Thursday, January 20, 2011

An As Seen On TV Product That Works

It never ceases to amaze me that we as the American public insist on throwing our money away on needless junk.  But it's not always junk, is it? We have all had our wonders about As Seen On TV products that we see advertised on late night television.  They look fun but do they work?  The answer is pretty much yes, and no.  Some products are certainly better than others and some are actually terrific. But, it can be very tough to tell which products are on the up and up just by watching the ad.  Most people are apprehensive about buying things on tv, but they don't have to be because there are some diamonds in the rough. Here are just a few.

In my opinion, the grill glove is one of them.  As seen on TV kitchen products are always a great seller but who really needs a chopper, a cooker or a steamer? I've bought plenty of these things and they all just collect dust. But the grill glove is the first thing I tried that actually gets used. I'm not sure if it is just my cooking style, or lack of one, which makes it perfect for me, or if I'm just out of my mind. You see, with the grill glove you can actually reach your had into boiling water or even a fire without getting burned. It's purpose is to allow you to control, flip or place food safely without the need for clumsy utensils.  It is something you can use with the grill or oven and use every day.  Everyone uses oven mitts so this product is product addresses a need, it is not something that promises to make you a gourmet chef with a fryer, chopper or pan like so many others.

The grill glove is not available in stores but that should be corrected soon. It is too good of an idea to stay a secret for long. I would not be surprised to see it in all the major chains some time soon.  But, in the meantime anyone who wants to try it will have to bite the bullet and buy grill glove online. This is where it gets tricky for a lot of people. Can you trust these marketing companies selling their wares in the wee hours when our defenses are down?  In this case, yes, and here's why.

I've read so many horror stories online about people buying things and never receiving them or getting into some type of bait and switch situation so this experience was quite a pleasure. After I ordered my grill glove I received a conformation email from the company which contained my customer number and their contact info.  It was not hard to get in touch with a customer service rep and they were helpful when I emailed them to change my shipping address. I was pretty impressed because this goes against everything I've read about the industry.

So when you are watching your favorite show on TV and some enticing infomercial comes on you may just be looking at something worth while. While some infomercials can be more entertaining than the shows they interrupt they're not all bad. Just be careful when ordering and anything that looks too good to be true probably is.

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