Friday, March 11, 2011

Side Sleeper Pro

Side Sleeper Pro - Correct Your Sleep Posture

Are you a side sleeper that wakes up with a sore and painful neck? If so, the Side Sleeper Pro is just what the doctor ordered - literally! Invented and designed by Dr. Larry Cole, this amazing pillow helps you correct your sleep posture and lets you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The Side Sleeper Pro is not available in stores and can only be purchased online. Now you can get your own Side Sleeper Pro and a matching pillowcase for just $19.99 plus processing and handling. In addition, you will get a second SideSleeper Pro Pillow and matching pillowcase completely FREE - just pay separate processing and handling!

Side Sleeper Pro Relieves Neck Pain

With its specially designed earwell, the Side Sleeper Pro is designed to guide your head and vertebra into natural alignment. It relieves the pressure on your neck and lets you wake-up feeling refreshed and renewed with less stiffness. And since it was developed by a chiropractor, you can be assured that it gives you maximum support in all the right areas.

Sleep Better, Feel Better!

The SideSleeper Pro Pillow features a long tail that is designed to cradle and align your back while you sleep. It is medically proven that people who have restful, healthy sleep function better during their waking hours than those who are sleep deprived because of restless sleep. With Side Sleeper Pro, you will get a great night sleep and wake up without pain or stiffness.

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