Monday, February 8, 2010

Jim Cramer's Action Alert Plus



Author: Uncle Al

Getting back to even!! Boy...that has a nice ring to it! After suffering through the market’s near collapse in 2000, I thought I’d seen the worst of it. I’ll never forget...My broker at the time (long since fired) worked with a nationally known firm that will remain nameless. Most all of our retirement funds were placed in accounts bearing that company’s name; i.e., most everything was in house. I guess the commissions worked out better that way. Anyhow, every 7 days I’d receive a letter saying that we were in it for the long haul...not to will stop soon. Meanwhile, my portfolio kept sliding, and my broker, I guess under orders from the main office in New York, kept making excuses for not going to cash. We left him with about a 30% portfolio loss.

Trust is a funny thing. It has to be earned. He earned it originally, but then lost it when he did not put my interests first. We have a broker now that I trust somewhat, but am managing some of my portfolio myself. I look to get the best information available, do my due diligence, and then make a decision. One of the most reliable stock gurus is Wall Street analyst, Jim Cramer. I’ve watched his CNBC TV Mad Money show for a long time, and have profited from his succinct and timely opinions.

Recently, I was pleased to see an As Seen On TV spot promoting Jim Cramer’s Action Alert Plus subscription service that may provide more investing help. The Action Alert Plus investor service interests me for several reasons:

  1. Pre-Trade Alerts: I will get an email prior to every trade Jim makes that will explain the rationale behind the trade and what I can expect from it. This will help me to decide if I think the trade fits into my long-term investment plan and help me to grasp current market trends.
  2. Access to Jim’s Personal Portfolio: This is sort of unique. The old saying “Do as I say, not as I do” sure doesn’t apply here. I’ll be able to see exactly how he’s managing his own investments and model mine after his if it’s beneficial to me.
  3. Weekly Summary: I’ll be able to chart my weekly gains (or losses) so I’ll be on top of current trends.

A few of us retired guys got together awhile back and formed a little investment group. We got together this past week and decided to buy the year’s subscription to Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts Plus for $374.95. We all live in the same community, so passing around the book “Getting Back To Even”, that comes with it won’t be a problem. We’re really looking forward to getting a real “insider’s” view of the market..Getting even again may be in our future!

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