Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mighty Fix It

MIGHTY FIXIT: Not Your Average Repair Tape

MIGHTY FIXIT: Not Your Average Repair Tape

Author: Uncle Al

For all of you weekend handymen and retirees that are looking to fix or mend anything and everything, this product is answered prayer! The MIGHTY FIXIT another one of those As Seen On TV products, but this one really does what it’s advertised to do.

The tape is made of thin, water-proof silicone and UL listed at 8000 volts. Being silicone, it not only sticks to the surface to which it’s applied, but as you wrap it on itself, it forms a water tight, air tight seal that is heat resistant. The Mighty Fixit tape comes in a roll that you unwind, cut to whatever length you need, and stretch to activate. You’re now ready to wrap it firmly around most any surface to seal or mend.

I received my order last week and have already used it on a couple of things. I have a lamp cord that has been repaired several times with the old electrical friction tape. After stripping off the old tape, I wound the Mighty Fixit snugly around the torn insulation. It fused to itself, and formed a nice, smooth repair of the cord. Next, I had a garden hose that I’d tried to repair with duct tape. Again, I used the Mighty Fixit tape and now have a non-leaking hose, even when the nozzle is off and the hose is under pressure. I used the clear tape for the lamp cord and the green tape for the hose, so you have to really look to notice the repairs.

I would imagine that the Mighty Fixit could be used for any hose or cable repair. They advertise it to repair leaking automobile radiator hoses and pvc pipe leaks. The ad shows no ill effects after using a blow torch on it, so the heat inside an engine compartment looks to be a non-factor. One thing that I wouldn’t have ever thought of is the horticultural use of binding broken branches back together. I guess it could also be used for grafting, too.

I hate it when I try to order a product that I’ve seen on TV, and the ordering process becomes convoluted with upgrades and unforeseen shipping charges. For about $29, I received six different colored rolls of MIGHTY FIXIT. No hassles. That’s sixty feet of hose and cord repair...that should do it for the rest of this old boy’s repairing career!

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