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Does Bark Off Work : A Bark Off Review

Does Bark Off Work?

Here's something you don't see every day. An as seen on TV product which gets a customer that's stellar. I love bark off and apparently I'm not the only one. We know it might not work for every dog, but those whose dogs react to the ultrasonic signal love the results. Here is the review in its entirety and to find visit this site for those who want to know does bark off work.

Unlike me, most people don’t have twenty-one dogs running around on their property but like me, most people who own dogs know how obnoxious loud barking can be. At first we would try using spray bottles but if we became absent minded and left the bottle(s) where the dogs could reach, that would be the end of the bottle(s). Aside from yelling or shushing them, there really wasn’t anything we thought we could do about it. We eventually just let them be and became used to it. Except when guests came over, the volume of their barking seemed to go up many notches. It is very embarrassing when you have to practically yell at your house guest just to hear what they’re saying for the first five to ten minutes of their visit.

The first time I saw a Bark Off commercial, I was sitting around watching late night television with my best friend. When the commercial was almost over her said, “What do you think of that?” I laughed and replied, “I don’t know…I doubt it really works.” He laughed with me and added, “For ten dollars? It sure as hell isn’t going to work.”

It wasn’t hard to put the commercial into the back of my mind and practically forget about it. About a week ago while I was shopping with my mom, she stopped to look at a display that had only As Seen on TV items. After browsing for a while, she came upon Bark Off and she exclaimed, “Hey! Do you think this will work?” I just shrugged but said she could get it if she wanted.

We ended up at my grandma’s house and instantly decided to try it on her dogs since we were there. Of course we had to wait for them to bark but that wasn’t too hard, they bark at anybody and everybody who walks by the house. We turned it on and immediately they went quiet. Two of them decided to go for a couple test barks. After the first bark, they paused to listen for the noise they had heard. Then they barked again and then paused to listen once more. That’s all it took for them to remain quiet for a few hours. Later when they forgot about it and got excited over someone jogging down the street, we turned it on again. Once again they immediately stopped barking to try to find the high frequency that rang out. This time they didn’t test it, they just silently watched the guy go past that house.

When we got home and greeted our twenty-one dogs, we were of course very excited and nervous about trying it out. After all, our logic tells us that even though dogs’ ears are very sensitive they couldn’t possibly hear the Bark Off when ALL of them are barking at once. To our amazement, when the opportunity struck, it completely worked.

Bark Off is definitely a product worth buying. Especially since the price is so affordable right now.

Rating: 10 (SA Johnson

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