Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Perfect Fit Button Works

Perfect Fit Button

So I've had my perfect fit button set for awhile now and I'm constantly using them. Thank god I didn't throw away my fat clothes or my not so skinny clothes because I invested a lot of money into khakis. In fact all my khakis are size 34 and I'm settling in at about a 32. I'm in my forties so I'm not sure which way I'm headed but this product has been great for me.

I'm able to wear all my pants and adjust them accordingly in literally seconds. The perfect fit button really does work and it works well. You literally just poke one through your waistband and snap on the cap. I can't imagine permanently altering my pants now. There's no need.

I'm pretty pleased with the results but I'm no fashion plate. However, I don't think anyone can tell I'm using these things. My only concern with taking in my waistband more than a couple of inches would be that the seat may appear to baggy, but I really don't see that in my case.

Thumbs Up for the perfect fit button.

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