Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cold Fire Extinguisher On Pitchmen

Cold Fire Extinguishers are a definitely the hot new As Seen On TV product of the year but I've noticed a little trend here.  The series Pitchmen premiered with Anthony Sullivan lighting himself on fire to prove the value of his latest and greatest product.  But, this isn't the first time things get heated for Sullivan.

A few months back I recall Anthony Sullivan pitching a pretty neat product called the Grill Glove which is a fire proof glove used while you are grilling. It allows you to reach onto the grill and remove, turn or flip food without getting burned or needing tongs. It really is a cleaver idea and we will hear more about it during grilling seasons.  The thing that surprised me was Sullivan's willingness to reach in to the fire to test it out. I didn't expect that from him and was rather impressed.

So Sullivan stepped it up a notch on Pitchmen when an inventor presented a non toxic, biodegradable flame retardant in a can. Sounds like a fire extinguisher right? Well it wasn't but it made Sullivan nervous. The inventor wanted to demonstrate by applying the Cold Fire liquid to his arm and putting a blow torch to it.  Sully was taken back and hesitant enough to call for a real fire extinguisher to be on call.  The stunt was pulled off without a hitch and Sullivan was inspired to give it a whirl. I knew immediately Cold Fire Extinguisher was gonna be a hit!

For the infomercial Anthony Sullivan donned a fire suit and set himself ablaze to show the world the power of Cold Fire.  It was a great stunt and satisfied Rule 1 of direct response marketing, the Wow Factor.  Even though there are bold disclaimers about trying this at home, I know what's coming.  Teenagers, morons and fools are going to buy Cold Fire and put it to the test.  I hope it works or there are going to be lines at the Emergency Room door.

Overall, the season Premiere of Pitchmen was great and they really didn't miss a beat without Billy Mays. I think it is safe to say that we are in for a whole slew of silly As Seen On TV products this year, but a few like Cold Fire Extinguishers are life savers.

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