to massage and clean the top and bottom, with a built-in pumice stone for rough, cracked heels. Just secure it to any shower, tub or wall surface. Easy Feet’s unique design not only cleans your feet, massages and gently exfoliates and eliminates dirt, but also most importantly, cleans in between your toes. So make dry ugly skin a thing of the past; Easy Feet will change the way you bath or shower for years to come. Turn each shower into a foot spa with Easy Feet.

Easy feet is great for senior citizens and those with special needs as there’s no risk of falling and no bending. Easy Feet is perfect for athletes of all ages; to eliminate that foot odor. Don’t get into bed and dirty your sheets when it only takes a minute to use Easy Feet.

This File is a Wonder

I have tried many an As Seen on TV product and I have to say hands down the Wonder File is by far one of the best prodcuts I have ordered. I watched the commercial and I thought I got to get one of these. The wonder file arrived about three weeks after purchase. That was the only bummer. I wish they sold these in stores. I like it so much  I ordered another so with the buy one get one I now have four. One for me, one for our child and one for my house and office. I must say I am addicted to this file. If you are a neat freak like myself you are going to love this contraption. This is not your average file it is a wonder. So if you were on the edge on this one I say go for it you won't regret the purchase. Watch the video it really can do what it shows and the quality of this file is much better than I ever expected.

Butterball Turkey Fryers

I was thrilled to read the following about the Butterball Turkey Fryer. I knew it provided a safer alternative to traditional frying but the fact that Consumer Reports tested it makes me feel a lot better.

Frying a turkey can be potentially dangerous at home. Consumer Reports' says electric turkey fryers are much safer. It tested a new one from Butterball that costs $117. You can use it right on your countertop and it promises "the best turkey you've ever tasted."

To test, Consumer Reports fried about a 12-pound turkey. Forty-eight minutes later out came a nicely browned, juicy turkey. It was definitely faster than roasting. The thighs were a little oily but other than that it was delicious.

And cleanup was a breeze, too. A lid helps prevent spattered oil. And a drain makes it easy to empty out the oil.

Electric fryers, like the Butterball, also come with features that make them safer to use. There's an oil "fill line" so you don't end up spilling a lot of hot oil when you put the turkey in. And a thermostat prevents oil from overheating.

Consumer Reports take on the Butterball Turkey Fryer; it serves up a great tasting turkey quickly and safely.

But there are limits to the Butterball Turkey Fryer. It will only accommodate a turkey up to 14 pounds, which won't serve a huge crowd. So you may need to trim the guest list before you trim the turkey.

Keep in mind that Consumer Reports has no affiliation with this blog in any way. I'm just passing along what they said about the butterball turkey fryer.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer

If you have ever tasted one of these fried turkeys you know what I'm talking about. They are really juicy and just seem to taste better than those birds baked the traditional way.  The problem for me has always been that aside from the danger, turkey fryers seem like a hassle to use. They are big, must be used outdoors and contain a lot of hot oil that ultimately needs to be disposed of.

It seems that by now there should be an easier way to fry a turkey and a convenient turkey fryer that can be used indoors. It turns out that there is and I found out about it very late one night while watching TV. I saw a commercial for the Butterball Turkey Fryer and it looked amazing. The makers of this fryer addressed all the issues which concern us regarding safety and ease of use. I was very apprehensive about ordering one but since there was a ninety day guarantee and it was holiday season, I figured I would give it a whirl.

I did notice on the commercial that the Butterball Turkey Fryer would be shipped via Fedex ground and this is very uncommon among As Seen On TV products. Most say allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery so I was thrilled to see this. Mine arrived in eight days and I was cooking in no time.

What struck me most about this fryer was that it really was as easy to use as was promised in the ad. The instructions were very clear and the process involves little more than putting oil in the fryer, turning it on, adding a turkey and waiting until it is cooked. The most important thing in my estimation is to make sure the turkey is completely thawed before cooking. Not only will a partially frozen turkey alter the cooking time, but ice and oil don't mix. This will cause splatter which can be very dangerous.  The butterball turkey fryer is completely enclosed for safety but it is still wise to make sure your bird is thawed.

Now, this fryer is electric and is heated with an internal heating element which has temperature controls. There is little chance of making a mistake when it comes to heating the turkey and if thawed, it should be fully cooked in about an hour. To me this is remarkable. A fully cooked turkey in an hour!  Further, clean up is a breeze because of the oil drain. I really expected a mess but it managing the oil is not that hard and the few pieces the fryer actually has are simple to wash.

All in all the butterball turkey fryer seems to be a terrific option for anyone who wants to try and fry their turkey this year. I should point out that it can also be used as a steamer or boiler and the instructions to do so are included with the package. I haven't tried anything like that yet but I'm quite sure I will get a lot of use out of the butterball turkey fryer.

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Monday, September 20, 2010



Grill Glove As Seen On TV Reviews

The Grill Glove is the final piece to my ulta tailgating experience. For years I've had to bring along a lot utensils when I head to Gainesville to cheer the mighty Gators and pig out at the swamp.

I'm sure tailgating is pretty much the same at every large college but there is something about being a Gator that keeps me coming back for more. To tell you the truth, I've been known to give my seat away to a worthy fan because although I love the game, I'm more about the tailgating.

That's why I'm so in love with the Grill Glove and I cannot believe I don't see more of them in use. If you don't know, the grill glove is a 100% food grade silicone grilling glove. The thing about it that makes it so special is that it withstands enormous amounts of heat and allows you to reach onto your grill and touch the food without getting burned.

