Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mighty Fix It Colored Duct Tape

This Mighty fixit silicon tape is awesome! It is made of a thin, water-proof silicone and UL listed at 8000 volts. Being silicone, it not only sticks to the surface to which it's applied, but as you wrap it on itself, it forms a water tight, air tight seal that is heat resistant. The Mighty Fixit silicone tape comes in a roll that you unwind, cut to whatever length you need, and stretch to activate. You're now ready to wrap it firmly around most any surface to seal or mend.

The minute I got my order I went nuts, taping up everything I could find. I have a computer cord that has been repaired several times with the old electrical friction tape. After stripping off the old tape, I wound the Mighty Fixit Silicone tape snugly around the torn insulation, it fused to the cord, and formed a nice, smooth repair. I also used the Mighty Fixit tape on an old garden hose, and now have a non-leaking hose, even when the nozzle is off and the hose is under pressure. I used the black tape for the computer cord and the green tape for the hose, so you have to really look to notice the repairs. After taping the computer cord and the hose with the mighty fixit along with everything else i could find in the house I ran out to the car, fortunately I guess nothing there was in need so I went to the garage and wrapped up the handle bars on my bike and kids bike and it feels like a good grip. if you need anything taped give me a call cuz I am hooked!

The shipping did take awhile but I must say it was well worth the wait. This tape is great! This is for sure an As seen on TV winner in my book. Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday I managed to fix a wire which connected to my headlight and it was awesome.

For about two years my right front headlight has been flickering then burning out and of course it's out of warranty. The fine folks at BMW tell me I need a whole new unit but I knew it was a bad wire which works its way out of the connection. I was able to insert it into the plastic piece that plugs the headlight wires to the electrical wires delivering the charge to the light and wrap it very tightly. I now cannot move and wiggle free. I kept saying that all that was required to fix the problem was a new plastic piece but they insisted I needed a whole new unit. It was $760 by the way and I've fixed it for pennies. Even if the Mighty Fixit silicone tape doesn't last long, I can rewrap it and my light will work fine.

There are countless things you can do with your Mighty Fixit tape and new projects will reveal themselves every day. Be on the lookout for the commercial and pick some up. You'll love it!

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