Friday, July 30, 2010

I Want It : The Fushigi Gravity Ball

Everyone is talking about this new As Seen On TV fushigi ball.  The ads are amazing and they show what looks like a magic ball floating in the air.  But, it is not really magic.  It is more of a mix between a trick and an illusion.

I had to see the ad a few times before I could finally remember the name but while researching online for information I realized this was just standard contact juggling.  I managed to find similar products for sale everywhere but couldn't seem to find a retailer selling this Fushigi Gravity Ball.  People have been doing contact juggling since the 1980's but there has never been a toy marketed to teach the basics.  The current popularity of Fushigi will quickly change this and we will see a ton of new contact jugglers.

After some exhaustive searches into contact juggling I finally found a place to order my Fushigi ball and waited with baited breadth until it arrived.  The DVD it comes with explains and demonstrates a lot of the basics so it is definitely worth watching.  What I noticed right off the bat was that there wasn't anything magical about Fushigi.  You can perform the movements with any ball it just looks a bit cooler done with this the Fushigi.  I'm happy I have the fushigi ball because everything looks more like a performance art than it does with a softball.

I would say at this point that learning the basics of contact juggling is not hard, but requires a ton of patience and a lot of practice.  The people we see in the commercial are definitely experts and have had to have been juggling for a long time.  But learning fushigi is entirely possible and picking up the basics is achievable for anyone.

I have yet to meet anyone who has seen the Fushig and not fallen completely in love with it.  It is amazing to see it in action and the reactions of people are priceless.  It captures the imagination of young and old alike whether you are performing or just watching.  I expect to see a run on this product and by Christmas it will the most popular toy on the market.

But, as of now, you can only order the fushigi online.  There are absolutely no stores which carry this thing.  So, if you choose to order keep the following in mind.  This is an As Seen On TV product and it will have a shipping charge.  Be careful when you are filling out the order form and make sure to opt out of any bonus items or up sells.  If you pay attention to what you are doing your purchase should be pretty straight forward.

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