Monday, November 15, 2010

Butterball Turkey Fryer Deemed Safe

I am so happy to hear about the Butterball Turkey Fryer being a safe alternative to traditional turkey fryers.  If this is true, then the holidays will become a lot less dangerous.  It turns out that the leading cause of home fires and injury is due to cooking.

Every year we average about 2,000 home fires on Thanksgiving here in the United States.  Also an average of 5 people will die as a result.  Most of these fires happen during prime cooking time and are directly related to preparation of the Thanksgiving Meal.

Nobody knows for sure why this happens each year but it is reasonable to assume that people are not operating in a safe cooking environment and they don't know how to safely operate their appliances.  Add to this all the advertising of turkey fryers and you have a recipe for disaster.  But now the Butterball is here and is safe and very simple to use.

Perhaps the best feature of the Butterball is that is electric.  Propane fryers are responsible for the majority of accidents we see. Because it is electric it can be used indoor and its small size certainly helps.  It uses much less oil than traditional fryers and it cooks in under an hour.

One of the biggest dangers involved with turkey fryers is the propensity for them to spill or splatter oil.  This is especially dangerous when inserting or removing the turkey.  The splatter can cause fire if it comes in contact with the flame and can easily burn human flesh.  However, the butterball avoids this by being completely enclosed and obviously being flameless.

I mentioned the unit is small but I have to point out that it is very sturdy.  It fits perfectly on any kitchen counter because it lays flat on the surface.  Keep in mind that most propane units sit on a base or stand which can collapse under the heavy weight of the hot oil.

Another reason it is safe is due to the maximum temperature control of the oil. Did you know that oil has vapors and these vapors can ignite at 375 degrees.  Having a max temperature control keeps this disaster from happening.  Who knew?

When you think about it there are so many variables which could take a turn for the worse while using a turkey fryer.  In my opinion this is why the Butterball is making such a monumental splash this season.  For any doubters out there, you will be pleased to find out that Consumer Reports did a feature on the Butterball Turkey Fryer and they gave it rave reviews.

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