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Review Of The Ab Circle Mini

April 25th, 2010 witnessed the historic release of the Ab Mini Circle on the Home Shopping Network. For those who balked at purchasing the original Ab Circle Pro for around $200, many of them pushed past their misgivings to snatch up the new Mini Circle at half the price and half the weight.

A month later, reviews are beginning to pour in. Those who liked the original like the mini even better. It uses the same circular motion, but takes less space and less umph to haul around. There's no doubt that it provides good ab muscle toning, but belly fat is not going to disappear using spot exercising of any kind. That can only be done with a nutritional diet and over all cardio. So, if you're weighing in at 250 pounds or more, this is not a short cut for you. You've also exceeded the weight limit at which the Ab Circle Mini can be safely used.

Proponents of the Ab Circle Mini, like the Pro, do claim that a cardio workout is one of the benefits of the machine. Even though there is a limited range of motion, targeting only a select muscle group, there is enough movement to work up a sweat. So it's reasonable to assume a good cardio workout is a byproduct of using the machine.

As a consumer, the fact that new models of old products are released to boost sales probably doesn't make any difference to you. So, if you've got the original and you're happy with it, don't feel the need to get the newest release unless you've had to downsize your living quarters.

The Ab Mini is fairly easy to assemble and comes complete with the tools you'll need to accomplish the task. Unless you're a total dunce in the mechanical ability department, you should be able to get it put together in about 5 minutes. The Ab Mini appears to be as well built as the Ab Pro, with the obvious advantage of weighing less. At 15 pounds, most anyone should be able to move it around and it's more compact to store. It should fit under most bed frames.

For people with low back issues, the Ab Circle Mini (and the Pro, for that matter,) can have the added benefit of stretching and strengthening the lumbar region. But, again, we're not talking belly fat, here. This is a muscle toning device only.

Other than your Abs, the scissor motion will also work your inner and outer thighs and your glutes. Most people feel the burn a lot quicker on that setting than on the circular setting.

There's no disputing the fact that you'll feel like you've had a solid lower body work out after using the Ab Circle Mini. You'll use your upper body, too, but that will be mostly isometric with little to no range of motion. So for a balanced strength and cardio workout, you'll still need to do upper body range of motion strength exercises, and low impact cardio to burn fat. Bottom line: the Ab Mini is what the name implies – abdominal exercise equipment. It's more portable and more affordable than the original and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee

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