I like the control it gives me over my food because I'm clumsy with my tongs and brushes.  How many times have you dropped a hot dog through the grate or have had trouble turning it for even cooking?  It's not just about placing and removing food but controlling it while it is on the cooking surface without have to use a single utensil.

I know it may seem gross but I smear BBQ sauce on my gloves before I place the chops, chicken, steaks, shrimp and loins on the cooking surface.  I then dip my fingers back in the sauce before I turn or flip. I no longer have to baste and brush, I just grill and have fun.

Let's face it, cooking while tailgating is part of the gig but the conditions are never favorable.  There are tons of people around, chaos, trash talking and a push to get into the game before kickoff. There is little time to set up, clean up and pack up so the grill glove is the perfect all in one accessory.

Since it doesn't burn or melt its integrity remains in tack so you can literally just hose the thing off and its squeaky clean. At home, you can toss it in the dishwasher instead.  Just think of how different that is from those messy pot holders you use for years without ever even thinking of cleaning them.

Now if you are really going to to a little gourmet tailgating you can use the glove while doing boils as well.  If you are doing corn, dogs, red potatoes, crabs or lobster you can just reach into the boiling water to grab your food and hold onto it while you drain it, season it and pass it out. No more hot potato.

I would have killed for a grill glove during my old New Orleans Saints days. Before anyone heard about Who Dat, there were the lovable Aints and boy did we have some great Crawfish Boils before we went into the Dome to watch Bobby Hebert get sacked.  Just being able to reach into a boil to grab a potato, cobb or crawfish without having to shovel out a bunch would have been awesome.

I imagine since the Grill Glove is relatively new that tailgaters around the country will catch on and rid themselves of their cooking tools and just have a couple grill gloves on duty before the game.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Separating Fact From Fushigi

Have you heard about Fushigi: The Magic Gravity Ball? Maybe you’ve seen the two-minute infomercial—the one in which park-goers manipulate acrylic spheres with their hands and repeatedly shout, “Fushigi!” According to pitchman Tim Goewey, “It floats! It levitates! It will confuse the senses with its mind-blowing movements! Young or old, big or small, anyone can Fushigi, from the minute they pick up the magic gravity ball.”
Time for a reality check. The Fushigi instructions refute much of what was said in the infomercial. “ATTENTION,” the printout reads, “FUSHIGI is an amazing ‘skill’ toy, however FUSHIGI will not float on its own ... For Ages 12 & Up ... To eliminate any risk of injury to your eyes, NEVER use your Fushigi outdoors.” So, for those of you keeping score, the Fushigi doesn’t really float, it’s not really fit for young children, and you’re not actually supposed to bring it outside.
That said, I really like my Fushigi (just not the Fushigi infomercial). At $20, the Fushigi Ball (and accompanying instructional DVD) is a pretty good deal. It truly is the ultimate conversation starter. If you pull out a Fushigi, people are going to ask you about it—regardless of your skill level. Think of the Fushigi as the adult version of those Twirly Worms you see at the mall kiosks—you know, the googly eyed pipe cleaners on invisible thread being passed off as “magic pets.” Like the Twirly Worms, the Fushigi isn’t as easy as it looks. But if you’re wiling to put in the work—and you probably aren’t—you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a sense of confusing, mind-blowing fun.  source Rick Lax

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ba'Noodle As Seen On TV Chip Clip

Here is an idea, finally some chip clips that actually work and they are called Ba'Noodle. Now I now the name is a little hard to remember and maybe they should have just went with bag noodle, but these chip clips are out of this world.
Every once in a while a new infomercial product comes out without a lot fanfare but slowly begins to get noticed. This product has actually been on the market a few months but it was not until Anthony Sullivan of Pitchmen slapped his new Sully Seal Of Approval on the side and filmed a commercial that this thing really started to take off.
For those interested in Pitchmen or Direct Response in general, it seems that Anthony Sullivan has put his weight behind a select group of products and is marketing them partly through his new As Seen On TV Sully Store. Not a bad way to go considered the Sully Seal of Approval acts much like a trust badge which consumers like to see on web sites before they buy products. It gives the consumer a sense of trust knowing that the company they are ordering from is not some shady operation and if there are any issues, then there will be someone to contact to help resolve it.  At the Sully Store there is contact information for the company and this Pitchmen is not exactly hiding under a rock so perhaps the idea of putting his endorsement out in front of a group of products will help them sell better.
Regardless, the Ba'Noodle Chip Clips are now out there and they seem to be selling well. They do solve the common shortcomings of the standard Chip Clips and drastically improve upon their efficiency.  Most of us felt the old clips were ingenious and our problems were solved, but they are not as air tight as we would like to think. Further, if you test their strength by turning a heavy bag of dog food over, you will quickly see one glaring limitation immediately.  The true test is to fill up a supposedly air tight bag with water, clip it, then turn it over. Chances are it will leak and if it isn't water tight, it is not air tight either.
In a lot of cases whether or not you can seal your food in an air tight container is not a huge deal, but when it does matter for items that can spoil easily, attract bugs or even spread germs, you definitely are better off with something like Ba'noodles.
All you have to do is roll them down any bag and bend the sides to create air tight storage that will keep food fresher longer.  Some people are hesitant to order infomercial products because of the reputation of deceptive ordering practices but in this case the process is pretty straightforward. Considering you cannot find Ba'Noodles in stores just yet it would be a good idea to understand just how much you will pay if you take advantage of the Buy One Get One Free telephone order.
The price is $10 plus $4.95 shipping and handling but the free set also has a $4.95 S&H charge. In total you will pay $19.90 for twenty Ba'noodle chip clips and that really is not a bad deal. Twenty should should be more than enough considering they are durable, dishwasher safe and completely reusable.
Look out for Ba'Noodles in stores sometime soon because I have a felling these things are going to be selling well for a long time coming.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Rx Locker Seen On Pitchmen

