Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Personal Emergency Response System

A Personal Emergency Response System

The idea of a personal emergency response system is getting more popular every day. I keep seeing press releases for Freedom Alert and a few others. It appears that Freedom Alert is the one everyone is talking these days so I'm trying to figure out why.

First, if you see media for the Freedom Alert and the Freedom Alert Pendant, they are the same thing. I guess people call these Personal Emergency Response Systems whatever the want but anything with Freedom Alert in the name is the emergency response system by LogicMark.

You may know LogicMark from the successful Guardian Alert device, which older, less expensive no frills version of the Freedom Alert system.  The Guardian Alert was a great little device, and LogicMark is obviously cashing in on its success by taking the Freedom Alert to the next level.

All personal emergency response systems are not the same but for the price, the Freedom Alert seems to have the most bang for the buck. But what is really important is, will the Freedom Alert do what it's supposed to. And that is, summon help in an emergency. Well, if used properly, it certainly should.

This particular personal emergency response unit can be worn as a pendant or around the wrist and at the first sign of trouble can be activated to bring help. My only issue with the Freedom Alert is that it's not something you can take out of the house and have let's say in the park or shopping center. The base of the unit remains in the house attached to the phone line so you are really only protected in and around the house. That's not to say this makes the Freedom Alert Emergency Response System a waste of time but it needs to be understood that it doesn't provide the ability to call for help when you are outside the home.

Everyone worried about not being able to call for help around the house should have some sort of portable personal emergency response system and knowing how each one works, what it does and what it does not do, will go a long way in helping determine what device is right for you.

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