Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Rx Locker Seen On Pitchmen

Recently I poked a little fun at the Rx Locker being featured on Episode 3 of Pitchmen. Perhaps I shouldn't have because this product deals with a very serious issue. Drug Abuse. Now, I jumped on this thing as I do with all As Seen On TV products because that's what I do and let's face it, most infomercials are a bit silly.
My angle was more aimed at Pitchman Anthony Sullivan and his style, but for the show this is also a serious issue. Sullivan lost his business partner Billy Mays last year due in part to Cocaine use and Sully has gone out of his way to bring attention to the issue using the popularity of the Pitchmen Series. I applaud him for that and will leave the lampooning to more deserving product because everyone should at least be aware of the Rx Locker.
The Rx Locker is a tiny strong box with a secret combination lock that is big enough to hold several prescription pill bottles and send a strong message that the contents inside are no joke.  Once I published my article on Rx Locker, the inventor Kevin Alan took the time to respond with some very constructive criticism and I will publish it here so everyone can read it and understand that Rx Locker is in demand by both the Direct Response, Retail and Pharmacy industries. This thing is going to be a huge help to parents.
Email I Received From Rx Locker
I'd like to introduce myself, I am Kevin Alan the inventor of the Rx Locker and I want to thank you for featuring Rx Locker on your Hub page. I noticed you have some information on your site that is slightly incorrect. I will mention to you the issues and I would appreciate if you would correct them. Please feel free to use these details in a revision of your article.
#1. Rx Locker is currently for sale in 7,800 Walgreens stores, over 4,200 CVS Stores and select Bed Bath and Beyond stores, as well as many regional pharmacies across the country. It is selling very well in those stores. We have 40’ containers full coming in every month.
#2. Rx Locker isn’t easy to break into by hand at all, send me your address and I’ll send you a sample to try for yourself!
#3. Dr. Drew says “Addicts will always find a way to get drugs.” Only a kid that is addicted to drugs is going to break an Rx Locker (or any lock box) because they know they will get caught. If they can’t break into it they will just go to the neighbor’s house or their friends houses etc. The Rx Locker is not impenetrable and that is it’s best design feature. Once it’s broken you know there is a problem and you can get your kid help because you know they need it. If they want to get in but they can’t, you still have a problem you just don’t know it…
#4. Dr. Drew has treated thousands of people with addictions and HE says that the Rx Locker is the best product. Why?? Because it is affordable for everyone, provides a deterrent and is a early warning system… More people trust Dr Drew and after becoming good friends with him over the last months I know I do!
Kevin Alan
Locker Brand Inc.
So you see, while it's fun to make fun, there are some infomercial products out there that are really designed to save lives. But, don't think humor is lost on Alan, wait til his episode of Pitchmen airs and find out what a lock, an 800lb Grizzly Bear and a cupcake have in common. And no, it's not to get to the other side, it's the Fridge Locker,but you'll have to wait on this one. Trust me, it's worth it.

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