Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chef Basket the Ultimate Kitchen Tool

The Chef Basket is a multi-functional kitchen tool that makes your work quick and easy. This flexible basket makes cooking, boiling, or deep frying foods a cinch. Plus it’s safer than regular pots that have handles which burn your hands. Even with boiling water or hot oil, this specially designed wire basket has handles that stay cool to the touch. The Basket that Flips, Expands and Collapses Imagine going from the pot to the plate with hot pasta or taking rinsed food from the sink to the pot in one easy motion? No more pouring boiling water into a colander or placing clean vegetables on a cutting board or other bowl just to take to the pot.

This cooking wonder makes cooking pasta, hard boiled eggs, veggies, and even fry’s your food easily. Invert the Chef Basket and it turns into the ultimate steamer that keeps food being steamed well above water. Flip down the handles and it’s a free standing colander. Best of all, it folds flat for easy storage anywhere. Replace All Your Old Bulky Strainers and Colanders It is another amazing kitchen gadget to make your life easier. However, when you open your cabinets to find a place for it, all your other wonderful tools come piling out. You just don’t have the room for something else, right? Well, how about being able to get rid of four or five of those unneeded tools? The Chef Basket adjusts to be a strainer, cooker, steamer and colander, plus it stores completely flat so you can actually fit it into a drawer! It’s a new year, find the freedom in purging the old and begin to cook more safely while you enjoy the versatility of the Chef Basket.

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