Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crazy Critters Dog Toy

With Crazy Critters, finding the perfect dog toy is no longer tricky. We want to make sure they have the best toy to play with that is fun for them, and durable enough that we don’t have to keep re-purchasing the same toy several times. No one likes to come home to find the inside stuffing of a dog toy all over the living room floor.

Crazy Critters are dog toys that are stuffing free. They are great for any dog of any size. The Crazy Critters have squeakers in the head and a squeaker in the tail. Every Crazy Critter will lay flat so all dogs can easily pick them up to play. Since each Crazy Critter has no stuffing inside, your dog can play and tug for hours and you do not need to worry about the toy falling apart and making a mess.

A Crazy Critter is the dog toy that is a winner for everyone. Dogs will love to play with their new squeaky toy, and you will love to give your dog a great toy without having to worry about cleaning it up. This one is a lot of fun!

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