Thursday, January 6, 2011

Perfect Punch From As Seen On TV

I recently saw an ad for the Perfect Punch while I was watching WEC WrekCage and I was literally blown away.  I had not seen this product before but it seems that finally the As Seen On TV people put out a really amazing training product. Not only did thing appeal to me, but I imagine it will excite fight enthusiasts worldwide. I searched online and found a few Perfect Punch Reviews and from the assembly to the workout this has got to be one of the best products ever.

There are dozens of As Seen On TV fitness products released every year and I they all claim to be the best but this one seems like the real deal and is probably very effective. Well I think it will be effective because it is based on the same techniques being used in boxing training. In real boxing or MMA, the fighters train using the same motion and it is pretty easy to see what type of shape these guys are in. So it is reasonable to assume that with a little effort we can also use these techniques and get into shape.

It is almost as if by default you will get a pretty awesome workout while you are learning to throw the perfect punch. Sure, we are just talking about a little shadow boxing here, but the side effects will be an excellent cardio workout, massive shoulder burning, ripped biceps and the development of real power. The fact that all of this is accomplished without lifting weights and without stress on your joints and connective tissues, is really a significant breakthrough if you ask me.

The idea here is to combine interval training and progressive resistance in order to build strength, increase skill and burn calories.  The motion is the precise striking motion which fighters train years to master and the perfect punch makes sure you do it properly every time. So even if you are already a fighter you will get better, or if you just want a killer workout you can get that as well.

The entire system consists of the MMA resistance training gloves, additional power cord and a workout DVD so it is definitely a portable workout.  Assembly is only required if you choose to add the tougher cord to the gloves right off the bat but I doubt anyone would need to do this. The way it is delivered provides plenty of challenge for even the strongest men or most skilled fighters.  They do include instructions are clear and simple and you will working out MMA style in under a minute.

The product itself seems sturdy and the MMA training gloves look like high quality gear but I cannot attest to that yet since I just ordered mine.  This is not a product that you will buy and forget about.  The workouts will be tough but very easy to do as far as gloving up, strapping in and kicking butt.  Boxing is cool and most people really enjoy the training once they get into it so I doubt you will not get sick of this workout.  At first it may only take minutes to achieve complete muscle exhaustion but as time goes by you will be able to go longer. Your muscles will ignite and burn and feel awesome when you are done.  I have to say this looks like a winner.

I have not yet seen many perfect punch reviews or a lot of advertising for this yet and have not ever seen it in stores but I have a very good feeling about it. It is too simple not to be a hit and its very nature will appeal to a large demographic of both workout and fight enthusiasts whom historically like to try new types of training methods.  It is being launched by MMA Trainer and Commentator Jay Glazer who you might know from FOX Sports so this could literally become the next big thing is the As Seen On TV fitness market.

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