Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Does Bark Off Work

Bark Off is something that you have probably seen lately on the late-night infomercials. It's a device that you activated when your dog is barking. The ultrasonic signal is detected by the dog, but not by humans.
When researching the various results and comments that folks are having with Bark Off,  It seemed the pattern was that most people did have good results with Bark Off, using it when their dog or dogs started barking and it in fact did result in the dog stopping his barking right there on the spot.
Of course, not everyone had the same wonderfully positive experience. A few folks had trouble getting it to work at all, having inserted batteries and then having nothing occur. Those guys had to then contact the company and try to get their units replaced. The customer service lines do seem to be a bit on the tedious side, with wait times and menus to get through. There is of course also the cost of shipping the unit back. After having paid $6.99 for shipping and handling, the unit only sells for $10, so that’s all you would get back. You could find an inexpensive way to ship it back for a few dollars, and then get your $10 back, but you’d still be out close to $10 when all is said and done.
Well, we all know how that works — offers like this are often padded in the shipping and handling costs so fewer people will bother to try to get their $10 back. Personally, if bark off didn’t work for me, I would return it and see it through even if it wound up costing me a little money.
Other complaints that I found were that the people were able to hear it themselves — i.e. it wasn’t only audible to dogs. That seems to be a small minority, however.
The vast majority of reviews I ran into were positive, including some dog trainers in the mix. Let’s face it, if the product was a total scam and bust and never worked in the first place, the bark off people would be so inundated with complaints and investigations that it would not have made any sense to create the infomercials and manufacture the products in the first place. So, using a little common sense, your odds are pretty good that Bark Off will work for you.

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