Monday, February 7, 2011

Don't Forget Your Grill Glove

Saying you truly never know what you have until it's gone may sound silly but it's true. And that's exactly how I feel regarding my Grill Glove.  I made the mistake of going a Super Bowl party filled Packers and Steelers fans.  I usually like watch these big games at home because I afraid I'll miss too mcuh of the action.  However, I figured these diehard football fans were worth the risk because I've been watching their tailgating exploits for years.  The fans of both teams are known for their tailgating so I expected a lot from them.

I may have been a little too quick to give theses guys such props.  I'm not denying they are great fans but they were true amateurs when it came to using the barbeque. It was requested that I bring some main course food but what I should have brought was my grill gloves.  We had plenty of chicken, steaks and ribs but not enough space on the grill to get them cooked in an efficient manner.  I've been able to shed almost all my utensils since I started using the grill glove.  The only thing you can't do with is cut your food.

None of this was any of my concern until somebody asked me to be the master of the grill. I wasn't looking for the honor but I really couldn't turn it down. But here's where realized how great the Grill Glove. Once you've used it control your cooking space, it is hard to use anything else.  As the grill master, my Super Bowl experience took a turn for the worse.

I did take a little comfort in the fact that this was temporary and I truly appreciated the glove I would have brought had I know I was cooking. I've become accustomed to putting my gloved hand right in the flames without getting burned and this was not something I could do today.  Besides feeling safer around the flames, the design is what lets you control the food better.  You never need to use a spatula to flip or a fork to serve.  Just grab the food and toss it on a bun or a plate.  It is a more efficient process, especially on the go.

Had I had any reason to suspect that I might had the only skills at the party to properly man the grill, I would have planned ahead and brought along my handy accessory and made my life a lot easier.  I could have spent some more time watching Clay Matthews causing fumbles or Hinds Ward making tough catches

Just that fact that you can clean it with ease makes it better than any traditional glove or oven mitt. When you think about all of the old burnt on food particles staining every pot holder in America it is pretty gross. So it is strange that nobody thought about developing such a product in the past but since it's here now I'm hoping that more people will find out about it. It would have been nice to have had one during today's big game.  I missed a lot of big plays in the first quarter trying to dole out the brats with the tongs.

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