Recently I poked a little fun at the Rx Locker being featured on Episode 3 of Pitchmen. Perhaps I shouldn't have because this product deals with a very serious issue. Drug Abuse. Now, I jumped on this thing as I do with all As Seen On TV products because that's what I do and let's face it, most infomercials are a bit silly.
My angle was more aimed at Pitchman Anthony Sullivan and his style, but for the show this is also a serious issue. Sullivan lost his business partner Billy Mays last year due in part to Cocaine use and Sully has gone out of his way to bring attention to the issue using the popularity of the Pitchmen Series. I applaud him for that and will leave the lampooning to more deserving product because everyone should at least be aware of the Rx Locker.
The Rx Locker is a tiny strong box with a secret combination lock that is big enough to hold several prescription pill bottles and send a strong message that the contents inside are no joke.  Once I published my article on Rx Locker, the inventor Kevin Alan took the time to respond with some very constructive criticism and I will publish it here so everyone can read it and understand that Rx Locker is in demand by both the Direct Response, Retail and Pharmacy industries. This thing is going to be a huge help to parents.
Email I Received From Rx Locker
I'd like to introduce myself, I am Kevin Alan the inventor of the Rx Locker and I want to thank you for featuring Rx Locker on your Hub page. I noticed you have some information on your site that is slightly incorrect. I will mention to you the issues and I would appreciate if you would correct them. Please feel free to use these details in a revision of your article.
#1. Rx Locker is currently for sale in 7,800 Walgreens stores, over 4,200 CVS Stores and select Bed Bath and Beyond stores, as well as many regional pharmacies across the country. It is selling very well in those stores. We have 40’ containers full coming in every month.
#2. Rx Locker isn’t easy to break into by hand at all, send me your address and I’ll send you a sample to try for yourself!
#3. Dr. Drew says “Addicts will always find a way to get drugs.” Only a kid that is addicted to drugs is going to break an Rx Locker (or any lock box) because they know they will get caught. If they can’t break into it they will just go to the neighbor’s house or their friends houses etc. The Rx Locker is not impenetrable and that is it’s best design feature. Once it’s broken you know there is a problem and you can get your kid help because you know they need it. If they want to get in but they can’t, you still have a problem you just don’t know it…
#4. Dr. Drew has treated thousands of people with addictions and HE says that the Rx Locker is the best product. Why?? Because it is affordable for everyone, provides a deterrent and is a early warning system… More people trust Dr Drew and after becoming good friends with him over the last months I know I do!
Kevin Alan
Locker Brand Inc.
So you see, while it's fun to make fun, there are some infomercial products out there that are really designed to save lives. But, don't think humor is lost on Alan, wait til his episode of Pitchmen airs and find out what a lock, an 800lb Grizzly Bear and a cupcake have in common. And no, it's not to get to the other side, it's the Fridge Locker,but you'll have to wait on this one. Trust me, it's worth it.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cricut Expression Cutting Machine

The Cricut Expression is an absolute life saver for me, because I got so tired of searching through the pile of tools in my office and never finding the right tools for my scrap booking projects. I know I sound like a complainer but this is a serious issue for me. In fact this happens very often, especially for secretaries, school teachers, principles, housewives, artists and those who have to use their imagination most of the time to portray something in and for their business. You could spend hours going from one crafts store to the next trying to find the right kind of materials; an exact-knife, stencils, colored paper, markers, etc, and spend even more hours working on that one simple bulletin board. But in modern times we need something better, more practical, handy, and portable that can do a better job for us in a fraction of the time it would take us to do it. This is where cricut expression comes in the picture.

It is handy and quite portable in case you don't have enough space on your desk. It replaces some basic office tools and does the job for you. It is a personal cutting system which will greatly increase your productivity. It has options for thousands of designs that you can cut into many sorts of paper, card stock, plastic, chip board and vinyl in many densities, from a very intricate and small design to a large 23 ½" design with precision. This machine is also smart and will use every single extra scrap without ever going off the edge of the paper. You can create greeting cards, bulletin boards, etch on glass, design and add a personal taste to the décor of your home. Create a wonderful personalized photo album for your family, and add a touch of you to your surroundings with this wonderful office tool. cricut expression is a great little machine to have at home as well, to decorate your children's room, make an anniversary present, a birthday card and gift, and label your cook ware, cabinets and shelves.

In scrapbooking and art cricut expression is the ideal tool and almost a must-have, it increases your speed at finishing a long desired project even better than what you had imagined. It is a fun way to spend time with your kids and help them increase their creativity and skills. They could create their next science expose, a father's day card, create invitations to your next party, a personal home calendar, a yard sale sign, a welcome-home banner or even cut out fabric to decorate quilts and other home accessories.

Right now there is a trial offer for the cricut expression which makes this a great time to test it out. you n. With this trial you receive for free a set of DVD's on how to create your own designs, two rolls of transfer tape, a 12" x 12" cutting mat and more. By taking advantage of the trial offer, there are some bonuses which include a free Deep-Cut Blade which is really cool and allows you to create even more great stuff so I encourage any serious crafter to look into this thing. The projects you can create with the Cricut Expression are mindblowing.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cold Fire Extinguisher As Seen On TV Commercial

When I first saw Cold Fire on Pitchmen I was pretty blown away.  This product certainly had the wow power to be an As Seen On TV hit, but then I began to think about how much I needed one of these, or two actually. Fire preparedness has not been something on my mind, but it certainly is now.  Take a look at the Cold Fire commercial and you will see what I'm talking about.

