Monday, November 22, 2010

Easy Feet The As Seen On TV Foot Scrubber

I have had my Easy Feet Foot Scrubber for nearly a month now and I really like it. But until now I would not say that having it was a necessity. Sure it is fun, a bit luxurious and does a fine job cleaning the foot, but it is not something you cannot live without.

But taking all of the above into account, I feel like I have to amend my feelings a bit. The Easy Feet certainly can become a necessity when you suffer an injury. Last Friday I played weekend warrior and took a hike in central California. I managed to climb over boulders,scale along some cliffs and march through a swollen river before I began to fall onto a cactus. From there is got worse. I ended up falling, sliding and tripping at least a dozen times and by day's end I was a mess.

I managed to wipe off the blood and walk out of the canyon feeling alright but by the following day I felt like a 200 year old man. There were aches and pains in parts of my body I never even new I had. The bumps and bruises were tolerable but both of my knees were bloodied and when they scabbed over it was very hard to bend them. Can you see where I'm going with this?

All of the sudden having the Easy Feet Foot Scrubber in my shower was a miracle. I never realized how tricky it was to clean my feet until I physically couldn't do it. Not only could I not bend down and touch my toes due to the stiffness in my back and hamstrings, I could barely lift my foot an inch off the ground.  There was no way I could give my feet a proper washing even if I had wanted to.  So that fact that I could just slide my foot around in the Easy Feet and let the bristles do their job was one of the most joyful experiences I could have imagined while being in such tremendous pain.

I'm not suggesting that you hurl yourself over a cliff so you can enjoy using your easy feet, but what I am suggesting is that for those who are elderly or handicapped the Easy Feet foot scrubber might make a once impossible struggle in the tub something very simple. Good hygiene is important and as we age keeping our feet clean and healthy is even more important.  Easy Feet helps exfoliate dry and dead skin while providing a thorough cleaning.

As Seen On TV products are famous for their silly ads and over the top claims but the fact remains that if these companies identify a widespread problem and then provide a simple solution at the right price, then they can easily have the next smash hit on their hands. I have a feeling we will be seeing Easy Feet in stores for a long time to come.

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