Saturday, January 15, 2011

The MMA Perfect Punch Is Here

The Perfect Punch is the latest and I will say the greatest fitness product to hit the As Seen On TV marketplace so far this year.  But, I will admit that although I had very high hopes for the product when I first saw the commercial, I had only mild expectations for its effectiveness.  Boy was I wrong.  This thing killed me during my first week of working out and I was shocked out how simple it was to get started.

In case you have not yet seen the ad for yourself I will tell you that the Perfect Punch is an appropriately named MMA training system.  It works by combining progressive resistance and interval training to develop technique, burn fat and create impressive power.  From the moment it comes on TV it makes you want to own it.  Perhaps it is the lure of the fight game or the fact that fighters are in such great shape but we all secretly want to know how to land the perfect punch and you learn this by default when you do this workout.

I personally had never trained to box, done martial arts or even got sucked into the kickboxing craze but I was able to properly exercise literally two minutes after my Perfect Punch arrived.  There was no assembly required although there are instructions to adjust the tension and strapping it on was quick and easy.  I lasted less than a minute my first time out and my shoulders, arms and upper abs were on fire. I wouldn't say I was awesome at it but this is exactly the type of workout program I need.

I really don't care if my punches are precise and powerful because I'm not getting into a ring any time soon, but I am always excited to find a challenging workout routine that is simple to do and my hunch is that so will a lot of people.  The MMA crowd will jump all over this but I suspect this type of product will go mainstream very quickly.  It is simple, easy to use and portable which all translate into fitness market success. 

There is no denying that the Perfect Punch concept is based on successful fitness principles and if you embrace the concept of progressive resistance as part of your training I see no reason why this won't work for you. As with any routine the main thing is to stay active and use it.

So if you are interested in punching your way to health I suggest searching out the perfect punch reviews, online videos and testimonials before you decide to buy the perfect punch online or in stores.

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