Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ab Exercises Just Got Easier

Jenifer Nicole Lee's New Baby!
Well...actually she calls it her "grandbaby"!  The Ab Mini Circle is actually the next generation of the Ab Circle Pro that JNL introduced awhile back.   With the Mini Circle introduction sale of over 25,000 units at HSN's launch, it's obvious that she has a winner in this new abdominal exercise machine.

Who is JNL?
If you're not familiar with Jennifer Nicole Lee, she's an internationally famous fitness expert who once struggled with a weight problem herself. Enroute to her phenominal success, she lost seventy pounds of flab while developing exercise routines and professional equipment for weight loss and muscle toning.   She has shared her personal weight loss experience on national talk shows including Oprah, Inside Edition, The CBS Early Morning Show, The Big Idea with Donny Duetsch, Fox & Friends.  You've probably seen her on the covers of over 17 magazines, and has been the topic of numerous editorials and published features.

She is a "bigger than life" leader in the fitness and wellness industry, and CEO of her multi-million dollar empire, JNL, Inc.  Thanks to her #1 global hit, the Ab Circle Pro, JNL is appearing on TV in over 100 different countries,  her voiced being dubbed in over 20 different languages.  JNL is not just some hired talent for the Ab Circle Pro. She is part partner, creator, and designer of the Ab Circle Pro, which is currently ranked #1 worldwide as the best selling exercise equipment to date.

Enter the Ab Circle Mini
Even though the Ab Circle Pro has and continues to have incredible acceptance, Jennifer felt that she could help more people become fit if she could offer equipment at a more affordable price point; hence the Mini Circle.  It operates the same as the Ab Circle Pro, but takes up less room and costs about half as much.  You still place your knees in the knee cups, lean forward placing hands on the supports, and then swiveling your lower torso from side to side.  It can also be adjusted to work thighs and buns, too.  Three minutes a day plus a reduced calorie diet should give you a weight reduction of 2 pounds a week!

What's Included?

If you order the Ab Circle Mini Abdominal and Cardio Exerciser, you get:
* Mini Circle exerciser
* Express Workout DVD
* Lose Your Love Handles Slim Down Nutritional Plan book
* 2 padded knee bowl inserts
* L-tool and small wrench (for assembly)
* Owner's Manual – Assembly & Instructional Guide

You also get a 1-year subscription to SELF magazine valued at $12.

Sounds like it might be worth trying out if you need to drop some pounds and are on a limited budget.

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