Monday, July 12, 2010

Wonder Woman Should Have Used Bark Off

Wonder Woman Needs Bark Off

I wondered how long this would take until we got our first major dog barking court case after the advent of the Bark Off Dog Silencer. It really didn't take long.

It's pretty funny that with all her Super Powers Wonder Woman herself, Linda Carter, couldn't keep her dog quiet. I don't mean to make fun of the situation but it is great example of how dog barking and the annoyances it causes can escalate and wind up in a courtroom.

Carter has denied a charge from her neighbors that she allowed her dog's barking to disturb her neighbors in her Maryland community. But a judge from Montgomery County District Court found Lind Carter not guilty of the infraction.

Her neighbor though, the annoyed Chrissellene Petropoulos said she was disturbed all hours by Wonder Woman's Lab who wouldn't stop barking. She claims to have sent emails to no avail so wound up calling animal services.

'Wonder Woman' actress beats barking dog charge

By KATHLEEN MILLER (AP) – 1 day ago

WASHINGTON — The actress who played Wonder Woman on TV in the 1970s has deflected a charge that she allowed her dog's barking to disturb neighbors in an upscale Maryland community outside Washington. A Montgomery County District Court judge found Lynda Carter Altman not guilty last week of the municipal infraction.

Neighbor Chrissellene Petropoulos says she was disturbed at all hours by barking from Altman's Labrador retriever. Petropoulos said she tried calling and e-mailing Altman to ask her to bring her dog inside, and eventually called animal services.

The case was eventually dismissed because there was know hard proof that there was any wrong doing. It was a "he barked, she said" type of case.

We all no Wonder Woman has super powers and if a dog is bothering her she can just get into her invisible jet and fly away, but as a super nothing I can relate to Petropoulos and I feel for her.  You don't start writing emails and ending up in court unless you can't find a way to stop dog barking. If it was minor, it probably would have been no big deal. So suspect this dog got her every last nerve as it would a lot of people who have to love next door to other super heroes like Batman, Spiderman or Kobe Bryant.

So whats the solution when the Judge is obviously on the take? Well, consider a dog silencer like Bark Off.  This type of dog silencer is a small battery operated ultrasonic device which releases a signal when it picks up dog barking.  The ultrasonic signal serves to interrupt the dog's barking pattern and quiet them down.

Bark Off only costs $10 and though it only has a range of 30 feet it does work indoors or out. Perhaps Petropoulos can get a few, flip the switch and place it right by the property fence and keep that teach that Lab a lesson.

Good luck Crisselleen.

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