Saturday, May 29, 2010

Freedom Alert Medical Alarm

FREEDOM ALERT 911--911 On Call

Parental Safety
I'm getting to the age where I'm starting to worry about my parents safety, not only from a health standpoint, but for their physical well-being as well.  They are getting to be the age where falling poses a real threat to their lives.  Many of the elderly that fall get pneumonia related illnesses during their recovery period from which they don't recover. Thirty per cent of the people over 65 fall every year, and 28% of those who don't receive timely help will die as a direct result of that fall.  Scary!!  So when the Freedom Alert 911 commercial came on an As Seen on TV spot, I immediately thought of my parents.

The Freedom Alert 911 Unit
The Freedom Alert 911 emergency alert system is really just a small speakerphone and a base station that plugs into a phone line.  The speakerphone is usually worn as a pendant on a neck chain, or it may be worn on a wristband or on a belt clip…all of which come with the system.  We can choose up to three numbers to program into the speakerphone that will dial at the touch of the appropriate button.   The system can also be programmed so that the speakerphone will dial one of four phone number choices we selected ending with the 911 number if none of the previous numbers answer.  Freedom Alert 911 keeps dialing until someone answers.   As my parents are still active, we ordered two so each one could wear one.

Operation and Range
The speakerphone's AAA battery will need need changing every few months.  The battery test button feature is great to make sure it's fully charged and ready to communicate with the base.  Speaking of batteries, the base station has a battery back-up so that it's always operable, even in the event of a power outage.  Mom and Dad really like the fact that if they are within 600 feet of the base station, the speakerphone will communicate with it and they have emergency assistance available.  The 600 foot coverage means they can go outside, putter in the yard, and still have the security of the Freedom Alert 911 coverage.

Forming the Freedom Alert 911 Habit
At first it was hard to get them in the habit of putting the pendants on when they returned home and walked in from the garage.  It took just a few times of me phoning with a reminder (nagging) to take The Freedom Alerts off the hook by door and slip them on.  As it's splash resistant, they've even got into the habit of wearing them in the shower...a very smart move!
Mom & Dad have the security of Freedom Alert 911 for a one time purchase of about $360 with no service contracts or monthly fees to keep up with.  Not only does it provide them with the ability to reach someone quickly in case of an emergency, but it really gives me some peace of mind as well...and you can't put a dollar amount on that!

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