Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reviewing The Perfect Punch

There have been several recent perfect punch online in the recent months but few mention one of the best features of the product.  I'm thrilled that you can now train MMA without any pain!

If you train a lot, especially if you do a lot of bag work, you will start to accumulate little injuries.  But, you need to hit the bag in order to create your improve strength and hone your technique. Jay Glazer's perfect punch allows you to do MMA training while making the most out of your bag work by eliminating it.  You really shouldn't be using MMA gloves to hit the heavy bag in the first place but let's face it, if that's what we have, that's what we use.  Standard MMA gloves simply don't contain enough padding to handle all the shock we put on the hands and wrists.

In fact, with Jay Glazer's Perfect Punch you don't have to hit anything at all but can get an even more thorough workout than if you were hitting a bag.  First, if you are training allot then you know it becomes increasingly more difficult to punch yourself to exhaustion because you become used to hitting the bag.  The no impact progressive resistance will actually slow your punches down but require more force to complete your striking motion.  As a result you will tire quicker.

The next reason it is so much better than heavy bag work is that there is no bag at all.  Think about it, how many times do you actually make impact during a bag session?  A lot, and the accumulation of impacts takes its toll on your wrists and hands no matter strong you may be.  So being able to work on technique, speed and power without a single blow should be very intriguing.  Especially without fear of any injury.  No impact is just means no impact and regardless if you are currently injured or just trying to prevent a new one, you will not need any recovery time after using the perfect punch.  Sustaining injuries during heavy bag training can ruin your training schedule.

Many other reasons to use the Perfect Punch MMA training system have been mentioned in other online reviews but I wanted to make sure that people understand how important a no impact training alternative actually is.  But, don't dismiss this as an easy workout routine.  Avoiding impact does not mean you can't get the same, if not more, benefits.  The fifteen minute sessions which come with the system are easy to understand but extremely challenging to do.  Even the most experienced fighters will have trouble completing them which leads me to believe in the value of this as a fitness tool.

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