Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Perfect Punch review

It is getting close to the end of 2010 and this when I like to put my best of’s product reviews. 2010 was a stellar year the stupid, and the more stupid. It was a time when we the bad get worse. But in the As Seen On TV fitness world we saw the tough get tougher.

My As Seen On TV fitness pick is Jay Glazer’s Perfect Punch. It released late in 2010 and it is so good, I’m going to name it the product of the year, red shirt, and let it start all over in 2011 and win the product of the year then too. It’s that good! Why?

The way I judge a product is not that hard and requires no statistical analysis. My main criteria for choosing the Perfect Punch to be the best was the fact that I did not hate it. That is how bad the products were this year. But the punch is different and deserves some attention.

Perfect Punch is just plain cool and therefore the marketers will not have to trick people into buying it. They will run some ads, offer great deals online and masses will want this thing. The reason you ask? Again it is simple.

Real professional fighters, be it MMA or boxers, actually use the Perfect Punch to increase their punching speed, work on their technique and develop greater punching power. Fighters are tough and very fit. I seriously doubt that any tough guy with a fight on the line would use a product that makes him less tough. And that alone will be the basis of the demand for this product.

One of the most important factors in training is doing effective reps. Repetition is crucial for success and that is why you see fighters training tirelessly. The Perfect Punch system will allow fighters to get the most out of each rep and this can translate into victory in the ring.

So now, we too can be a the top of our game as well. We don’t have to get into the ring but the makers of the Perfect Punch have devised a way to bring punching training to the masses in an easy to do and inexpensive way. You use your MMA Training Gloves as instructed and you punch your way to fitness. The low impact workout is based on progressive resistance repetitions and it is a killer. It will wipe you out but the reps aren’t hard to do. You might even think the punches are too easy but once you do about five you will recant that thought. It is the aerobic training and the punching motion that will do you in but I guarantee you will enjoy this workout. It is different than any thing out in the marketplace right now.

The perfect punch is a completely new workout program. This is not some old workout machine that is painted a new color and resold to the public through infomercials. This is an innovative workout system which will change the way you workout and motivate you to stay in shape. The concept is based on simple shadow boxing technique but Jay Glazer has updated the training to relate to today’s modern MMA Fighters.

As I mentioned above this is a brand new release but it really is the best thing to happen in fitness in 2010. I imagine the marketing will heat up in 2011 and we will begin to see commercials and offers everywhere. As much as I enjoy making fun of infomercial products there is really nothing here to lampoon. The Perfect Punch is the real deal and I’m glad I found it.

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