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Crazy Critters Reviews

I'm thrilled with my crazy critters. Well, I mean my dog is. This is one of the best as seen on TV products to come around in awhile. It's just getting out there so I'm so glad I one before it got really hot. Now I know what you are thinking about all the junk we see advertised on TV but some of the stuff has to be good or they wouldn't keep pounding us with infomercials.

I know, and I'm pretty sure the As Seen On TV guys know, that we all have a soft spot for our pets and want to make them happy. I'm not sure exactly what year it was when dog's were emancipated and given equal rights as humans but their efforts have paid off and they are definitely first class citizens. My dog actually has better health insurance than I do! But, before you laugh at me I must say that my dog only has one eye and this remaining eye is in bad shape so it made sense for me to get an insurance policy for him that gets him free vet visits and eye cleanings. I would feel terrible if he lost the eye because I didn't know how to take care of it.

Now my cat, he gets the mobile vet for his shots and if he gets sick, he just lays there until he gets better. I might buy all the as seen on TV stuff, but I wasn't born yesterday. But I digress. So my spoiled little dog is probably only treated so well because I feel so bad for the little guy. But, I see other people carrying their dogs in purses, dining with them in fancy restaurants in Los Angeles, and dressing them in outrageous couture so there is a market for neat pet toys and Crazy Critters fits the bill.

Here's why. In my opinion the inventor of this particular toy has been able to combine all the best qualities of the popular toys of the past. The best being the tennis ball of course. Then probably a squeaky or the tug of war rope. I would go as far to say that this may even cover the original dog toy called the dead animal because you'll notice dogs love to shake this thing which satisfies their hunting instinct.

This will sum up the product. It's a plush toy without stuffing so it won't get ripped and make a mess. It contains 2 squeakers, one in the head and one in the tail. It's 24 inches long and since there is no stuffing its long and lean which makes it a great rope toy. It's great for chewing, fetching carrying, hiding and comforting. It's also machine washable, and at least in my case, gets a lot of use.

This will be the pet toy of the year, I'm sure of it. But right now you can't find Crazy Critters in stores so please hear this. If you order this product you will get two of them. The cost is ten dollars but you will have to pay shipping and handling for both so your total will be about $24. So you basically you get two toys for twelve bucks a piece. To the best of my knowledge you cannot just get one. It is your standard buy one get one free deal but you must calculate your shipping costs.

Read more about Crazy Critters or Watch the Crazy Critters Infomercial

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Matthew Lesko Free Government Money

Matthew Lesko Scam

That's right, I always thought of free government money as the Matthew Lesko Scam. He was one of the first guys with the outrageous and over the top infomercials on late night TV. We all remember those stupid clothes and obnoxious statements from Lesko. In fact, I remember him long before Billy Mays.

However, the idea that Lesko was pitching free money from the government was compelling and it sounded awesome. I remember him saying you could get free government money for just about any crazy thing you could imagine. And it's true, there is a lot of money out there in the form of grants but Matthew Lesko had a system to find it.

Like probably a zillion others I bought his stupid book. It was huge and filled with lists of grants about college, starting a strange business and some of the most obscure and ridiculous ideas you've ever heard of. But, the fact that the government is known to pay like $57 for a stapler made this load of junk seem very believable. And the fact is that it was all true! (Read More on Matthew Lesko)

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Bark Off

BarkOff Bark Control is something that is music to my ears. There is nothing more annoying than hearing your neighbor s dog barking all night, and for me there is nothing more embarrassing than having it be my dog s barking that the neighbors are complaining about.

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Medical Alert System

Personal Medical Alert System

A Personal Medical Alert System is any type of electronic device designed to let arrange for help in an emergency. If you are a senior citizen,disabled or simply a person living alone, you may want to consider buying a personal medical alert system.

Personal Medical Alert Systems usually have three components: a small radio transmitter which is usually worn as a pendant or wristband; a console connected to the user's telephone; and an emergency response center that monitors calls.  However, now a days, many personal emergency response systems like Freedom Alert have no need for monitoring and/or monitoring fees. They simply allow you to program emergency numbers in your system with the ability for direct contact.

In both cases, when an emergency response is needed,the user presses the transmitter's help button. It will send and immediate radio signal to the console. The console will then automatically dial one or more pre-selected emergency telephone numbers. Most systems are pre-programmed to telephone an emergency response center where the caller is identified. If your medical alert system is monitored, then the operators will try to determine the nature of the emergency. If you are using a medical alert system such as Freedom Alert, your emergency contacts will fill that role. You will be able to dial 911 as well as contacting any of several contacts you've input into the system.

Medical Alert Pendants
Most of the Medical Alert Pendants are light weight, battery powered devices that are activated by pressing one or two buttons. Again, they can be worn as a pendant or on a wrist band, or they can be carried on a belt or in a pocket. It's important to keep in mind that if your Personal Medical Alert systems is in fact battery powered, then you will need to check the batteries often to insure your system is in working order. Some units will have an indicator to help you know when to change batteries.

The Base
The base acts as the nerve center which transmits alert through the phone lines. It works with any private telephone line and generally does not require rewiring. If you have more than one phone extension, a special jack or wiring may be required to enable the console to seize the line.

If you are interested in buying any type of Personal Medical Alert Device, it is important to consider several systems before making a decision.
If you choose a system that is professionally monitored, find out if you can use the system with other response centers. For example, can you use the same system if you move? Compare pricing, features, and servicing of each system Make sure whichever system you choose is simple to use.

There are so many choices out there that it should be easy to find a medical alert system to meet your needs.

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Dog E Minder As Seen On TV Commercial

For More Info On Dogeminder visit:


The Dogeminder is a pretty cool as seen on TV product. At first it seems a little over the top but as you watch the commercial it shows how valuable and useful the product really is. This is a very good idea for pet owners.

Swivel Sweeper G2

for more info on Swivel Sweeper G2 visit:


Dirt and dust caked onto the bottom of baseboards and stuck in corners is easily whisked away with the new Swivel Sweeper G2! The Swivel Sweeper is a cordless swivel vacuum cleaner for all floor spaces. It has a touchless dirt tray for hands free cleaning and a 360 degree swiveling head to tackle those hard to reach places

The Swivel Sweeper has been very popular for a while now and the G2 promises to be even better. I love it

Freedom Alert 911

For more information on the Freedom Alert system visit:

The Freedom Alert is simply safety in a tiny device that gives you the assurance of help no matter what the circumstances or where you are. This is a two-way communicator that actually lets you talk to the family contacts you have programmed, or to a 911 operator. It is not just an alert. With a rechargeable battery and emergency battery backup,Freedom Alert is always on the job. This important breakthrough is recommended by health care providers, doctors, and security experts through the country. With a simple set up, the base station plugs into the phone jacket. Splash resistant, so you can take it into the shower.