Cold Fire Extinguisher On Pitchmen

Cold Fire Extinguishers are a definitely the hot new As Seen On TV product of the year but I've noticed a little trend here.  The series Pitchmen premiered with Anthony Sullivan lighting himself on fire to prove the value of his latest and greatest product.  But, this isn't the first time things get heated for Sullivan.

A few months back I recall Anthony Sullivan pitching a pretty neat product called the Grill Glove which is a fire proof glove used while you are grilling. It allows you to reach onto the grill and remove, turn or flip food without getting burned or needing tongs. It really is a cleaver idea and we will hear more about it during grilling seasons.  The thing that surprised me was Sullivan's willingness to reach in to the fire to test it out. I didn't expect that from him and was rather impressed.

So Sullivan stepped it up a notch on Pitchmen when an inventor presented a non toxic, biodegradable flame retardant in a can. Sounds like a fire extinguisher right? Well it wasn't but it made Sullivan nervous. The inventor wanted to demonstrate by applying the Cold Fire liquid to his arm and putting a blow torch to it.  Sully was taken back and hesitant enough to call for a real fire extinguisher to be on call.  The stunt was pulled off without a hitch and Sullivan was inspired to give it a whirl. I knew immediately Cold Fire Extinguisher was gonna be a hit!

For the infomercial Anthony Sullivan donned a fire suit and set himself ablaze to show the world the power of Cold Fire.  It was a great stunt and satisfied Rule 1 of direct response marketing, the Wow Factor.  Even though there are bold disclaimers about trying this at home, I know what's coming.  Teenagers, morons and fools are going to buy Cold Fire and put it to the test.  I hope it works or there are going to be lines at the Emergency Room door.

Overall, the season Premiere of Pitchmen was great and they really didn't miss a beat without Billy Mays. I think it is safe to say that we are in for a whole slew of silly As Seen On TV products this year, but a few like Cold Fire Extinguishers are life savers.

Find out more about the Cold Fire Extinguishers or Read about Cold Fire and find out what others are saying.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Style Snaps

I'm pretty happy to see Style Snaps hit the market because I think they are a pretty brilliant idea. It is more or less an instant hemming machine without the machine. What I do not like is that they are being sold as an As Seen On TV product which a lot of people think leads to deceptive sales tactics.
But let us focus on what Style Snaps do before we jump to any conclusions about their marketing campaigns. Like most Seen On TV products, these also provide an easy fix for a common problem that we might not even be aware we have. However, in this case, I'm very aware of the problem I have with hemming pants and skirts and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.
The idea here is that you can stick these snaps inside of your garments and clip them together instantly forming a hem. It allows you to shorten pant lengths to fit the height of any shoe which hasn't been done well in the past. I can't think of a single product which can provide a temporary hem that only takes a few seconds to do.
There are a few drawbacks and the first is that it is not so easy to line these things up correctly. It will take a little practice before you get the hang of it but since they are reusable, there isn't really any damage when you pull them on and off trying to move them around on the garment.
The other problem, at least for me, is that although you they are correct when they say you can hem anything, the instant alteration does not look that great. I like that nice stitched denim hem in my jeans and you cannot get that with this product. So it does the job but doesn't look professional.
But, other than that, and the tricky as seen on TV ordering process, these things are pretty good and you get a bunch of them in the package. Just as with the perfect fit button, some people will love them and some will hate them but they definitely deliver on the promises made in the ad.
Read More About Style Snaps or check out all the different uses for Style Snaps

Friday, July 30, 2010

I Want It : The Fushigi Gravity Ball

Everyone is talking about this new As Seen On TV fushigi ball.  The ads are amazing and they show what looks like a magic ball floating in the air.  But, it is not really magic.  It is more of a mix between a trick and an illusion.

I had to see the ad a few times before I could finally remember the name but while researching online for information I realized this was just standard contact juggling.  I managed to find similar products for sale everywhere but couldn't seem to find a retailer selling this Fushigi Gravity Ball.  People have been doing contact juggling since the 1980's but there has never been a toy marketed to teach the basics.  The current popularity of Fushigi will quickly change this and we will see a ton of new contact jugglers.

After some exhaustive searches into contact juggling I finally found a place to order my Fushigi ball and waited with baited breadth until it arrived.  The DVD it comes with explains and demonstrates a lot of the basics so it is definitely worth watching.  What I noticed right off the bat was that there wasn't anything magical about Fushigi.  You can perform the movements with any ball it just looks a bit cooler done with this the Fushigi.  I'm happy I have the fushigi ball because everything looks more like a performance art than it does with a softball.

I would say at this point that learning the basics of contact juggling is not hard, but requires a ton of patience and a lot of practice.  The people we see in the commercial are definitely experts and have had to have been juggling for a long time.  But learning fushigi is entirely possible and picking up the basics is achievable for anyone.

I have yet to meet anyone who has seen the Fushig and not fallen completely in love with it.  It is amazing to see it in action and the reactions of people are priceless.  It captures the imagination of young and old alike whether you are performing or just watching.  I expect to see a run on this product and by Christmas it will the most popular toy on the market.

But, as of now, you can only order the fushigi online.  There are absolutely no stores which carry this thing.  So, if you choose to order keep the following in mind.  This is an As Seen On TV product and it will have a shipping charge.  Be careful when you are filling out the order form and make sure to opt out of any bonus items or up sells.  If you pay attention to what you are doing your purchase should be pretty straight forward.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grill Cleaners As Seen On TV

The Grill Daddy Grill Cleaners are definitely making this summer fun. I first used this grill cleaner over the Memorial Day Weekend and I have to be honest, when I first saw the Grill Daddy, I thought it was a joke.

