Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lifestyle Lift is a Neck Lift Without Surgery

My recent post about a neck lift without surgery caused me a lot of grief around Uberazzi so I really need to clarify my position on the neck lift. First, Lifestyle Lift is the name of the surgical we all hear about and the Neckline Lift is the new As Seen On TV neck lift without surgery product I was wanting to make fun of. The only thing was that when I saw the corny Neckline Lifts infomercial I actually liked the product.

It is pretty much my passion to make fun of all the silly things people do in Hollywood for vanity and I planned to jump all this neck lift without surgery fad as it ripped through L.A. but that dumb infomercial made me begin to pay attention to just how much demand there was for Neck Lift Surgery. I knew about the run of the mill face or brow lift and I'm a big proponent of Hair Transplants as long as the expectations are reasonable but I was baffled by the neck lift.

But as I started writing jokes for my post, I began to see the benefit of how simple the Neckline Lifts were and how much pain and money they could save people because I'm not seeing tremendous results from the actual Lifestyle Lifts surgery. In Beverly Hills a neck lift will run you over $8,000 and there is no hiding the fact that you've done it. As with any surgery there is a recovery period and no matter what anyone says, there will be at least minor pain involved.

My theory is that if we could all see what we would look like after the Lifestyle Lift, most of us wouldn't even bother with the procedure. This was my main point. I wasn't knocking cosmetic surgery. I love cosmetic surgery, especially the bad kind. There is nothing better than seeing some lady walking down Rodeo with giant sun glasses and huge duck lips just thinking she's cheated Father Time with her Gold Card and special relationship with Dr Whoever. It's hilarious. But really not necessary.

And here is why. I'm sure there are many cases where the Lifestyle Lift surgery is really the right answer for a patient and the surgeon performing it can really change their lives. But, for most people it is not corrective or life changing. It's a little whim of a surgery that they believe will make them look better. But most of us look fine and and the change will be so very slight we will just think we notice. And, I'm not about surgery for that reason. Well, at least until you've thought it through.

If you can invest $9 in Neckline Lifts instead of $8,000 for Lifestyle Lifts you can figure out what you may look like after a procedure and play around to find your best look. Often times when we go for a consult, the surgeon tells us what we want to look like based on what he can do. We need to have our own understanding of what we want and then find out the surgeon can do. If they say they can't do it, don't get talked into their plan. Either find another opinion or accept that you are not a candidate for the type of procedure you want.

So being who I am professionally, I encourage you all to go out and get bad cosmetic surgery that you can't afford so I can make fun of you. But as a person I would prefer that you got Neckline Lifts and tried a neck lift without surgery before you did anything costly, painful and drastic.

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