Tank Nanny

For More on the Tank Nanny visit: http://amazingproducts.tv/tanknanny.html

Here's Inventor Earl Gogswell Jr and his Tank Nanny. The simple device is ready to go without any hassles. Just place the lightweight, skid-free plastic holder where you need it, and youve got a snug fit for the standard 20 pound propane tank. The durable construction made of 80% recycled plastic is easily cleaned, keeps your tank rust-free, and weighs only four pounds. On top of that, the Tank Nanny's sturdy base has been tested at 35 miles per hour emergency stopping speed without dangerous signs of tipping. And it has a side slot feature that allows you to buckle it in for added protection. There are no screws, bolts, or assembly.

30 Second Smile

For more info on 30 Second Smile visit: http://amazingproducts.tv/30-second-smile.html

Invented, designed and engineered in the U.S. -- the 30 Second Smile is recommended by dentists to keep their patients teeth as shiny-white as the day they are cleaned, and for reversing gingivitis in a guaranteed two weeks! Six micro-brush heads surround each tooth with soft bristles, cleaning top, bottom, front, back and chewing surfaces -- all at the same time. Brushing only 30 seconds with The 30 Second Smile does more good than brushing three minutes with a single-headed toothbrush. This revolutionary device uses new technology to brush your teeth perfectly every time. You will never want to use an ordinary toothbrush again.

Bark Off Bark Control

For more info on Bark Off visit :

BarkOff is an ingenious,ultrasonic training aid that allows you to be in control of your dog's irritating, uncontrollable barking.
When Rowdy starts tuning up for some high decibel barking, just flip the switch on your Bark Off device, and an ultrasonic signal -- inaudible to human ears quickly catches his attention and interrupts his barking pattern. This ultrasonic signal actually
teaches dogs the difference between nuisance barking and barking to protect your family and home.

DermaWand As Seen On TV

Here's what they say about Derma Wand and it sounds pretty cool.

How would you like to take ten years off your appearance in just three minutes? DermaWand will do just that, guaranteed!
The secret to the youthful look is in the way DermaWand stimulates
your skin, bringing vital nutrients back to the surface while delivering enriched oxygen throughout. Try it free in the privacy of your home for 30 days, then just four monthly payments of $29.95 plus $14.95 processing and handling. Youll receive the DermaWand unit,carrying case, instructional DVD, and instruction guide.

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Tank Nanny

Tired of your propane tank rolling around your car when you go to refill it or exchange the tank? No matter how you try, it finds a way to slide around your car. I have tried wedging it between the front and back seat; place it in the trunk hoping the spare tire will hold in place. No matter what, it finds a way to move. I recently found who turns out to be a car seat for your propane tank. It is called the tank nanny.

As stated above, the tank nanny is made to secure your propane gas tank in your car like a child’s safety seat. The tank nanny looks like a big dog dish. You place your tank in the “dish” and it is held there. A great feature to this is the built in seat belt loop. This allows you to belt the tank holder in place.

The tank nanny is simple to use and install. It only weighs 4 pounds so it is very light to use and install. Installation is as simple as placing on your car seat and using your seat belt to secure it. You can also just place it on the flat surface in the cargo area of your SUV or pickup. There is no assembly required to use it.

The tank nanny is made of 80% recycled plastic and is available in many colors.

You can also use this to help prevent your stored tanks from getting tipped over. Instead of having to bolt or screw the tank to the base of your grill, simply place the tank in the tank nanny under your grill for ease of use and safety.

If you plan on grilling and having BBQ’s this summer and dread dealing with a dirty rusty propane tank rolling around your car, order the tank nanny today and save yourself those problems.

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The Ab Circle

Recently I saw the Ab Circle Pro mentioned on Good Morning America and I was psyched. Not only because the Ab Circle Pro is a product I bought but that the reporter who was looking into the latest workout trends actually felt the burn.  To me that's good news because Television Reporters love nothing more than to let you know if something doesn't work.

So the Ab Circle Pro passed the test and backs up what I've said for a while now. The Ab Circle Pro is a great core workout.

So if you  could find out how to drop a whole dress size in a manner that’s easy and fun wouldn't you want to try it? The Ab Circle will help you slim down your stomach, bottom, hips and leg muscles . There’s also a handy DVD which comes with the machine, and there are other optional extras including items such as calory counters.

It’s very efficient, helping you get thinner , especially in those pesky squashy body bits — with no chemical fat burners being deployed. People often notice that their stomachs get firmer within as few as thirty days of deploying our contour Abs gadget. You could also firm up the muscle tone on your arms, shoulders and back, just due to the stance you take up while using Ab Pro. Ab Circle Pro is very easy to assemble — just follow the how-to guide available on the DVD. You’ll have your own Ab Pro installed in your own home in an instant for such a low price, plus handling and shipping. Other users have already said how easy it was to assemble and store — it’s convenient even for the most cramped homes. On the downside there may be a couple of small issues worth mentioning at all — some of the people who use the machine found that their knees were sore while using the Ab Circle Pro, so we suggest that you use a good deal of cushioning to protect them. What’s more, the rollers may squeal occasionally after some use — but this can easily be remedied with a a few drops of oil. You may not look just like the tv advert models after only a few days — but this product truly can help, although if you want to know how to cut down your weight fast — do make sure that you expand your training routine beyond using contour Abs.

The Ab Circle Pro exercises should be  just one part of your workout routine. Using your muscles, increasing your strength, enhancing your endurance and conducting heart strengthening workouts are important too. You must also eat a sensible diet.

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As Emery Cat Stratching Board

So the Emery Cat scratching board arrived in just over two weeks and as soon as I opened it and layed it out for the cats they went nuts. It’s obvious to me that they went after the cat nip, but anything that would train my adult cats to scratch in a specific place was fine with me. I knew the lure of cat nip would eventually fade, but my hope was that my cats would be fully accustomed to the Emery Cat Scratching Board by then. Neither of my cats cared much for the little fluffy toy which is attached to the scratching board. They just rolled around and scratched on the scratching surface, and did so quite a bit. I think the Emery Cat inspired them to stretch and scratch more than they would naturally but the product got their attention.

I do believe that my cats’ claws have been manicured and remain dull compared to their condition prior to their new scratching post. My Emery Cat Review has to be a positive one because my cats seem to like it, I don’t have to clip their claws which saves me money at the vet, and I haven’t noticed any new damage to my furniture or door frames. However, I must be honest and say that I didn’t buy any new furniture and never really measured the full extent of the damage before I bought my Emery Cat.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Emery Cat - 3 Helpful Tips

Emery Cat has been on the market for awhile now with many mixed reviews. Some think that it is the best thing on the market for cats that they have seen in a long time. Other say this cat board is just another ploy to get consumers' money. I thought this was a must have for my cat so, hesitant, I purchased one.

I have a very finicky cat, she is apprehensive with just about everything. She hides when neighbors come
over, she will not go outside, and she only eats one kind of kitty food. I have tried to switch it many times to control she diet, but when I do, she will look at the food, and then give me an "Are you crazy?" face. So, I decided to share some help tips for those of you who have finicky cats. These three personal tips may even help those of you who have not yet purchases this product and may need a little more information from a actual buyer.

Tip 1
Fully Assemble

When I say fully assemble I mean, you have put the cat nip inside the base, and put it in the place it will remain. The mistake I made is when the cat boards arrived I left them in my living room for a day. Before I noticed, Clea was not lying on the couch where she always rests. So I decided to put the boxes in the garage and started over one week later. This time when she saw it she could not resist the cat nip.