How could this grill cleaner work so well? There was not much to it at all and it felt cheap and flimsy so I was shocked when it actually cleaned the grill. I shouldn't have doubted but come on, it was an As Seen On TV cooking product and I've been through the ringer before so even though I had very high hopes, I maintained very low expectations. Who'd have thought this one would be a winner. As an As Seen On TV junkie, I should know how to pick them by know.

So for anyone who does not know what Grill Daddy is, it is simply a grill cleaner tool which cleans down the grill after you cook. Just think of it as a brush that actually gets the crud off the grill and will keep the cooking surface looking great for the next time.

My situation was a little unique in that I got the Grill Daddy before I used my grill for the first time. We just had the back yard redone and put in the mega grill with all the bells and whistles. I was almost embarrassed to buy the Grill Glove in the As Seen On TV box and not some fancy overpriced accessory but I pulled the trigger on the purchase and I'm glad I did. (read more about Grill Daddy Grill Cleaners )

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Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball

So I saw this fushigi gravity ball on television and was completely blown away. This is the coolest toy I've ever seen and even though I'm an adult, I'm dying to have one. I began to research online because for the life of me I could not remember the name.

It turns out that this is not some new invention it is called contact juggling and there are a ton of videos on youtube showing you how to do it. I noticed that the balls are mostly made from acrylic and they run between $50 and $75.  But this new fushigi ball is a lot cheaper. It is only $19.95 plus shipping which is about $7 so it is well worth getting this one if you want to learn.

I'm not sure how easy it is to learn this stuff and of course the commercial says it's a breeze but people do say that the fushigi is ideal for beginners. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting one of these and this is definitely going to be the next big fad in toys.  People are captivated by the Fushigi gravity ball and I fully understand why. The illusions are spectacular and it seems like you are witnessing some magic, but it's only physics and slight of hand stuff. This is perfect for magicians, jugglers, kids, parents and everyone. So search the videos online and see what all the fuss is about. Fushigi is totally cool.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Natural Solution For Hair Loss Sufferers

Hair Loss Natural Remedies

People are always wanting to learn about new Hair Loss Natural Remedies, especially if they work. Unfortunately, there are only three drugs and hair transplants known to work and even these have their drawbacks.

Hair loss drugs only serve to slow down the progression of hair loss and there is little evidence that they actually can grow hair.  The Hair surgeries are nearly 100% effective but they only create an illusion of a full head of hear. Brilliant as they are, they are merely a cosmetic cover up.  The human head has about 100,000 hairs and about 60,000 on the top, front and crown. As we lose this hair there is no way to replace it hair for hair. Perhaps in the future techniques such as hair multiplication might provide the solution for such a problem but like so many hair loss remedies, this option is still years down the road.

So if we are looking to stop the progress of our thinning hair,what can we do? Presently, there is no known cure but there are treatments which can help put you in the best possible position to maintain, possibly regrow your hair.  The information I provide here will be helpful.

Luckily, I have effectively managed to dramatically slow down my hair loss and keep myself from balding. I use several different methods and in my opinion they all help. As a collective these things really do the trick but honestly I have no idea which my methods are actually working best for me because I refuse to break my regiment just to test to. So there will be more things to try than just what I'm referring to here and those are for later articles. Right now we are going to focus on a Hair Loss Natural remedy involving equol production.

Equol has been proven over the years to help reduce DHT, a major contributor to male pattern baldness, in the blood stream. To make a long story short, it turns out that high soy consumption help produce equol in people who are not natural equol producers and in turn help lower the DHT present in the bloodstream.  This has tremendous benefits in the battle of hair loss.

Just increasing soy is not enough. Taken in conjunction with some other natural ingredients the effect of soy as an equol producer is greatly enhanced. In fact, several studies on this exact subject have turned in great results regarding hair loss when Soy is combined with Green Tea and very specific Pro-Biotics.

This is great news for hair loss sufferers but what does it really mean. Is there a new natural hair loss remedy on the market? Well yes and no. There are companies making products which mimic these studies but you can easily buy your own vitamins and supplements and combine to put yourself in the best position to increase your equol and lower DHT.

Here is my exact regiment in order so you can try it if you want to. You can find the general ingredients in a health food or vitamin store but it is hard to find the brand I like all in the same place so I prefer to buy online to save money off of retail and get exactly what I want. I will give you ordering instructions in case you want to save 25% off the retail try and get an additional $5 off your first purchase from this online Vitamin Shoppe.

Equol Producing Natural Hair Loss Remedy

  1. 1 LifeExtensions Sea Iodine Capsule
  2. 1 LifeExtensions Mega Green Tea Capsule
  3. 1 LifeExtenions Soy Isoflavones Capsule
  4. 2 LifeExtensions Enhanced Digestive Enzymes with Pro-biotics

Although not mentioned in the study, there is some evidence that the capsaicin present in cayenne pepper enhances the positive effects soy has on hair growth.  As a result, I include 1 Cayenne Pepper pill with the regiment above.

Get $5 Off This Hair Loss Remedy

As I stated before there is an easy and convenient way to get the above regiment. We all want to get these in our hot little hands as soon as we hear about them but like I said, it's not always easy to find all the ingredients in one store. Where I live it is hard to find a place that carries a full line of LifeExtensions products which is what I prefer.

So I order online and the full regiment costs me only $66 as opposed to $78 retail. Shipping is very cheap(something like $3) and it always comes in under 5 business day. I order from Iherb. In fact Iherb has just about every vitamin and supplement under the sun. I order my vitamin C, fish oil and essential oils too.

