Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Style Snaps

I'm pretty happy to see Style Snaps hit the market because I think they are a pretty brilliant idea. It is more or less an instant hemming machine without the machine. What I do not like is that they are being sold as an As Seen On TV product which a lot of people think leads to deceptive sales tactics.
But let us focus on what Style Snaps do before we jump to any conclusions about their marketing campaigns. Like most Seen On TV products, these also provide an easy fix for a common problem that we might not even be aware we have. However, in this case, I'm very aware of the problem I have with hemming pants and skirts and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.
The idea here is that you can stick these snaps inside of your garments and clip them together instantly forming a hem. It allows you to shorten pant lengths to fit the height of any shoe which hasn't been done well in the past. I can't think of a single product which can provide a temporary hem that only takes a few seconds to do.
There are a few drawbacks and the first is that it is not so easy to line these things up correctly. It will take a little practice before you get the hang of it but since they are reusable, there isn't really any damage when you pull them on and off trying to move them around on the garment.
The other problem, at least for me, is that although you they are correct when they say you can hem anything, the instant alteration does not look that great. I like that nice stitched denim hem in my jeans and you cannot get that with this product. So it does the job but doesn't look professional.
But, other than that, and the tricky as seen on TV ordering process, these things are pretty good and you get a bunch of them in the package. Just as with the perfect fit button, some people will love them and some will hate them but they definitely deliver on the promises made in the ad.
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