Tip 2
Buy Extra The Cat Nip

This cat nip will cause a crazy reaction. My cat rubbed it, rolled over on the cat board, and scratched at it. The reality of this is that your cat may not react the same as mind. And, just by using the cat board alone will not do the trick. Also keep in mind that the cat nip will wear off in about 15 minutes. After that your cat will not be interested. The good thing about it is your cat will return. My cat took about three hours to return. So do not be alarmed like I was thinking this product was a hoax. Your cat will return. Also, get stocked up on cat nip. Online is a good place to buy it, as most pet shops only have really old stuff that has been warehoused. The brand I use is called Cosmic Catnip, the leaves are always green and it is fresh. Make sure you stick with one brand of cat nip because your our cat my not react to others. Cat nip comes with Emery Cat however, your cat my not react to that either. Do not be alarmed. Simply purchase different kinds of cat nip from your local pet store and test it out on your cat. You will find one that works.

Tip 3
Do Not Force Your Cat on The Board
If your cat is not interested in this product right away, do not force the issue. If you force your cat on the
board he/she will not go anywhere near it cat nip or not. Allow your cat to gradually get acquainted with this strange new piece of small furniture in your home. They will love you for it I am sure.

I guess I can say that this Emery Cat is one of the best cat boards out there right now. I like the fact that it arrived on time and was very easy for me to put together. My cat also loves it, she plays on it more and more each day. I like the fact that I no long have to trim her nails. I am sure she does too, it was always a struggle catching her, holding her down and clip her claws. I believe she always knew when it was that time. I always felt like I was torturing her and after I was finished she would not come near me for a couple of days. Now those days are over thanks to the Emery Cat.

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As Seen On TV Items Promotion

All inventors want a “foot in the door” when pitching their new product to TeleBrands CEO AJ Khubani. Yet, on Tuesday evening, March 23, NJ Devil (the Devils’ team mascot) will be the first to get a public pedicure from the “Infomercial King”! Using the famous PedEgg, Khubani will treat NJ Devil to the special foot treatment as part of TeleBrands’ “As Seen on TV” night at Prudential Center.

The event, which will take place before the Devils take on the Columbus Blue Jackets in an NHL match-up, represents the first time TeleBrands has partnered with a major league sports franchise. Devils Arena Entertainment is teaming with TeleBrands and Khubani looks forward to highlighting those crazy infomercials that we all know and love by meeting ‘n greeting fans, holding product demos, and getting pitched new potential products.

Currently, Devils fans have the opportunity to vote for their favorite TeleBrands “As Seen on TV” product on newjerseydevils.com. The product selected as most popular by fans – to be chosen from the PedEgg, Jupiter Jack, Windshield Wonder, Perfect Fit Button or Bottle Top – will be given away at the March 23rd game.

“The New Jersey Devils exemplify dedication, success and teamwork in the state – and TeleBrands has been a part of New Jersey life for over 27 years,” said Khubani. “We are thrilled to sponsor the first TeleBrands 'As Seen on TV' giveaway at a major league hockey event." “A Devils partnership with such a well known New Jersey company as TeleBrands is a perfect combination,” notes Jeff Vanderbeek, Chairman and Managing Partner of the New Jersey Devils. “We are looking forward to this event at The Rock on March 23rd and know that our Devils Legion will have a great time.” When it comes to selecting successful products, Khubani has been dubbed the “King of the Infomercial.” From hosting TeleBrands’ Inventor’s Days throughout the country, to meeting at-home inventors wherever possible, he’ll be available before and during the game to welcome fans’ new-product pitches. Devils Arena Entertainment (DAE) is the owner and operator of Prudential Center and the New Jersey Devils, overseeing the daily operation of the state-of-the-art arena as well as the business and brand development for the Devils.

TeleBrands Corp., headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, was founded in 1983 by businessman and entrepreneur A.J. Khubani. Since its inception, the company has brought fun and useful inventions to consumers worldwide and has launched more products through direct response television than any other company in history. TeleBrands products include Jupiter Jack, Perfect Fit Button, PedEgg, Windshield Wonder, Crazy Critters and EZ Comb. Visit www.telebrands.com. Prudential Center in Newark, NJ opened in October of 2007 and is the first new arena built in the New Jersey, New York Metropolitan area in more than 25 years. Home to the three-time Stanley Cup Champion New Jersey Devils, Seton Hall NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball, starting in 2010 the NBA’s NETS Basketball, and in 2011 the NCAA East Regional Finals, Prudential Center hosts a variety of shows from the biggest names in sports and entertainment.

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Cracked Heel Relief is Heel Tastic

Heel Tastic Cracked Heel Relief I happen to love Heel Tastic for Cracked Heel Relief and I'm not the only one. Sure putting any type of cream of your skin has its drawbacks because its all going to be a little greasy and but heel tastic dries quickly and really works. So here's what they say about it. You be the judge.

Say goodbye to those problems of the past with the new miracle roll on balm formulated especially for chronic cracked dry skin. Your skin will feel smoother and softer than you've ever imagined and you'll see amazing results in days not weeks or months.Heel Tastic contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oils, as well as skin moisturizers, and special nutrients specifically formulated for promoting healthy skin. Heeltastic is gentle enough to use several times a day. So get baby soft feet now and get rid of cracked heels with Heeltastic.

Newell says:

I’ve tried everything and this product started to work for me within 2 days. I’m so happy that I can walk BAREFOOT this summer and not have to cover my feet with SOCKS everywhere I go. ALSO, the price is really good. I’ve only used this for two days and I imagine this product will last at least one month. Compare the price of this once a month to having a pedicure every other week (or weekly if you go that often). I will definitely purchase this product again. It smells STRONGLY of GINGER…..but I like ginger (heck, I have some in my fridge right now), so it wasn’t a big deal to me. Rating: 5 / 5

IllinoisMom says

Heel Tastic is a great product which works after the first use. However, the cheap flimsy packaging leaves a lot to be desired. The push up stick pushes up all right but when touched to the skin it sinks back down again. It is almost impossible to use without holding your thumb inside the channel to hold it back in place. Why not just put this stuff in a jar? Is it too much to ask? Might even be cheaper for the company. Rating: 3 / 5

InTheWoods says:

