Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Easy Feet Foot Care System

Easy Feet is a NEW revolution foot care solution. Easy feet is like a shoe with over a thousand bristles to massage and clean the top and bottom, with a built-in pumice stone for rough, cracked heels. Just secure it to any shower, tub or wall surface. Easy Feet’s unique design not only cleans your feet, massages and gently exfoliates and eliminates dirt, but also most importantly, cleans in between your toes. So make dry ugly skin a thing of the past; Easy Feet will change the way you bath or shower for years to come. Turn each shower into a foot spa with Easy Feet.

Easy feet is great for senior citizens and those with special needs as there’s no risk of falling and no bending. Easy Feet is perfect for athletes of all ages; to eliminate that foot odor. Don’t get into bed and dirty your sheets when it only takes a minute to use Easy Feet.

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