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Alabama National Championship Snuggie

Alabama Crimson Tide Snuggie: The Bcs Champion’S Snuggie

Alabama Crimson Tide Snuggie: The Bcs Champion’S Snuggie

Author: Uncle Al

If you would have told me in my youth that I would have wound up in Alabama as a senior adult, I would have thought you to be major crazy. I mean, growing up in Orlando was heaven in the 50’s and 60’s. Great weather year round...we had a a family tradition of going water skiing on New Year’s day that continued long after my brothers and I graduated high school. So, here I am now; a Gator Fan right smack dab in the middle of Bama Nation! Although the Bama fever does wear a little thin sometimes, we do love being right around the corner from our grandkids.

Alabama Football
You have to understand that football is a 12 month sport in Alabama. There’s the pre-season game where 92,000 people go to the last intra-squad scrimmage, the regular season, and then the daily media reports during the recruiting season. It’s the same for Auburn too, although I haven’t seen as many where football is a totally consuming topic of interest. The true Bama fan can tell you who the offensive and defensive starting players are, and their replacements probably down the whole roster. I’ve never seen anything like it!

When Alabama won the BCS Championship this year, the whole state was euphoric for at least a week. Now, they’re going to erect a bronze statue of Coach Saban in Tuscaloosa costing a mere $50,000. The onslaught of championship memorabilia from footballs to highball and decanter sets are everywhere from WalMart to Books-A-Million. So I wasn’t surprise to see that the Snuggie people put an Alabama Crimson Tide Snuggie on an As Seen On TV commercial.

Bama Snuggie
I’m sure everyone knows what a Snuggie is by now. However, if you’ve been a cave for the past few months, I’ll clue you in. It’s a fleece blanket made like a poncho with sleeves. You just slip it over your head, and you’re warm and snuggly underneath. It allows you to keep your hands free to do anything you want, and are great for use on the couch while watching TV. It makes that ratty old blanket or quilt obsolete because you don’t have to fiddle with the Snuggie to keep it in place while you move around. I have seen them in the stands at college football games too, so they are really good for keeping warm while allowing you to move freely.

The Alabama Crimson Tide Snuggie is going to make a fine birthday gift for our daughter-in-law. It’s crimson (of course) with all the Bama football logos plus the BCS Championship Logo as well. For a $21.95 plus S&H investment, I think it may help to change her mind about us least until next season starts!

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