I’m a former Marine, wilderness backpacker and spent a good bit of my childhood running around barefoot building up calouses, and I inhereted dry skin from my mother.. I’m also a former truck driver that for years had to shower in public showers. So I no doubt have been exposed to just about every kind of foot nasty there is. A few years ago my feet started getting severely dry and cracking in the winter, and the callouses on them get like leather/wood. I mean the soles of my feet literally get like a block of wood or full grain leather you’d find on a hiking boot. I mean to the point where it is painful to walk on them because of the cracks. I’ve tried everything, even sanding and rasping the callouses off. I’ve tried soaking them in everything imaginable and nothing worked. I’ve been to podiatrists, who have been virtually useless except as it regards taking my money. One prescribed an oral anti-fungal that did nothing but give me headaches. Another gave me a prescription for a $90 tube product that was similar to smearing axle grease on my feet. Another told me about a alpha hydroxy exfoliating product at my local drug store that did nothing. My feet were soft for about 5 minutes. Little to no effect. I’ve tried practically every topical mainstream anti-fungal product I could find. Little to no effect. This is the only product that works on my feet. It apparently kills whatever is infecting my feet and softens them at the same time. It’s nothing short of a miracle. In as little as 2 overnight applications my feet are noticeably improved, and within a week of nightly use they are back to being healthy, pink feet again. The applicator makes applying it easy. The smell is not unpleasant and not too strong. But it does have a smell. I advise using it at night under a pair of socks. I’m convinced that if it will work on my feet, it will work on anybody. I can’t explain it. All I can say is whatever is in it (appears to be natural oils) works on my issue. And after witnessing first hand the results from this product I have to question what is wrong with modern medical science. If you have foot issues similar to the ones I’ve described above, try this. It is worth every penny. Rating: 5 / 5

s0hmam0miji says:

I have to admit that I was skeptical when I bought the product. However, that being said, I was pleasantly surprised with how well the product worked, even after just one application. :) Definitely worth the money if you have cracked heels or elbows. Rating: 5 / 5

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Cool Inventions - The Tank Nanny

I was so excited to see the story of the Tank Nanny here because as someone who always wanted to make inventions it's great to find out the history of one of my new favorites. Here's a tale of two inventors with two very different products -- but some surprising similarities in how long and hard they worked to bring an inspiration for a solution to the market.

One story's about something that's just a hassle: Schlepping your greasy propane grill tank in for a refill. Another's about any parent's worst nightmare: A crash with your baby in the car seat. What these have in common is that New Englanders have been hard at work finding better ways to carry both your precious -- and your propane -- and those efforts have led to brand new products going on the market this summer. They're surprisingly similar stories of vision, inspiration, and long, hard work.

David Amirault is design director for Dorel Juvenile Group, part of a huge child-products conglomerate that offers a wide line of car seats. Five years ago, when car seats typically worked best only in head-on or rear-end crashes, Amirault said the company was looking into enhancements for child car seats. "We're always looking to find what we can do as a car-seat manufacturer to make products better, safer, and easier to use.'' "We were getting a lot of alarming statistics about how one in three crash fatalities for children are caused by side-impact accidents, so that starts opening the eyeballs,'' Amirault said. "We need to come up with a solution.'' For three years before they ever went to work designing a better side-impact car seat, Dorel worked with scientists at Kettering University. "Understanding crash dynamics was the next major hurdle,'' Amirault said. They developed a complex testing lab to understand just what happens to a baby-sized crash-test dummy in a real-life side-impact accident that pushes a car door inside the passenger space. Everyone on the team is a parent, Amirault said, making this a project they all had their hearts in. He is father to a 9-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl himself. A YouTube video actually helped get Dave's team thinking about how you'd protect a toddler's head and neck. "One of the initial inspirations for us was a stunt guy jumping off a five-story building. He jumps off into a giant air mattress.'' The genius of what became the $249 Air Protect car seat was the cushioning around the head of the toddler, a specially designed piece of foam inside medical-grade plastic sheathing that absorbs and dissipates energy. Amirault said it's estimated the cushioning reduces 30 to 50 percent of the impact on a child's head and neck.

What Earl Cogswell Jr. saw was a much less dramatic but still very real issue with car owners and cargo. He runs his father-in-law's Dick Giacobbe's Dick's Power Equipment in Hanover, Mass. "We fill a lot of propane tanks, and people were coming in with all kinds of different configurations to secure the tank,'' Cogswell said. "The tanks would roll over in everybody's car. they make dents in the back of the trucks, they leave rust rings on the inside of the car.'' Not to mention greasy cheeseburger drippings. "We decided we needed something to help our customers out ... We couldn't find anything so myself and my daughters, next door at Dunkin' Donuts, on a napkin, started drawing out different specifications,'' Cogswell said. His older daughter, Jennifer, 25, is an engineer at Pratt & Whitney, and his daughter Jessica, 22, has been key in designing the labels and marketing for their solution: The Tank Nanny.

It costs $19, and through local shops, they've sold about 650 of the first 1,500 they had manufactured by a plastics specialist in Ohio. "We just had a blast with it,'' said Cogswell, saying that the chance to work closely with his daughters was one of the most satisfying aspects of the project. "There were a lot of sleepless nights -- and there still are, of course, because we've just gotten started.'' Cogswell estimated his family has invested about $160,000 in developing and launching the project and probably won't realize a profit until they have sold something around 50,000 to 60,000 Tank Nannies or licenses the design to a larger manufacturer or both. The Tank Nanny took three years of work, the Air Protect car seat five. For both, the key was inventors who visualized both a problem and a solution and were dogged enough to make the solution work. The encouraging lesson for inventors? Maybe that no matter what the economy is doing, demand never flags for real solutions to real problems, big, small, and anywhere in between.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Contour Abs Electronic Stimulation

Contour Abs Electronic Stimulation

I love reading about the contour ab belt and Electronic Stimulation so I thought this question was interesting. It turns out that one of the most common questions from people who have or are about to buy an ab toner belt is ‘how quickly will I see results?’.

The truth is there is no easy answer to this question – how quickly you see results depends on a lot of different factors, such as how much you use the ab toner belt, how good the quality of the muscle ems is, and how much body fat you have covering your abs, what body type you are. There are other variables as well.

A lot of people seem to buy an ab toner belt like the contour abs and expect results in a matter of 2-3 days just from using electronic stimulation once a day for a few minutes. This is unrealistic and won’t happen!

The first step to success with any muscle ems toner is to choose a good quality one – you have to start with the right equipment!

The second important step is not to expect too much too quick – for most people it takes 3-4 weeks of daily use to see results.

Also it is important to remember that even if you don't see your abs becoming more contoured, you should be able to feel the difference from electronic stimulation in your core ab muscles. Not seeing six pack abs doesn’t mean the contour ab belt isn’t working, it just means you have excess body fat covering the muscles!

Generally, 3-4 weeks of regular use is enough to feel the results of contour abs belt. Also, remember that diet and cardio exercise are important factors in help to determine your success with any ab toner belt.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bag Bundle - Seen On TV Items

The Bag Bundle

If you are tired of stabbing your feet on kids toys, digging through your junk drawer or trying to pack an organized toiletries bag, then the Bag Bundle will turn your messy nightmare into a sweet dream.

How Does The Bag Bundle Work?

It's a simple, versatile storage system that provides 2 feet of hanging space for three interchangeable pouches. Fill them up, peel off when you want to use the contents, and replace it on the fastening strip when done. From helping your kids become more independent or getting rid of bathroom clutter, to having the perfect travel companion, Bag Bundle will simplify your life. The pouches are made of durable clear plastic that allows you to quickly and easily see what is inside. It is also an attractive, space-saving alternative to ugly and obtrusive storage bins.

BagBundle is perfect for just about anything!

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Contour Belt Seen On TV Exercise Equipment

Contour Abs Belt


When people buy As Seen On TV products they hope for incredible benefits with little effort. They want to solve everyday problems in the easiest way possible but are often suspicious of the results.

