Monday, January 31, 2011

The Grill Glove

The Grill Glove oven mitt is an absolutely terrific product. I so happy to see it because it is exactly what I have been waiting for. It was this last Memorial Day weekend, when I swore I'd never grill again, but everything has changed because of this BBQ Glove.

My big problem with grilling isn't being able to get a proper track of my food to go, turning, locate & remove. It may seem like a petty little gripe but other than just burn my fingers many times, I am a pro at losing my jaw through the bars & even draw stick right out of my kabobs as they're & I can not get to grips with my kitchen utensils. I usually also just stuck my hand in the barbecue area of pure frustration. The point is that the grill hasn't been a fun experience for me & the food is usually destroyed. Now I know that I could work on my skills, & that cooking is really an art, but I had almost given up until I saw this grilling glove.

Needles to say I bought the grill glove & I use it for the most part. This is an as seen on TV product that'll not disappoint.

As soon as I saw the video for grill glove I was hooked & had to have it. If you look at the video I'm sure you'll have much the same reaction because this is a product whose time has come. Grill glove isn't an ordinary oven mitt. It's made of food grade silicone so it's safe to use around food. I myself wasn't aware of any silicone pot holders, but they're spectacular.

The BBQ Glove, for example, takes away the need for pliers or tools of any kind. This grill glove is heat resistant & really put the power of the grill in the palm of your hand. If you can actually touch the food without getting burned you're much better control of food. This product is sold by pitchman Anthony Sullivan & he makes use of the oven glove look easy, but it really is. My first victory came when rolling thin hot dogs over the grill. I usually can not get the trip I want to use my rod, but now I just roll them a little without worrying about getting fired or losing my grip on them.

Steaks & chops are a breeze because you can actually just take & flip. Burgers take a little practise because you've to ensure that they're slightly cooked & have integrity to be reversed without falling a part. The chicken kebab is a joke. You can grab them & the heat-resistant glove allows you enough time to get as soft as you need to be.

Now I don't think many of us are going to test this with a blowtorch, which makes the TV, but grabbing baked potato is really safe. I never really thought just to keep your hand on the flame, Spud your suit & walk to the table, such a miracle, but it really makes a lot easier grilling.

The Grill Glove is waterproof & perfect to haul grain from the boiling water, or better yet Lobster! My biggest discovery was grabbing hard boiled eggs. There's nothing worse with a red-hot egg when you try to peel back the shell so this is perfect thing to keep. Voice of waterproof, this grilling glove is easy to clean & completely dishwasher. This beats the hell of the old dirty & burnt oven mitts you've hanging around so you can just get rid of them. In fact, the "wait there's more" TV actually offers a great bonus gift.

Did I mention that the BBQ Glove offer is buy 1 get 1 free? This means you get 2 for the price of 1 with only added S and H which is a lot. You end up with 3 usable mitts & no wasted junk. This is really 1 of the best deals out there & I think the simple nature of this product & the fact that it solves a widespread problem as the Grill will Glove the hit of the summer!

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