Friday, January 21, 2011

The Heat Surge Amish Fireplace

Winter Chill

Before the holidays, we went over to my wife’s mother’s condo for our regular weekly visit.  We found her sitting in the living room dressed in sweaters, coats, and covered with her hand made quilt.  Apparently, something is the matter with the ducting system in the building.  Her bedroom was absolutely toasty, but no matter how the vents were adjusted, the rest of her condo was cold.  Her unit was not the only one to have this problem...the whole building seemed to be suffering from uneven heating according to her friends who lived there.

She said she didn’t want just a typical electric floor heater because they were unsightly.  I really felt for her when she said she wished she could be back at her home where she had a fireplace.  I guess the older we get, the more remember the things that made us comfortable earlier in life. I remembered seeing an As Seen On TV commercial for the Amish Heater or Heat Surge Fireplace, and thought I’d find out more about it.

Heating With the Heat Surge

Handmade by Amish craftsmen, the Heat Surge Electric Fireplace has a beautiful real wooden mantle and the ambiance of a real fire.   It’s small, convenient and easily moveable from room to room.  It emits Infrared Heat and heats quickly and evenly while staying cool to the touch.  For my elderly mother-in-law, I think another advantage of the Heat Surge is that it’s really safe.  Because it is externally cool, she won’t set her condo on fire if a blanket or garment falls over it, whereas this might happen with other portable electric floor heaters.

Unlike many of the other electric floor heaters on the market, the Heat Surge is aesthetically fabricated and is not an just another electric heater, and this was important to her.  The look of a real fireplace is attained with their patented "Fireless Flame" technology, which really does give the exact appearance of a real fire.  Staying warm while enjoying the relaxing ambiance of a fire without the negative aspects of a real fireplace such as fumes, smells, ashes and the mess really did appeal to her.  Additionally, the integrated thermostat will let her to set the temperature to what’s comfortable for her so she won’t have to be resetting the temperature all the time.

Happy and Warm

As a bonus Christmas gift, my wife and I ordered one for her.  Of all the gifts she opened, this brought put the biggest smile and put a twinkle in her eye.  We unpacked it, reviewed the simple directions with her, and turned it on.  The flames are really pretty, and doesn’t take up hardly any space in her condo’s small living area.  If you have a loved one, or have a room yourself that stays cold, the Heat Surge Amish fireplace may be for you too.

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