Friday, January 7, 2011

The Couch Coozy Cup Holder

Couch Coozy Cup Holder

Are you tired of stretching and straining for just a sip? Avoid stains! Avoid spills on your favorite sofa with the amazing Couch Coozy Cup Holders! Get the incredible Couch Coozy Cup Holders that are made of tough plastic and come with an extra extender fin to fit into deeper couches for added balance.

How does Couch Coozy Cup Holder work?
All you have to do is simply attach the fin and slide it in between the cushions of your couch; it fits any sofa with cushions. Your drink will rest in the center of the Couch Coozy which comes complete with a mug handle slot that makes picking up mugs easier and no drip lip for an added layer of protection against spills and waste. Accidents will happen, but not with the Couch Coozy!

With Couch Coozy, refreshments are never out of reach. It’s perfect for study time or whenever you need an extra pair of hands; it allows you to relax and handles the drinks with ease. The ingenious Beverage-Leverage Technology keeps your drinks safe and secure. Forget about coasters and stop ruining your magazines just to keep your drinks out of reach, anyway.

Use the power of beverage leverage to sip, gulp and guzzle your favorite hot or cold drinks in cups, bottles, cans or mugs, from the comfort of your sofa, knowing full well that you will not tip, you will not spill and you will not stain! The Couch Coozy Cup Holder is dishwasher safe too.

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