Monday, May 24, 2010

Emery Cat Claw Trimmer Review

All you feline fans, listen up! The as seen on TV product Emery Cat Board claims to help out with keeping your cat’s nails trimmed while giving your cat some fun; two things that usually don’t mix. We wanted to see just how well the Emery Cat Board worked, so we took it to the experts: Trouble and Jake at the Mesa County Animal Services.

Director Penny McCarty spoke on their be half and helped out with the test. “We have seen them use it,” she said. After reading the directions, it was time to give it a try. But cats are interesting creatures and some things just have to be on their own terms, so we gave the two over the weekend to get acquainted with the product.

“From what we saw in that short time, I think that it is a tool that could be effective for cat owners,” said McCarty.

The product is easy to use, coming with catnip to entice your feline, along with a very popular toy. “That draws them over there and then they realize that that feels good and it lets them scratch,” said McCarty.

The boards can be traded out too, after your cat gets some good scratches in, or naps, depending on the time of day.

McCarty also believes the emery board is the way to go to trim those nails. Although it is not a quick fix, but in some time it will do the trick. “What it’s going for is an ongoing process, and what it’s going for, I honestly think it could work for that,” said McCarty.

Trouble and Jake agree. They seemed to like board, especially the perks that come with it, like the catnip and toy. So after spending some time with Emery Cat Board, and seeing just how well it works, McCarty rates it?

“I’d probably give it a four. Yes, I think it worked pretty well,” she said.

With a price tag of just under $20.00, the cat scratcher seems like a small price to pay for your favorite feline’s health and happiness.  ( Ashley Soukup - KREXTV )

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