But one Seen On Tv Product that's creating quite a splash in the exercise community is the Contour Abs Sculpting system.

The Contour Ab Belt is an electronic abs belt that sculpts your mid-section without having to do challenging sit ups, crunches and leg lifts. The science behind the Contour Abs program was made by Swiss medical specialists which designed the belt to cause the muscles to complete a full contraction and never have to do a thing.

It electronically induces the core muscle tissue making it possible for the wearer to experience the burn incredibly like what they might feel for the duration of a rigorous work out.

You may be wondering if it truly is too good to be true, however studies and research are saying the Electronic Muscle Stimulation can could work. In the course of one investigation conducted with special thermographic images individuals can actually observe the quantity of heat that is generated by somebody utilizing the Contour Ab Belt was considerably more than somebody who was doing an average ab work out with sit ups or crunches.

There are lots of advantages to the Contour Abs Belt. The first added benefit is just how easy it is to use. Men and women can use it around the house providing them fantastic ab workouts without going to the the gym. Keep in mind that the contour abs belt goes a long way to strengthen muscles, but it is unproven whether EMS actually burns fat. You will get stronger using the electronic ab belt, but you still need to do some cardio and eat right. We are just talking about omitting sit ups and crunches for abdominal strength.

Secondly the Contour Abs, in comparison with what it costs to attend a fitness center these days or the price of work out machines, the Contour Abs can save a lot of money.

There is a Contour Abs Trial out there so that may be the perfect opportunity to try it out to see if you like it. EMS is the wave of the future and we'll hear a lot more about it soon. Strengthening your core muscle group is necessary for a strong back and mid-section but again keep in mind that losing fat requires cardio and diet as well.

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Emery Cat Scratcher - Stop Cat Scratching


Finally, the Emery Cat Board represents a new style of refreshing and superior cat board on the market. The Emery Cat is specially designed to help people keep their cat looking and feeling super with regard to claw trimming. This Cat Scratcher is like no other. The honeycomb surface feels like a nail filer enabling your cat to cut away the sharpness from their claws. So in theory, there's no more cutting too close or even too much when trying to clip your cat's claws on your own.

To help attract cats, the actual cat board can be infused with irresistible catnip. If it's successful, this will cut down on trips to the groomer or vet. Taking cats to your veterinarian for nail clippings is great, but it's pretty expensive. Further, if a cat can file their own claws it would be better for them as well. Cats realize exactly where the delicate part of their nails tend to be. They are not going to file down to far causing pain or discomfort.

The Emery Cat Board is actually a perfect match for kittens and cats compelled to scratch on furnishings, curtains, wood, and almost anything else they like to get their claws into.

Let's face it, extracting cat claws is definitely high priced and, to me, it is definitely cruel. It does not alleviate their desire to scratch and just leaves them frustrated as well as defenseless. Remember de-claw means indoor cat and this seems to go against the nature of our little friends.

To Sum Up

* Your cat now has the ability to file their own claws

* The Cat Board is be strong enough to be able to suit much larger cats

* Spend less time and even cash for veterinarian visits

* The Cat Board incorporates an important arch style and design making this excellent for your cat to stretch and also scratch

What You Get

* Cute fun cat gadget

* Container of catnip

* Tough Cat Board Base

* De-shredder

* Another Free Emery Cat Board but you have to pay shipping.

Read Emery Cat Reviews and find out what others are saying about this product.

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Guardian Freedom Alert - Seen On TV Items

The Guardian Freedom Alert The Freedom Alert is a No Monthly Fee Medical Alert System with a 2 way speakerphone in on a pendant with a range of up to 600 feet. You'll never be stranded in an emergency again.

The new Freedom Alert has two features that make it stand out as truly innovative in the market place. First, is that it’s the world’s smallest two-way voice communicator; and second is that it requires no monthly fees.

Another unique feature of Freedom Alert is the introduction of the two-way speakerphone pendant. While all the competitors were requiring a person to shout across the house to a speakerphone box to communicate to the monitoring station, this technology put the speakerphone right in the miniature pendant. You can be anywhere in or around your home and communicate effortlessly.

Use these four programmable numbers to contact family and friends. A typical user might enter their daughter’s cell phone number and their neighbor’s home number. With the Freedom Alert, these contacts are just a push button away when the person is anywhere in their home or even in their yard.

The pendant can operate up to 600 ft away from the base station. The base station plugs into any standard phone jack in the home. The pendant can be worn on a neck lanyard, on the included belt clip or the included wrist-strap.

- 600 foot range - 2 way speakerphone in the pendant

- waterproof pendant (you can shower with it)

- No Monthly Fee

Seniors, family members, friends have been asking us for this for years. Everyone loves the concept of a No Monthly Fee Medical Alert System and one of the features people have been asking for is a Pendant that you can talk through instead of having to speak into the built in speakerphone in the dialing unit. Well, with the Freedom Alert 911 we've accomplished this. In addition this system has a range 6 times greater than other models, up to 600 feet from the pendant to the base unit. Now you can wander all over your property and still be connected in the event of an emergency.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Tank Nanny - Seen On TV Items

The tank nanny is one of the coolest products I've seen in awhile because it's simple and keeps us safe. The Tank Nanny solves a problem that most of us don't even realize we have and just bringing the issue to light will change the way we transport our tanks.

When you make the trip to refill your tank, you shouldn't worry about safety. Tanks rolling around in the bed of a pickup, getting rust on your car interior, and the nightmare of where a propane cylinder is going to end up should you need to emergency brake are gone. The Tank Nanny delivers safety first, and it's been tested up to 30 mph without additional buckling, and it showed no signs of tipping. On top of that, the Tank Nanny has a side slot feature that allows you to 'Buckle-In' the Sitter for even more peace of mind, and added protection. The Tank Nanny helps prevent propane from rolling over or tipping during transportation, and allows you to 'buckle-in' your tank for unstoppable protection.

Further it's scientifically engineered to prevent tipping at 35mph Emergency Stop speeds, without buckling! Another plus is that the company makes the product with up to 80% recycled plastic which is great for the environment and they plant a in honor of every Tanknanny sold. So I'm thrilled to support this made in the USA company. But most of all, the tank nanny gives me piece of mind when filling my propane tank. I worry about it bouncing around the car, the trunk or trailer. Now at least I can feel safe.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

HeelTastic - Seen On TV Items

This is part two of my Heel Tastic review. I began with a little bit about the product and now wan to talk a little bit about how it was first sold on Pitchmen. Then I will admit to loving the product and where to get some.

What was interesting was the taping of the Heel Stick episode of Pitchmen. Here, Billy Mays and Sully went to a salon and gave the Heel Stick to some normal women and asked them to try it out and report back. They all loved it. Usually I would say "yeah right" but because the Heel Stick was on Pitchmen I took the reviews to heart.

On a show like Pitchmen they need bad products as well as homeruns to make the show interesting. It seems that viewers love to see failure more than success, and if Billy Mays got the chance to crush someone's dreams because their product stunk, then he would take it. That's Showbiz. So based on the Heel Tastic Reviews, I decided to take the plunge.