Simply Go to Iherb and search the name of the products above and you will find them cheaper than in any store. To get $5 of your first order just use the Coupon Code : LAT159

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Wonder File

Wonder File - Desktop Filing Organizer
Introducing Wonder File, the ingenious filing organizer that converts any space into a neatly organized workplace. This clear, four-corner filing system organizes important documents where you can easily see and find them at your convenience. Store your files, pads and folders in the large center pocket…even a laptop computer will fit right in there. The Wonder File’s smooth writing surface gives you the ability to get work done neatly, quickly and efficiently with everything at your fingertips. The concealed zippered pocket can hide and protect all your important documents from prying eyes.

But…best of all…when you’re done, just conveniently store your work and Wonder File folds right up into an easily portable size. Take it anywhere to create a convenient workspace anytime it’s necessary! Or, store it in a drawer for convenient access as you need it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ab Circle Pro Counterfeiters Busted

A Ringing Endorsement For The Ab Circle Pro

Everyone has heard of the Ab Circle Pro but is it really any good? The say that imitation is sincerest form of flattery so in this case the answer should be an astounding yes.

It turns out there are a lot of gray market and knock off products out there but did you ever expect to find out that the Ab Circle Pro is being counterfeited. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen the news reports myself. But this was a real story and the it is considered a pretty serious crime. Here are the details.

Two people, Genevieve Rullan and Chunchai Yu, pleaded guilty to the crime and are going to be sentenced for the crime of counterfeit Ab Circle Pro Machines. The manufacturer of the real Ab Circle Pro is very happy about this because not only are they hurt financially by the knock offs hitting the market, but they are concerned that consumers will not get what they pay for and be stuck with an inferior, or even unsafe product.

They have a point I'm afraid. I've never really thought to much about a fake Gucci handbag causing real harm, but shoddy exercise equipment which wouldn't be backed up by the manufacturer could cause serious injury.  There really would be no way to tell if they were constructed properly or made from the materials needed to support people's weight or if the fake product would even last.

Counterfeit merchandise is an enormous problem worldwide for brands and those who work hard to supply and ship products. The U.S. Government, in cooperation with other governments and companies has gone to great lengths to try and end this practice but as long as there is demand for these products, the counterfeiters will be looking to cash in.

So in a weird way, the fact that these people are targeting the Ab Circle Pro must mean that the real product is pretty good. Well, at least it proves that a lot of people are buying them or want to buy them in the future.  The best way to make sure you get the real Ab Circle Pro is to buy it from a reputable outlet. You won't see the real ones on some street corner or in the back of a van. Check out the vendor and look for reviews about their business.

You can find the real Ab Circle Pro at the As Seen On TV Store on Amazing Products.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bark Off Really Seems To Work

Bark Off is the latest dog silencer to hit the market and being an As Seen On TV product has gotten it a lot of buzz. Ever since the commercial hit the scene there has been a lot of controversy about the product and many want to know, Does Bark Off Work.

Many want to try it out because there are times when a barking dog either in the distance or in your own home can be a little too much to handle. Well, if you have ever wished you could flip a switch and make it stop now is your chance.

But before your buy bark off, Troy Barrett of KIMATV puts it to the test. So, is this dog silencer going to work? Let's see.

Now the test took place with a local radio talk show host named Jeff Phillips from 610 KONA-AM so this is not some salesman trying to tell you that the product works. It is real person who let's assume can be trusted.

Phillips was eager to try it out ever since he heard about bark off being talked about on the radio. His problem was that he had some neighborhood dogs that barked and he too owns dogs that bark. Not a rare problem by any stretch.

So Philips gave permission to try it out on his dogs to see what would happen. Here's how it went. Barrett stood on the other side of Philip's fence and the two dogs started barking and were very excited. Barrett turned on the Bark Off and after a couple of barks, the dogs left the scene. This was pretty impressive. They pretty much quieted down and backed away.

He tried it again with the same results. This time the neighbor's dogs even quieted down. Barrett tried it one more time with the dogs separated to make sure the dogs were not just reacting to each other and he had success again.

The results pleasantly surprised Philips because he said his dog Coco was a persistent barker and this was helpful. With Philips input and feedback, Barrett and the Will It Work crew from KIAMTV gave the bark off device a thumbs up and recommended it as a buy.

This is great news for the folks suffering from annoying dog barking and the solution is inexpensive. The bark off device runs only about $10.

To learn more on how to stop dog barking or check out Bark Off in action.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Wonder Woman Should Have Used Bark Off

Wonder Woman Needs Bark Off

I wondered how long this would take until we got our first major dog barking court case after the advent of the Bark Off Dog Silencer. It really didn't take long.

It's pretty funny that with all her Super Powers Wonder Woman herself, Linda Carter, couldn't keep her dog quiet. I don't mean to make fun of the situation but it is great example of how dog barking and the annoyances it causes can escalate and wind up in a courtroom.

Carter has denied a charge from her neighbors that she allowed her dog's barking to disturb her neighbors in her Maryland community. But a judge from Montgomery County District Court found Lind Carter not guilty of the infraction.

Her neighbor though, the annoyed Chrissellene Petropoulos said she was disturbed all hours by Wonder Woman's Lab who wouldn't stop barking. She claims to have sent emails to no avail so wound up calling animal services.

'Wonder Woman' actress beats barking dog charge

By KATHLEEN MILLER (AP) – 1 day ago

WASHINGTON — The actress who played Wonder Woman on TV in the 1970s has deflected a charge that she allowed her dog's barking to disturb neighbors in an upscale Maryland community outside Washington. A Montgomery County District Court judge found Lynda Carter Altman not guilty last week of the municipal infraction.

