Friday, June 4, 2010

Bark Off As Seen On TV

Ever wonder if Bark Off works? Well you aren't the only one. The good news is that the Bark Off reviews by real people are starting to roll in on this very intriguing As On TV Product.  For example, one viewer of WGRZ in Buffalo named Connie wanted the station to do a review of Bark Off. The station agreed and actually asked Connie to do the honors.

Connie was ready to help with this test. With three barking little dogs, she wasn't even able to have a conversation when her dogs got going. So, we brought the product over and she gave it a shot. The product works on one 9V battery. You simply turn it on and it sends out an ultrasonic signal that is inaudable to humans. Our tester noticed a difference right away. The dogs were NOT barking.

We left the product with Connie and she kept an eye on her dogs and then sent us an email.  She said, "The Bark Buster is working wonderfully!  It was working so well with my dogs I went to my neighbors and we tried it on her dog. Absolute silence from him too! I would definitely give it a "2 thumbs up! "

Connie did have one issue with the product... and it's a good one. Connie said there are times you would like the dogs to bark... especially at night. So, she is going to turn it off when she goes to bed so the dogs can stick to their security detail.

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