Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's In A Name ? Especially For An Ab Machine

The Mini Circle

The Mini Circle or Ab Circle Mini poses the age old question.  But, how can we have an age old question for a product that has barely hit the market? Well the answer is semantics.  They are the same thing and it depends on who is selling them.

Here's my take because I watched the television launch of the Ab Circle Mini on HSN on April 25th, and since they are doing another blowing on June 12th, I thought I'd do some splainin.

First let's get one thing straight regardless of what you call it, this ab machine is the newest streamlined version of the very popular ab circle pro.  The ab circle pro is a home ab machine which is very easy to use. You simply drop into place and sway side to side. While your doing your job, it's doing theirs which is to target and tone your ab muscles. It's a very simple and easy to do ab workout which is probably its appeal. It retails for about $199.

The Mini Circle or Ab Circle Mini is a smaller, more portable, and less expensive version with a few of the kinks taken out.  There were some complaints that that ab circle pro was too flimsy and the knee pads wore quickly.  Whether that's true or not, the design team took that into consideration and make the new version even better.

One added feature to the Mini Circle is that the hand positions are now variable so with a simple switch you can the same muscles from various angles.  This is a major improvement for those who are in the intermediate stages of their mini circle workouts.  Beginners will get worn out pretty easy without changing the settings.

So back to my original point. Which is this thing called?  Well, in my opinion it is the Mini Circle  and that's how we will come to know it when it is released worldwide this fall.  But, for the time being you will referred to it by HSN as the Ab Circle Mini because they probably have the rights to sell under that name or something.

If you were lucky enough to catch the television launch in April you would have noticed the hosts of the several spots dedicated to the product constantly saying Ab Circle Mini.  But, you would have also seen fitness celebrity, and inventor, Jennifer Nicole Lee saying Mini Circle. I know she was trying to call it the ab circle mini but when she gets revved up, there is no stopping her. She's as high energy as this work out machine.  The other telling tale was the fact that a lot of the promotional material seen on stage and in the ads all said Mini Circle, even the Ab Circle Mini DVD set said Mini Circle on the packaging so my guess is that were gonna come to know this product as Ab Circle Mini through HSN and the Mini Circle through the rest of the world.

My belief is that HSN had such success with the Ab Circle Pro that they were hesitant to deviate too far away from the name of one of their hot selling products. Over 100,000 Ab Circle Pros were sold through HSN in about a year and so I'm sure they wanted their already warm audience to make mental connection between the two.  Remember the Mini Circle is about $80 cheaper than the Pro so those reluctant to plop down nearly $200 for the original might be more willing to try the Mini at a better price.

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