Neighbor Chrissellene Petropoulos says she was disturbed at all hours by barking from Altman's Labrador retriever. Petropoulos said she tried calling and e-mailing Altman to ask her to bring her dog inside, and eventually called animal services.

The case was eventually dismissed because there was know hard proof that there was any wrong doing. It was a "he barked, she said" type of case.

We all no Wonder Woman has super powers and if a dog is bothering her she can just get into her invisible jet and fly away, but as a super nothing I can relate to Petropoulos and I feel for her.  You don't start writing emails and ending up in court unless you can't find a way to stop dog barking. If it was minor, it probably would have been no big deal. So suspect this dog got her every last nerve as it would a lot of people who have to love next door to other super heroes like Batman, Spiderman or Kobe Bryant.

So whats the solution when the Judge is obviously on the take? Well, consider a dog silencer like Bark Off.  This type of dog silencer is a small battery operated ultrasonic device which releases a signal when it picks up dog barking.  The ultrasonic signal serves to interrupt the dog's barking pattern and quiet them down.

Bark Off only costs $10 and though it only has a range of 30 feet it does work indoors or out. Perhaps Petropoulos can get a few, flip the switch and place it right by the property fence and keep that teach that Lab a lesson.

Good luck Crisselleen.

Read More about dog silencers or see Bark Off in Action

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Does Bark Off Work : A Bark Off Review

Does Bark Off Work?

Here's something you don't see every day. An as seen on TV product which gets a customer that's stellar. I love bark off and apparently I'm not the only one. We know it might not work for every dog, but those whose dogs react to the ultrasonic signal love the results. Here is the review in its entirety and to find visit this site for those who want to know does bark off work.

Unlike me, most people don’t have twenty-one dogs running around on their property but like me, most people who own dogs know how obnoxious loud barking can be. At first we would try using spray bottles but if we became absent minded and left the bottle(s) where the dogs could reach, that would be the end of the bottle(s). Aside from yelling or shushing them, there really wasn’t anything we thought we could do about it. We eventually just let them be and became used to it. Except when guests came over, the volume of their barking seemed to go up many notches. It is very embarrassing when you have to practically yell at your house guest just to hear what they’re saying for the first five to ten minutes of their visit.

The first time I saw a Bark Off commercial, I was sitting around watching late night television with my best friend. When the commercial was almost over her said, “What do you think of that?” I laughed and replied, “I don’t know…I doubt it really works.” He laughed with me and added, “For ten dollars? It sure as hell isn’t going to work.”

It wasn’t hard to put the commercial into the back of my mind and practically forget about it. About a week ago while I was shopping with my mom, she stopped to look at a display that had only As Seen on TV items. After browsing for a while, she came upon Bark Off and she exclaimed, “Hey! Do you think this will work?” I just shrugged but said she could get it if she wanted.

We ended up at my grandma’s house and instantly decided to try it on her dogs since we were there. Of course we had to wait for them to bark but that wasn’t too hard, they bark at anybody and everybody who walks by the house. We turned it on and immediately they went quiet. Two of them decided to go for a couple test barks. After the first bark, they paused to listen for the noise they had heard. Then they barked again and then paused to listen once more. That’s all it took for them to remain quiet for a few hours. Later when they forgot about it and got excited over someone jogging down the street, we turned it on again. Once again they immediately stopped barking to try to find the high frequency that rang out. This time they didn’t test it, they just silently watched the guy go past that house.

When we got home and greeted our twenty-one dogs, we were of course very excited and nervous about trying it out. After all, our logic tells us that even though dogs’ ears are very sensitive they couldn’t possibly hear the Bark Off when ALL of them are barking at once. To our amazement, when the opportunity struck, it completely worked.

Bark Off is definitely a product worth buying. Especially since the price is so affordable right now.

Rating: 10 (SA Johnson

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do Dog Silencers Really Work ?

I had never really thought about using a dog silencer before. In fact I never even knew such a thing existed. I only wished I could stop my neighbor's dog from ruining my life. Well, the night part anyway. So as I was reading some Pet magazine in the checkout line of my local pet superstore, I came across and article filled with solutions. I'll admit right now that I didn't buy the magazine, but I my interest was peaked and I began to research a way to stop dog barking online.

For the most part my own dog is relatively well behaved and doesn't bark a whole lot. Only, when company comes or the kids get him riled up but my neighbor's dog is a different story. She's a great dog but my bedroom window happens to be very close to my property line and seems even closer to the neighbors patio where the dog roams late at night. I know dog barking is instinctual but getting a break once in awhile would be incredible.

Most dog barking stems from a desire to communicate. We have all heard the heroic stories of dogs saving people by alerting them to danger or trouble and we surely don't want to stifle that behavior so what is the best approach?

The first thing we thing of as a dog silencer is the good old shock collar. I'm not a fan of this at all because not only is a bit inhumane, it's based on negative reinforcement and that can't be good for aggressive dogs. The collars deliver an electrical pulse when the owner deems it necessary and hopefully the dog will learn to associate the little blast with the unwanted behavior. It may work, but keep in mind that your isn't going to like it.

Next is the dog whistle. These things are pretty popular for all types of training. The frequency of the whistle annoy the dog enough to pay attention to the trainer and hopefully over time will learn to associate the sound with the command to stop the behavior. This is great but training can be tough and what about the neighbor's dog that I can't train?

This leads me to training in general. There are lots of successful training methods and several different ways to teach commands to your dog. One of the most popular is hand signals. It might take a while with this type of training as well, but judging by its popularity on all the television shows it probably works. But again, we are talking about time, most likely some significant money for classes and of course what about dogs that are not our own.

