Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wonder File

Wonder File - Desktop Filing Organizer
Introducing Wonder File, the ingenious filing organizer that converts any space into a neatly organized workplace. This clear, four-corner filing system organizes important documents where you can easily see and find them at your convenience. Store your files, pads and folders in the large center pocket…even a laptop computer will fit right in there. The Wonder File’s smooth writing surface gives you the ability to get work done neatly, quickly and efficiently with everything at your fingertips. The concealed zippered pocket can hide and protect all your important documents from prying eyes.

But…best of all…when you’re done, just conveniently store your work and Wonder File folds right up into an easily portable size. Take it anywhere to create a convenient workspace anytime it’s necessary! Or, store it in a drawer for convenient access as you need it.

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