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A Natural Solution For Hair Loss Sufferers

Hair Loss Natural Remedies

People are always wanting to learn about new Hair Loss Natural Remedies, especially if they work. Unfortunately, there are only three drugs and hair transplants known to work and even these have their drawbacks.

Hair loss drugs only serve to slow down the progression of hair loss and there is little evidence that they actually can grow hair.  The Hair surgeries are nearly 100% effective but they only create an illusion of a full head of hear. Brilliant as they are, they are merely a cosmetic cover up.  The human head has about 100,000 hairs and about 60,000 on the top, front and crown. As we lose this hair there is no way to replace it hair for hair. Perhaps in the future techniques such as hair multiplication might provide the solution for such a problem but like so many hair loss remedies, this option is still years down the road.

So if we are looking to stop the progress of our thinning hair,what can we do? Presently, there is no known cure but there are treatments which can help put you in the best possible position to maintain, possibly regrow your hair.  The information I provide here will be helpful.

Luckily, I have effectively managed to dramatically slow down my hair loss and keep myself from balding. I use several different methods and in my opinion they all help. As a collective these things really do the trick but honestly I have no idea which my methods are actually working best for me because I refuse to break my regiment just to test to. So there will be more things to try than just what I'm referring to here and those are for later articles. Right now we are going to focus on a Hair Loss Natural remedy involving equol production.

Equol has been proven over the years to help reduce DHT, a major contributor to male pattern baldness, in the blood stream. To make a long story short, it turns out that high soy consumption help produce equol in people who are not natural equol producers and in turn help lower the DHT present in the bloodstream.  This has tremendous benefits in the battle of hair loss.

Just increasing soy is not enough. Taken in conjunction with some other natural ingredients the effect of soy as an equol producer is greatly enhanced. In fact, several studies on this exact subject have turned in great results regarding hair loss when Soy is combined with Green Tea and very specific Pro-Biotics.

This is great news for hair loss sufferers but what does it really mean. Is there a new natural hair loss remedy on the market? Well yes and no. There are companies making products which mimic these studies but you can easily buy your own vitamins and supplements and combine to put yourself in the best position to increase your equol and lower DHT.

Here is my exact regiment in order so you can try it if you want to. You can find the general ingredients in a health food or vitamin store but it is hard to find the brand I like all in the same place so I prefer to buy online to save money off of retail and get exactly what I want. I will give you ordering instructions in case you want to save 25% off the retail try and get an additional $5 off your first purchase from this online Vitamin Shoppe.

Equol Producing Natural Hair Loss Remedy

  1. 1 LifeExtensions Sea Iodine Capsule
  2. 1 LifeExtensions Mega Green Tea Capsule
  3. 1 LifeExtenions Soy Isoflavones Capsule
  4. 2 LifeExtensions Enhanced Digestive Enzymes with Pro-biotics

Although not mentioned in the study, there is some evidence that the capsaicin present in cayenne pepper enhances the positive effects soy has on hair growth.  As a result, I include 1 Cayenne Pepper pill with the regiment above.

Get $5 Off This Hair Loss Remedy

As I stated before there is an easy and convenient way to get the above regiment. We all want to get these in our hot little hands as soon as we hear about them but like I said, it's not always easy to find all the ingredients in one store. Where I live it is hard to find a place that carries a full line of LifeExtensions products which is what I prefer.

So I order online and the full regiment costs me only $66 as opposed to $78 retail. Shipping is very cheap(something like $3) and it always comes in under 5 business day. I order from Iherb. In fact Iherb has just about every vitamin and supplement under the sun. I order my vitamin C, fish oil and essential oils too.

Simply Go to Iherb and search the name of the products above and you will find them cheaper than in any store. To get $5 of your first order just use the Coupon Code : LAT159

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