Saturday, May 15, 2010

Belly Burner Belt Reviews

Belly Burner Belt

I don't think this belly burner belt can really work but commercial was one of the most intriguing As Seen On TV ads I'd seen in awhile. I like any type of workout that promises to be easy and the Belly Burner Belt is something you just put on and it starts to work. Well that is if it works at all.

I rushed to read some belly burner reviews online but really couldn't find any that were more than just spam so I new I would have to bite the bullet on this one all by myself. So I found a place to buy belly burner and waited for it's arrival.

I'm a big fan of other As Seen On TV exercise equipment because if you use it correctly it usually works. It seems that each product targets a particular type of dissatisfaction people have with their body and gets right to correcting it. But, I've yet to find a product that will whip you into shape on it's own. You generally have to do at least a little work. Further, most products are just a way to enhance a more complete workout. Anyone who thinks they can order something off the television and never lift a finger again is sadly mistaken. So far my favorite easy ab workout has been with the Ab Circle Pro, which I continue to use with great results.

For me the jury is still out on this contraption, maybe some of you have some feedback?

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