Saturday, November 13, 2010

Butterball Turkey Fryer Get Consumer Reports Nod

So for the couple of weeks I have not been able to turn on the television without seeing the Butterball Turkey Fryer infomercial. Normally, As Seen On TV products come with high hopes but low expectations. And until now that was my approach to this indoor turkey fryer.

I just get wind of the nod given to the butterball by Consumer Reports so all my apprehension was laid to rest. The drawbacks of Turkey Fryers have always related to safety issues. The consumer reports review proves the butterball is safe and the turkey comes out delicious.

There has been some dispute about whether to use a propane fryer or something electric and I'm thinking that electric is the way to go. We constantly hear news stories around the Holidays about how some ding dong burned their house down while trying to fry a turkey. Now not only do we have a safer alternative with the Butterball Turkey Fryer, we actually can use it indoors. Here is the consumer reports video review so you can see more about this electric turkey fryer.

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