Monday, May 31, 2010

The Ab Mini Circle Arrives

The Ab Circle  Mini Box was not heavy or huge so getting it up the stairs was not a issue. When I opened the box it looked like it was packed well and would be easy enough to pack back up in case I was unhappy with the product.

As I was pulling the Ab Circle Mini out of box I was pleasantly surprised by what I felt, weight, it felt solid coming out of the box. Kind of like the difference of holding a macbook pro versus a gateway laptop. I am by no means comparing the ab circle mini to a macbook pro but you get what I am mean.

Out of the box comes the base, armbar and a box of parts with the manual, DVD and bonus nutrition guide.

The Ab Circle Mini has a simple step of directions for you to review, but if you layout the few pieces and take a glance at the picture you will know exactly what to do. i was never one for directions anyways.

The Ab Circle Mini Comes with two tools for assembly, a small wrench and a L-end tool.

Step One: Attach front legs to ab circle mini with bolts and washers. The body of the ab circle mini and the legs are clearly labeled L and R for right and left so you can’t screw that up.Insert Caps on the Front Legs. Total Time: 2 to 3 minutes

Step Two: Insert the handle bar and put in the pin. Total Time: 3 seconds

Step Three: Twist on floor arm. Total Time: 5 seconds

Take a quick minute to review you ab circle mini bolts, footer caps and handle bar arm pin is all tight and good to go.

That is it from there you can drop in your knee pads and switch the pin to whatever setting you wanted to get started with. As JNL says, “pop, drop and lock”!

Total Assembly Time under 5 minutes!

s the Ab Circle Mini really portable?

I am not sure of the exact weight of the Ab Circle Mini. I looked through the material and did not see specs on the weight of the unit. I can tell you this is feels like a solid machine yet it is very easy to pick up. Most individuals should have no problem what so ever moving it around. I can easily pick the unit up from the handle bars with just two fingers. and move it to where every I want to get in my workout.

So the Ab Circle Mini is very portable and would be easy to put in a car or truck if you wanted to take your workout with you on the road for travelers who like to stay active

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