It took a few weeks for my Heel Tastic to arrive but once it did I was very happy. The Heel Tastic cracked heel remedy delivered on all promises. Now granted I didn't extactly have cracked heels, but the commercial said it worked on dry cracked knees and elbows so I cannot say for certain it will work on everyone's nasty feet. My Heel Tastic Review is based on Elbows alone and I couldn't be more thrilled.

First, Heel Tastic Heel Tastic is pretty much greaseless so there is no sticking to clothing or smearing onto furniture. It takes a minute or two to dry but it does seem to penetrate the skin and heal from within. It's definatly not just some surface cream. Next, you don't have to use it that often. My dry cracked skin was pretty lush after about a week, and I don't remember having to apply the heel stick very often. Now I only use it when I remember and I do this only as a preventative measure. There's no more dry elbows and nobody would notice that I had any type of dry skin issue at all. The stuff works on elbows and I imagine it will work equally as well as if not better than other cracked heel treatments.

If you are looking to buy heel tastic I think you still have to buy online. To the best of my knowledge it is not available in stores as of yet. I know a lot of people hate buying as seen on TV products because of the shipping and handling but there are deals out there to make it worth the hastle. I think the best thing about buying heel tastic online is that you are not going to have to buy it a lot. The Heel Stick lasts a long time and by the time you need a refill, it will probably be in stock at your local drug store.

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Heel Tastic Cracked Heel Treetment

Several months ago I heard that Heel Tastic was the best cracked heel treatment on the market. I didn't want to try them for review purposes or anything, I was looking for a cracked heel remedy for myself. But, I did not want to buy a bunch of expensive cracked heel treatments to find out that none of them worked, so I set out to read heel stick reviews and other online reviews of skin creams. My issue was not exactly how to heal cracked heels, it was more for cracked skin in general. I tend to lay on the floor and use my laptop. My elbows scrape against the carpet and get cracked and ashey. I have no problem with dry skin anywhere else on my body but my elbows look terrible. Regular hand cream and body lotions do nothing and they are really greasy. There's nothing worse than glopping on cream and putting on a long sleeve shirt only to have the sleeves stick to your elbows and create a huge stain. I'd seen the Heel Tastic Heel Tastic infomercial with Billy Mays and I remember seeing the Pitchmen episode featuring the heel stick, but I have always been reluctant to buy as seen on TV products because of the carnival like sales pitches. By the way, if you do a little digging, you will find that Heel Tastic is the new name for the Heel Stick and these cracked heel treatments are exactly the same. In fact, the same remedy was being sold under the name Luxuriant Cracked Heel Repair in salons, and this quite possibly still might be the case. Regardless of the name this cracked heels remedy is being marketed under, the heel tastic commercial was very compelling. It was also disgusting, but that's how they do things in the As Seen On TV product world. I didn't need to see people sand blasting their nasty feet but the point was well taken. What I was interested in was did Heel Tastic Work. In the Heel Tastic Tastic commercial it did, but those people are probably paid for their testimonials or friends of the inventor. You really never know with these types of things. Find out more about Heel Tastic in my next post. I love the stuff and I think you will too.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Swivel Sweeper G2

<strong>Vacuuming Under...</strong>
Why does dust and dog hair collect under furniture?  Those particles have the whole room to fall in; yet, there's always a bunch of it under the sofa.  With our present vacuum cleaner, we can't get all the way back under the furniture.  This means when the boss gets the urge to clean under things, we have to lift or slide the furniture out of the way for access.  Not so much fun, especially when the furniture seems to get heavier with every passing month.

<strong>Easier With This?</strong>
As Seen On TV has introduced a lot of stuff; some good and others not so much.  When I first saw the Swivel Sweeper G-2 advertised, I thought that it might be the answer to my aching back from furniture moving.  The cool thing about it is that it has an elbow joint in the middle so that it can reach under the furniture without having to move it.  You don't have to bend over, either.  Instead of being on wheels or rollers, it's on sliders so you can use it in any direction without having to change any settings.  The head swivels 360 degrees, and the corner brushes seem to make it useful just about anywhere in the room.  It folds up to fit in the broom closet, so it doesn't take up a whole lot of space when not in use.

All these new inventions are really hyped on TV, so it's hard to tell what's good and what isn't.  The Swivel Sweeper G-2 advertises that their brushes spin at 4000 RPM (I guess that's a lot) and will pick up anything, even lint in grout lines.  It weighs about 2 lbs., is cordless, and they say you can use it for about 45 minutes without having to recharge it.

I'm really tired of trying to use my Dust Buster under the sofa and in the room corners, so I'll probably order one of these.  They have a deal where they will throw in the earlier model just for the shipping, but I think I'll pass on that.  The Swivel Sweeper G-2 is going to set me back about $55. including shipping.   But when I think of not having to  move furniture again, it seems like a bargain.

Article Source:  Swivel Sweeper G-2: A Versatile Vacuum Sweeper

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yudu Review

Forget The Yudu, my usual idea of creativity is to use strawberry instead of grape jelly on my peanut butter sandwich, but I’ve got a couple of nieces that are super creative that this would be perfect for. When the AS SEEN ON TV people picked this up, the little lady saw it first, and suggested it as a Christmas gift. These girls are teenagers, and are always being very inventive with ways to express themselves. With this YUDU SCREEN PRINTING gizmo, they will be able to create personalized designs on their own shirts, and express themselves with whatever art work they want transferred to almost any surface they want. As I think about it, I imagine the YUDU would also be a great thing for a parent buy to provide innovative “together” time with a child. There’s got to be a ton of fun artistic and useful projects that parents would enjoy creating and working on with their children.

The Yudu Screen Printing Machine allows you to create designs with artwork that you made yourself, or to use others that you really like. This little printing system gives you the freedom to print all of the transferable designs that you want on most any surface you choose including tee shirts, posters, flyers, clothing and more with very little clean-up problems. The wonders of technology! Used to be you had to go to a printing shop to have any of this done, but not any more. It will be interesting to see what my nieces do with this.

The Yudu appears to come with all the supplies you need to start personalizing and transferring designs. Then, there’s a whole list of extra stuff that they list that comes with it; in fact they value the extras at $120. The machine will set you back $33.00 plus shipping, but if it provides a creative outlet for the young and young at heart, I think it’s worth it.


I have been wanting to get back into screen printing since I did it in college, but I was intimidated by the process because it had been so long since I had done it. I was also worried about finding affordable equipment. Then I discovered the Yudu. The Yudu is so easy to use, much easier than the screen printing process I remember from college. Basically I can have a project done in four easy steps with minimal mess.

1. Create your image on the transparencies

2. Expose your image using the Yudu

3. Run the film under water to view your image

4. Pull your ink It really is that easy.

The Yudu has a very user-friendly control panel and isn’t intimidating to use at all. I don’t know that I would have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself. I’ve refurbished T-shirts, baby clothes, and jackets. I’ve made holiday cards, art for my kids bedroom walls, holiday and birthday gifts. The creative options are endless. And you can print on metal, glass, paper, plastic, wood, vinyl and fabric.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emery Cat Reviews

Emery Cat Ezine Blog

Emery Cat is yet another As Seen On TV product which has created a lot of buzz. My contention was that the sound effects in the commercial was what was making this product so popular, but when I finally figured out what it was for, the Emery Cat made a lot of sense to me.

