Friday, March 11, 2011

Heeldini Reviews

Heeldini Reviews: As Seen On TV Foot Scrubber

My wife seems to order these TV things by the ton and while some are terrific, most are just a waste of money.  But let's face it, infomercials get our attention and all the products look great on television.  So would this Heeldini turn out to be any different from the others?

So when I had the Heeldini sitting right there in front of me I had to open it up and give it a shot.  If this was the latest and greatest foot scrubber to hit the market, then so be it.  We all need to exfoliate, especially in the Winter months, and contrary to popular belief, heel creams just don't do it.

This has always bugged me.  By the time you realize you have a dry skin problem on your heels, it is too late to smother the area with creams and get results.  Dry skin is dead skin, and unsightly dry skin just means there is more of it about.  Regardless of the cause, trying to rehydrate dead skin will never work and makes no sense.  The answer is to remove the dead skin and reveal the healthy vibrant skin beneath.  It not only looks nicer but can help prevent many of the skin afflictions we all complain about.

Chemical exfoliation is a great way to remove dead skin for sufferers of chronic conditions. But it is drastic and expensive and most of us do not require such a procedure.  Just finding a simple, yet effective, to exfoliate will be sufficient for 99% of the population.  So what does the Heeldini do?

The secret is volcanic pumice which will gently remove dead skin and reveal the healthy skin below.  With Heeldini, all you need to do is a little bit of light scrubbing and your done.  The handle is long enough to reach the bottoms of your feet without bending down so it easy and safe to use in the shower.  It is well built and the pumice stone will not break off and will actually last quite a long time.  There really isn't much more to it and that may be the best part.

Real Heeldini Reviews should be short and sweet because there isn't that much to say. It delivers on everything promised in the ad and does so at a reasonable price.  I can't imagine that using creams and lotions would make any more sense than using Heeldini so I would have to say that I'm impressed.  Unless you have some type of severe skin problem requiring medical attention, Heeldini should be all you need to keep your dry skin nice and smooth.


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