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Profit From Real Estate Right Now

PROFIT FROM REAL ESTATE RIGHT NOW: Real Estate Profitability Today

PROFIT FROM REAL ESTATE RIGHT NOW: Real Estate Profitability Today

Author: Uncle Al

One of the jobs of we retired folks is reading. Universally, we have either discovered or rediscovered the joys of reading a good book, and take our reading very seriously. Most of us like fiction, which is to be expected given that our lives aren’t nearly as exciting as our favorite characters. There’s a lot to be said for curling up with a good book to either be entertained or educated. Dean Graziosi’s Profit From Real Estate Right Now, while not a thriller, is both entertaining and educational.

I remember my Dad saying “All real estate investments are good, as long as you live long enough to be able to sell it profitably”. A real truism if there ever was one. Dean’s book suggests that we not look at the negativity of today’s financial world, but focus on the opportunities in real estate that it affords. First, he recommends looking and evaluating the real estate trends of the market where you live. Using the guides he gives will educate you as to what you local market is doing, and how best to evaluate potential investments. The Las Vegas market is certainly different than the Charlotte market, and he gives you tips on what to look for in making your market assessment.

Then, there are other things to consider. Because the markets today aren’t appreciating as they once were, Dean states that we cannot use the same “buy low”, wait a brief period of time, and “sell high” techniques that were once the gold standards for real estate profitability. This brings us back to the evaluation of local market trends, because, according to Dean, this is where your profitability lies. Because of the generally depressed real estate market nationwide, he feels that now is the best time to become educated in his philosophy, jump in and make a profit. In other words, he is saying to use this economic downturn, especially in real estate, to your financial advantage using his techniques.

Profit From Real Estate Right Now is not the first book he’s written. In fact, Dean Graziosi is a NY Times, USA Today, Amazon and Wall Street Journal best seller. I guess advertising on As Seen On TV commercials gives him an even greater exposure. At least that’s where I first saw the book advertised. I enjoyed reading the book for his insights into profiting in today’s down market. The summaries at the end of each chapter synthesized the information into a “to-do” guide for future easy reference. Also, it’s always good to read first hand accounts of the successes of those who have profited from his real estate experience and knowledge.

So, I’ve turned the book over to my investment club for them to read. I guess by the end of the month I’ll know if there is enough excitement and interest in the group for us to try to put Dean’s knowledge to work. Goodness knows we’ve invested a whole lot more with the possibility for a whole lot less profitability!

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