As with most As Seen TV products, the beauty is in the fact that each product is designed to provide a simple solution to a simple problem. It's the "I could of thought of that" which keeps television viewers so intrigued. The Emery Cat certainly falls into this category. Any cat owner knows what I'm talking about. Cats continually scratch and claw at the furniture and their owners.

Nobody will argue that it isn't in a cat's nature to stretch and scratch their claws but there has to be a way to compel your cat to do their scratching in the appropriate places. Until now, cat owners dealt with the problem using scratching posts or even going as far as having their cat's claws removed. The later was not an option for me because I want my cats to come and go as they please and being clawless leaves them unable to defend themselves outside the home. Perhaps even a little more selfish is the fact that as long as I have "outdoor" cats, I don't have to clean a litter box.

I too have tried the scratching posts but to no avail. First, my two cats don't really seem interested in them. I've even got some of those multi-level cool ones but they never really took to them. In fact, there where several times I noticed my cats sniffing around the scratching post and then heading to the sofa to tear it up. So my posts usually end up in the guest room, where the cats never go anyway, and collect dust. They're not exactly elegant furnishings which match the decor of most living rooms. But, I suppose most cat owners give them a try.

So the Emery Cat became a very appealing idea, provided that it would work. The Emery Cat is nothing more than an arched scratching board infused with cat nip. Or at least it seemed so. The beauty of it is that the design and fabric of the scratching surface actually files down the cat's claws so ultimately if your cat takes a swipe at you, or your couch, their claws won't be as sharp and cause as much damage. This is unlike any scratching post I have seen before.

When I ordered Emery Cat I paid $19.99 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. I know what you're thinking, "That's a lot for shipping", but that seems to be the game in the As Seen on TV world. I just include the shipping in the price of the item and consider that I paid about $28.00 for my Emery Cat. That's not expensive compared to the scratching posts you see in pet stores.

So the Emery Cat scratching board arrived in just over two weeks and as soon as I opened it and layed it out for the cats they went nuts. It's obvious to me that they went after the cat nip, but anything that would train my adult cats to scratch in a specific place was fine with me. I knew the lure of cat nip would eventually fade, but my hope was that my cats would be fully accustomed to the Emery Cat by then. Neither of my cats cared much for the little fluffy toy which is attached to the scratching board. They just rolled around and scratched on the scratching surface, and did so quite a bit. I think the Emery Cat inspired them to stretch and scratch more than they would naturally but the product got their attention.

I do believe that my cats' claws have been manicured and remain dull compared to their condition prior to their new scratching post. My Emery Cat Review has to be a positive one because my cats seem to like it, I don't have to clip their claws which saves me money at the vet, and I haven't noticed any new damage to my furniture or door frames. However, I must be honest and say that I didn't buy any new furniture and never really measured the full extent of the damage before I bought my Emery Cat.

All I know is that my cats are using their new scratching board a lot more than they have ever used a normal scratching post in the past. I'm happy with my purchase with only one complaint. I have larger cats and feel that the product could be a bit more sturdy. I have seen an upgrade offer to a deluxe model and perhaps I should have bitten the bullet and gone with that, but I'm generally pleased so far.

Friday, March 5, 2010

PerfectFitButton Review

The Perfect Fit Button

I just got my perfect fit button package about a week ago and I'm thrilled with this product. Most As Seen On TV stuff looks to be good to be true and some of it is. However, this product appealed to me when I first saw the commercial and it has lived up to its word. You really can let your own pants in or out within seconds.

I was a bit skeptical because I didn't know if these perfect fit buttons would be strong enough against the force of my gut but they snap into place and hang on. The other thing that threw me off a bit is what do you do with the original button but as soon as I realized you just leave it there and cover it up with a belt, it all made sense to me.

I may be slow but I eventually catch on to things. I was looking at this product solely as a replacement for lost buttons which I'm an expert at losing. It seems I don't fully break in my pants until the button has fallen off. It's then, and only then, that I really love my jeans, shorts, khakis or whatever. Maybe I don't notice them until I can't wear them anymore but I can't stand brand new jeans or pants and find myself trying to awkwardly sew on new buttons.

I had always been thankful that most of my pants had that extra button attached inside just in case you lose one, but that doesn't mean you are going to be able to sew it on in exactly the right place, or use enough thread so it will be strong enough to hold up for awhile. Sewing on buttons, isn't the easiest thing in the world to do, but I do it.

So when I got my perfect button I was thrilled to just jam it through and snap the cap on and presto. It worked like a charm. I then realized that I had some pants that I didn't wear because I had lost about 20 pounds. I tried the perfect button to take in my waistline and it worked great. Well, as long as I wore a belt because it does look kind of funny buttoning your pants a few inches to the side.

Since I feel the belt is necessary for me, I don't really care for the colored buttons that come in the set. It makes no difference which one I choose and I find that I prefer the metallic "jeans" button. Most of my stuff requiring this little trick is casual and since you get two of each button, I've gravitated toward the denim button for whatever reason. I suppose the others are just as good and people will use them, but I think it will be nothing more than personal preference.

The only thing I didn't like about the offer was the bonus Shoes Under which I really didn't want or need. But it's a package deal and if you want to dance you gotta pay the band. So I have a shoes under that I will probably never open. Other than that, I think the product is great and I'm surprised they didn't come up with it years ago.

Read more about the Perfect Fit Button or Watch the Perfect Fit Button Video


Emery Cat Scratcher Review

When I first saw the Emery Cat commercial I did nothing more than laugh because the sound effects were so funny. I never even really noticed the product or what it was intended to do. I just saw some cats running around and scratching stuff.

As the product began to catch and the commercial was running more and more it hit me that I needed the Emery Cat. Well, I needed something like the Emery Cat because I was having some issues with my cats. Like most cat owners my furniture had taken a beating. It's natural for cats to scratch and stretch and most seem drawn to furniture because the upholstery allows them to dig in and enjoy themselves.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to invest in really ugly scratching posts that don't seem to work. It seems that the cats would like the carpet covered posts but I've never known anyone who really claims to have had much success. My cats never took to their scratching posts no matter what I tried. Since the ones I happen to find were pretty unsightly I had to keep them in back rooms where I thought the cats would hang out but they didn't go for it. My cats, even though fiercely independent, tend to go where the action is and that means the living room. The scratching post have been too big and ugly to have in the living room so I pretty much gave up.

So the Emery Cat offered a solution. First, it's small so it won't take up precious indoor real estate. Next, this honeycomb design they mention for the scratching surface will actually file their claws down. I can't tell you how cool this is. I've tried to trim their claws myself and it's been a bit of a bloody painful mess for all of us. I don't take my cats for grooming so the only time they get their claws trimmed is at the vet and it's pricey. So if the cats like the Emery Cat and use it enough to file their claws down, then they will do less damage to the furniture if they still decide they can't live without it. I couldn't resist the upside, so I decided to buy Emery Cat.