So the solution may just be these ultrasonic dog silencers we are starting to see advertised on late night television. There are many different brands and technologies floating around but the ones that interest me are the ones that you just switch on and your dog stops barking.

In a perfect world they would work as follows. Switch on the device and when your dog barks some type of ultrasonic wave is emitted which makes the dog stop barking. End of story. But the reason why it works is actually pretty clever. The theory is that the dog, while barking, is focused on some stimulus and if their attention can be diverted away, they will forget about it and the barking will stop. This seems plausible to me but does it work.

The jury is still out on these devices mainly because each dog is different. Some are passive, some aggressive, some vocal, some just plain uncontrollable so the best advice is to try. There are devices out there which sell for around $100 and there are both good and bad reviews on them. Others, like bark off, sell for just $10 so testing it out on your dog will require no significant investment.

In my case the bark off works great on my dog, which was never really the problem, but doesn't seem to affect my neighbor's dog. I suspect that the dog wanders in and out of range and the fact that the bark off is by my bed inside my house might have a lot to do with it.

So the good news for those suffering from annoying dog barking is that there are several methods to try and control it. If you don't have time to train your dog or don't have access to the neighbor's dog, you may want to try some type of dog silencer.

Get more information about a dog silencer dog silencer or how to stop dog barking stop dog barking in general.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

New Cricut Expression Lite Cartridges

Everyone who has one knows the Cricut Expression provides endless creative ideas, but sometimes you don't even need any internal inspiration to discover whole new areas of creative interest. Perhaps the most spectacular thing about using the Cricut Expression is the seemingly endless supply of fresh new cartridges.

Have you ever gotten lost looking through these things? It's incredible. I've spent hours online going through these things and they just keep coming. It's definitely not a bad way to spend an afternoon or evening, but the hard part is figuring out the ones you want for your own.

So here's the bad news. More cartridges are just around the corner and they are really cool, so choosing isn't going to get much easier.  The new cartridges have a pretty dynamic range. In fact, by the time you read this most of these cartridges will be in stores. I believe they are $39 each so you have to really look through them to see exactly what you want but each one is going to be loaded.

Oh, one thing that's so exciting about this new release is that these cartridges are "lites". These are referred to as lights because they have 50 images and the layers for those images, but not all the extra feature keys So no photo corners, card features, etc. But for me this is fine.

Here are the names of the new cricut expression cartridges to be on the look out for and what kind they are :

Meow -About cats
Billionaire -a font
Dude! -extreme sports
Slumber Party -teenish trendy stuff
Celebrate with Flourish -some things for holidays/seasons
Live Simply -animals
Feeling Groovy -a font
Cupcake Wrappers
Sugar & Spice -toddler and baby stuff
B is for Boy -toddler and baby stuff
Handy Man  -tools and home improvement stuff
Carousel -circus and amusement park shapes
Varsity letters -a font
Cherry Limeade -a font
Bloom -flowers
Splish Splash -bath time and beachy themed
Hoot n Holler -owls
Savory -food
Lacy Labels -decorative shapes
Wildlife -wild animal silhouettes
Block Party - For Grillin & Chillin
Botanicals Chore Chart (My Favorite)
Lovely Floral -Flowers

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Is Ab Circle Pro Worth The Money ?

Let's start at the beginning here. I saw a person online asking if the Ab Circle Pro could support their weight of 215 lbs. I think the Ab Circle Pro can support that initial weight, but I cannot not be sure. However, the new version of the machine called the Mini Circle definitely can. I have a friend who is 260 and says his mini is sturdy. I would say the Pro probably can support the weight but I'm not positive.

Is it any good?

Both machines are good if you use them and are diligent about using them. They provide a nice little cardio workout which is great for weight loss and will strengthen your abs and tone them. Keep in mind that ab workouts won't drop fat around your mid section. They serve to strengthen and tone the muscles in that area and the energy you expend during those workouts will serve to burn some calories over the entire body. To date I doubt they have come up with a way to spot reduce fat. So in conjunction with using these machines it is important, and the manufacturers even suggest, to have a sensible diet.

Does It Hurt?

That's a relative question. It does not cause physical pain to use the machine. It's very simple to use and actually provides a way to do very easy movements which will target your abs. When compared to the stress your body goes through when getting down to do a sit up or a crunch, the Ab Circle Pro is a breeze. The pain may come when you feel the burn associated with working your core muscles. That's the good pain. But if you take it easy and work into the 3 minutes workout you should be fine. Working muscles you haven't worked in a long time will definitely be felt. If you have reasonable flexibility the only place you should feel the pain, if any, is in your abs. But, these machines have alternate positioning allowing you to work the thighs and buttocks and even arms so it provides more than just an ab/cardio workout.

When do you start noticing a difference?

This depends on what difference you are looking for. After a minute on the machine you will be feeling the stretching of the core muscles and the cardio workout kicking in. If your diligent with your workouts, it is reasonable to assume you can see differences in 3 to 4 weeks. But, you will immediately start feeling a difference in your body. Strong abs alleviate a lot of stress other places in the body. For example, it does wonders for your posture and can really help with lower back pain. The core is really important to keep strong.

Is it worth the money?

Again these is a relative question.The ab circle pro runs $199 and the Mini Circle is $119 right now so the Mini is the best value and the bugs people had reported in the original Ab Circle Pro have been addressed in the new version. If you intend to use the machine, perhaps in front of the TV, it will be worth it, especially if you don't have a gym membership or are one of those people who don't want to work out in front of others.

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