To Buy Emery Cat was a total of just under $28 with the shipping and handling and even though I don't understand shipping and handling, the Emery Cat was cheaper than any scratching post I had seen in the pet store. I have read some stories about shipping costs but just don't accept bonus offers and you should be fine. Anyway, It took less than two weeks to arrive and I was ready to test it out.

I had forgotten that it was infused with cat nip and that's probably the most brilliant part. My cats took to it immediately. At first they rolled around on it but soon learn to stretch and scratch. I felt the scratching board was a little flimsy but it seemed to support the cats and it didn't move much when they were in the attack mode.

They didn't care much for the little furry toy attached to the Emery Cat but I certainly didn't care. My concern was my furniture and would the Emery Cat work. To my surprise, I found my cats going back to the Emery Cat often. I believe the cat nip lured them in and help them develop the habit of using Emery Cat as their scratching board instead of the furniture.

I cannot really substantiate if their claws are much shorter but I can say they are less interested in my couch and door frames. They still spend a few moments stretching out at the couch but they don't seem to dig the claws in as much. When they do, they seem do stay for a shorter period of time. It's almost like they are saying "been there, done that" and that's exactly what I needed.

My review of the Emery Cat is a good one. It's seemed to work for me, at least for now. I don't know if you can find Emery Cat in stores but it's readily available online if you want to try it out. As with any product, I would read reviews and testimonials before you buy. Look for the positives and negatives from people who've tried it out before.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ab Rocket Ab Workout


Ever since my last baby, I’ve been trying to lose the belly fat that comes with the territory. Conventional sit-ups hurt my back, and all crunches seem to do is hurt my neck. I saw the As Seen On TV commercial for the AB ROCKET, and thought it was worth a try. They advertised that I could try it out for 30 days for $14.95 plus shipping and could return it if I didn’t like it, so I figured I didn’t have a whole lot to lose. I did look at a lot of reviews before I ordered, though. The consensus was that if you were under 5’ 10”, and didn’t have a huge belly, the Ab Rocket machine would provide muscle toning that would firm up your belly.

Ab Rocket:The Equipment
It arrived, and I put it together (by myself actually!). The directions are straightforward, and, although the coils were a little challenging, it went together pretty easily. The AB ROCKET sits on the floor, and is really nothing more than a fixed seat with a spring coil loaded back attached to the seat. The back is made of rollers that are supposed to “massage” you while you are exercising. That part I don’t know about. The Ab Rocket comes with springs of three resistance levels, and I used the ones with the least resistance. I figured I’d start off easy and then work my way up if I was able.

Ab Rocket:The Workout
The way the springs are attached cause you to work as you go back, and then assist you in the “crunch” portion of the exercise. The Ab Rocket supports my head and neck during the exercise so there’s no strain of those muscles involved, and my lower back isn’t sore either.

My experience has been good, so I wound up paying the $120 to complete the purchase. If you are a novice to exercise like me, the AB ROCKET may be for you. I have felt a tightening in my stomach without the associated aches and pains of other ab regimens. I have my own little routine that I start in front of the TV after the kids go to bed; my husband knows not to bug me then, that’s for sure. Maybe one day I can talk him into getting rid of his belly, too!

Perfect Fit Buttons Work Great!

Perfect Fit Button

Have you ever bent over and had your pants or skirt button pop off and fall to the floor? The only time these embarrassing things seem to happen to me is when I’m out socially, or I’m trying make a good impression at a business appointment. So when I heard about the Perfect Fit Button I was thinking that it would be awesome if they worked, and If I had a few in my purse just in case. Instead of hoping I had a safety pin in my purse, I could actually have a quick fix and forget about it.

The Perfect Fit Button is a temporary replacement button that comes in four colors: khaki, black, brown and silver colored for jeans. The button has a post that extends through the pants fabric, and is secured with a clip the inside of the waistband. The post is strong enough to go through denim, corduroy, suede or leather, so it’s applicable to my whole wardrobe. The buttons are so nice looking that no one would ever know that they’re a temporary fix. In fact, there really is no reason to replace a lost button unless you are a stickler for something sewn on.

When I saw the commercial, I thought of all the different uses for the Perfect Fit Button and ordered. I got two sets of four for under $20, and they threw in a bonus Shoes Under storage container. I know I’ll be using it every month “at that time” when I bloat like crazy and I can’t button anything for a week. I’ll just easily expand the waist of my wardrobe for the week, and be back to normal for the rest of the month.

I’m slowly encouraging my husband to start using the buttons, too. He’s buying these pants with the expanders in the waistband. The only problem is that when the expanders are working, his pants pockets open up and expose the white inner pocket lining which looks just terrible. With the Perfect Fit Button, he can buy pants without the expanders, and increase the waist size to accommodate his ever expanding belly. Once he puts on his belt, no one will ever know. I’ve also told my daughter about these buttons. With the cost of raising kids today, hand-me-downs are still a fact of life. As her kids are growing into the hand-me-down pants or jeans, this will help to make sure the waist fits securely.

Since I’ve received the Perfect Fit Buttons, I’ve been carrying them in my purse. I’ve told several of my friends about them because I love to share handy stuff and I know I few have ordered their own. I haven't had anyone tell me they regret getting these things and it seems I find a new uses for them constantly. They work great on tents when it's time to batten down the hatches during a rain storm. Nobody is laughing at the lady who brought her purse camping now!

The Perfect Fit Buttons really are a neat idea...wish I had thought of it

Contour Abs Belt an Abdominal Trainer?

Contour Abs

Lately, I don’t have time to exercise as much as I want. The effects of childbirth are evident (around my middle especially), and I really want to have my teen belly back! When I saw the Contour Abs Belt advertised on one of these As Seen On TV ads, I was interested immediately. I mean, what could be better than an abdominal core workout while watching TV on the couch?

How Does Contour Abs Work?
The basic principal seems to be that this ab belt wraps around the user’s belly and sends electronic pulses that cause the abdominal muscles to contract. Apparently, these contractions have the same effects on the abs as sit-ups or crunches would. My
research into the Contour Ab Belt gave some really interesting theories on how effective this would be. It seems that the medical consensus regarding both the Contour product and other weight loss devices based on electronic stimulation, is that they don’t burn fat around the mid-section, but they might help with definition. So, the Contour Abs Belt would help you get a flatter stomach, but if you’re trying to get rid of the flab itself, the Contour Ab Belt doesn’t have much to offer you.

While researching this type of product, I found that why so many of these Electronic Ab belts fail to work is either because they’re either poorly designed or cheaply produced. However, the science says that the Contour Ab Belt should work and work very well and that is encouraging.

Is It FDA Approved?
One final pro that is worth mentioning about this system is that it has the full support of the Food and Drug Administration. One of the major drawbacks of products advertised online products is that they often lack this regulatory seal of approval. This means that purchasers would have no recourse available if the product was advertised and sold dishonestly. The seal of approval from the FDA may not guarantee success, but it at least guarantees transparency and accountability and that is something that every customer should be very happy about having on this product.

I know Mother’s Day is on the way, so I’m going to start hinting now that the Contour Abs for is what I’d like. It’s a pretty good investment, but I think my feeling good about myself will be worth it!